[12:29] guest-6089 changed nickname to itrevormoore
[12:29] jorst: i wanna make a canadian version
[12:29] guest-6145 entered the room
[12:29] matthewhess: hey!
[12:29] huh: of WKUK?
[12:29] guest-6145 changed nickname to ertgh
[12:29] guest-6139 changed nickname to annaparsons
[12:29] chrisroche: nonsense 
[12:29] guest-6147 entered the room
[12:29] guest-6148 entered the room
[12:29] guest-6148 changed nickname to annalizf
[12:29] guest-6142 changed nickname to sarahsay
[12:29] guest-6149 entered the room
[12:29] guest-6149 changed nickname to nitsujopuc
[12:29] cybertech44: what are you talking about huh?
[12:29] guest-6153 entered the room
[12:29] chrisroche: ofcourse all wkuk is nonsense that's why we love it and drugs
[12:29] huh: a canadian nonsense? isnt anything canadian nonsense
[12:29] guest-6147 changed nickname to keira
[12:29] guest-6154 entered the room
[12:29] guest-6153 changed nickname to emleorsomething
[12:29] guest-6156 entered the room
[12:29] sarah: YAY NEW WHITEST KIDS!
[12:30] jorst: i cant watch it
[12:30] sarahsay: wkuk=best show EVER
[12:30] guest-6156 changed nickname to westondavidpagano
[12:30] itrevormoore: hi! Hi! Hi!
[12:30] guest-6164 entered the room
[12:30] matthewhess: hey
[12:30] sarah: hiiii trevorrr
[12:30] guest-6167 entered the room
[12:30] guest-6168 entered the room
[12:30] nikilove: hey, Trevor!
[12:30] angiemarie707: Hey!!!
[12:30] chinchilla_love: Hi Trevor!
[12:30] guest-6164 changed nickname to dorshaeandremiddleton
[12:30] manna: hiiii
[12:30] chrisroche: hi
[12:30] guest-6169 entered the room
[12:30] nikilove: How are you?
[12:30] guest-6111 changed nickname to analpenetration
[12:30] sarahsay: trevor you are awesome
[12:30] itrevormoore: Hi Sarah! Hi chinchilla!
[12:30] jorst: hai hai hai
[12:30] guest-6173 entered the room
[12:30] furganflop: hiya Trevor!
[12:30] chrisroche: ready for civil war on drugs
[12:30] guest-6167 changed nickname to jelly
[12:30] guest-6169 changed nickname to _aikaze
[12:30] dorshaeandremiddleton: where is he
[12:30] guest-6174 entered the room
[12:30] guest-6175 entered the room
[12:30] huh: wkuk = funny sketch comedy group. Don't highly exalt them over ever show in existence just
[12:30] morgan: hey trevor :)
[12:30] guest-6173 changed nickname to heatherhollowayheckroot
[12:30] guest-6174 changed nickname to roryelizabethpizzino
[12:30] huh: because you like them hahaha
[12:30] dorshaeandremiddleton: nevermind
[12:30] guest-6168 changed nickname to kaiaelizabeth
[12:30] guest-6177 entered the room
[12:30] clutchit1013 changed nickname to mike
[12:30] kinseyefink: Hi!
[12:30] guest-6154 changed nickname to versailles
[12:30] guest-6175 changed nickname to destiny_disney
[12:30] stephocalypse: yo
[12:30] huh: but i love the show
[12:30] itrevormoore: Hi ! Hi!
[12:31] huh: good stuff
[12:31] guest-6177 changed nickname to tankrizzo
[12:31] keira: hey trevor!!
[12:31] _aikaze: Trevoooorrr!
[12:31] jorst: guy i work with today asked me if i ever heard of miss march
[12:31] guest-6178 entered the room
[12:31] morgan: oh my god.
[12:31] guest-6181 entered the room
[12:31] guest-6183 entered the room
[12:31] guest-6184 entered the room
[12:31] guest-6185 entered the room
[12:31] itrevormoore: Hows is evereyone?>
[12:31] guest-6185 changed nickname to dorshaeandremiddleton
[12:31] angiemarie707: like the classical
[12:31] guest-6188 entered the room
[12:31] jorst: you look sleepy
[12:31] heatherhollowayheckroot: Hiiiiiii
[12:31] guest-6184 changed nickname to elishasazombie
[12:31] guest-6191 entered the room
[12:31] angiemarie707: lol
[12:31] guest-6192 entered the room
[12:31] morgan: great thank, how are you?
[12:31] guest-6193 entered the room
[12:31] guest-6191 changed nickname to ertgh
[12:31] guest-6183 changed nickname to poopgirl
[12:31] westondavidpagano: damn my not having a webcam. does this work on ipod touch?
[12:31] huh: Doing good trevor
[12:31] itrevormoore: I am . I just got back from italy and am jet lagged
[12:31] guest-6188 changed nickname to jenn
[12:31] cybertech44: wow
[12:31] cybertech44: hey trevor
[12:31] guest-6196 entered the room
[12:31] keira: awesome
[12:31] furganflop: how was Italy?
[12:31] guest-6196 changed nickname to samantha
[12:31] guest-6193 changed nickname to madelinelies
[12:31] guest-6178 changed nickname to kellyaclarkson
[12:31] guest-6181 changed nickname to inex
[12:31] roryelizabethpizzino: trevor you are the shit
[12:31] stephocalypse: where in italia?
[12:31] jelly: Hello there! *waves frantically* 
[12:31] cybertech44: Going Home Alone was messed up
[12:31] guest-6198 entered the room
[12:31] samantha: HERRO
[12:31] chrisroche: penis my camera will not work
[12:31] cybertech44: lol
[12:31] guest-6198 changed nickname to shelly
[12:31] guest-6192 changed nickname to bufferflybrie
[12:31] huh changed nickname to chris
[12:31] sarahsay: love your hair
[12:31] itrevormoore: It was good! I went to the pOPES HOUSE. iT IS BALLIN!
[12:31] guest-6204 entered the room
[12:32] samantha: lmfao
[12:32] kinseyefink: haha!!
[12:32] _aikaze: LOL @ ballin
[12:32] heatherhollowayheckroot: I've always wanted to go to Italy
[12:32] guest-6206 entered the room
[12:32] westondavidpagano: did he ask for root beer?
[12:32] guest-6204 changed nickname to smee
[12:32] guest-6209 entered the room
[12:32] _aikaze: LMAO!!
[12:32] samantha: BAAHAHAH
[12:32] matthewhess: i love your show!
[12:32] sarah: it's a whole other country!!
[12:32] guest-6206 changed nickname to haley
[12:32] guest-6209 changed nickname to cc123
[12:32] elishasazombie: hi i love you guys lol you're hilarious
[12:32] shelly: hello:)
[12:32] guest-6213 entered the room
[12:32] jorst: my lady friend (miss flame on here) says hi trev, shes gettin her hair done
[12:32] cc123: OMG
[12:32] cc123: TREVOR!!
[12:32] chinchilla_love: While in line at walmart I was mumbling "Yooou are my child briiide! Bad idea...bad idea
[12:32] bufferflybrie: Hi people! I'm a newbie here :)
[12:32] smee: topless chat best chat
[12:32] guest-6217 entered the room
[12:32] jorst: how is that possible?
[12:32] guest-6217 changed nickname to magster1226
[12:32] cc123: trevor you are the best.
[12:32] guest-6220 entered the room
[12:32] guest-6213 changed nickname to dorshaeandremiddleton
[12:32] sarah: hahaha jamiriquai
[12:32] guest-6221 entered the room
[12:32] itrevormoore: i DON'T KNOW. KORN IS STILL BIG THERE TOO
[12:32] samantha: Is WKUK going to be on netflix?
[12:32] chris: trevor is it true timmy use to have wicked long hair?
[12:33] guest-6221 changed nickname to michael_lux
[12:33] stephocalypse: ahhahahhahaha for real?
[12:33] sarahsay: trevor pose for a screenshot
[12:33] stephocalypse: figures
[12:33] guest-6224 entered the room
[12:33] guest-6224 changed nickname to cuddlebug2345
[12:33] chinchilla_love: I know! There are always strange people in walmart so I fit in :D
[12:33] westondavidpagano: heheh korn
[12:33] guest-6231 entered the room
[12:33] guest-6231 changed nickname to metalchristine
[12:33] cc123: i teached a whale to jump out of its tale.
[12:33] jorst: what time is it there?
[12:33] sarah: whattt? is that even possible?
[12:33] inex: hi
[12:33] dorshaeandremiddleton: I cant watch WKUK anymore cause I have cox :(
[12:33] itrevormoore: Korn still does concerts there
[12:33] morgan: Trevor, why does it have to be the last season? Seriously WKUK best show on TV
[12:33] morgan: last*
[12:34] guest-6220 changed nickname to wacky_jacquie
[12:34] guest-6263 entered the room
[12:34] metalchristine: trevor do you like children of bodom?
[12:34] guest-6264 entered the room
[12:34] sarahsay: trevor do you believe in ghosts
[12:34] guest-6264 changed nickname to mandycakesx
[12:34] jorst: they were in my area a few months ago, but just jonathan, no gansta bass player or monkey 
[12:34] stephocalypse: Trevor, parli Italiano??
[12:34] itrevormoore: I do not believe in ghosts
[12:34] guest-6290 entered the room
[12:34] analpenetration: bodom is gay now
[12:34] guest-6290 changed nickname to valuum
[12:34] kaiaelizabeth: I agree. Last season? Not cool.
[12:34] guest-6295 entered the room
[12:34] chinchilla_love: I wanna go to Italy now
[12:34] guest-6297 entered the room
[12:34] shelly: I'm gonna miss WKUK when its over :(
[12:34] itrevormoore: I believe in bigfoots and jawses thouthg
[12:34] guest-6297 changed nickname to alaskaskies
[12:34] guest-6300 entered the room
[12:34] guest-6301 entered the room
[12:34] wacky_jacquie: Trevor!!! I love you. WKUK rocks
[12:34] guest-6263 changed nickname to sarahhoward
[12:34] _aikaze: jawses lol
[12:34] roryelizabethpizzino: best show ever, i cant believe its the last season! you guys are the best and 

[12:34] guest-6300 changed nickname to cinemmatic
[12:35] guest-6306 entered the room
[12:35] samantha: valuum is smoking the danks
[12:35] smee: valuum is my broski
[12:35] itrevormoore: IOnly 3 episodes left after tongiht :(
[12:35] smee: sup broski
[12:35] shelly: valuum, im right there with you !
[12:35] inex: is there any good interview of you guys online?
[12:35] heatherhollowayheckroot: Sooooooooo sad
[12:35] keira: :((((((
[12:35] jorst: only 3? for fucks sake
[12:35] kinseyefink: :( i wanna cry
[12:35] morgan: NOO
[12:35] haley: locness monster?
[12:35] guest-6310 entered the room
[12:35] westondavidpagano: i would ask you to come give a a speech in my state, but honestly SC isnt worthy.
[12:35] itrevormoore: We need one more video person and we're full!
[12:35] guest-6311 entered the room
[12:35] heatherhollowayheckroot: What will we do without the show?
[12:35] metalchristine: trevor do you get mad bitches being famous and shit
[12:35] guest-6311 changed nickname to lol
[12:35] valuum: i truly loved it
[12:35] guest-6313 entered the room
[12:35] cybertech44: so what did the manager say to you trevor? any good news at all?
[12:35] guest-6314 entered the room
[12:35] morgan: I loved Miss March though :)
[12:35] keira: the deed is done
[12:35] itrevormoore: Yay! We're full
[12:35] jorst: watch leno?
[12:36] smee: :D/-<
[12:36] angiemarie707: speechless... and happy. :)  great show
[12:36] itrevormoore: We'll do other shows
[12:36] stephocalypse: Trevor I'm planning to see the NYC screening AND sketchfest. you will be sick of me.
[12:36] guest-6321 entered the room
[12:36] chrisroche: well it s a full room now isn't it
[12:36] chinchilla_love: I want all the Whitest Kids U' know to do a movie
[12:36] jorst: damn right you will
[12:36] shelly: no WKUK and no breaking in, it will be a sad day for TV
[12:36] itrevormoore: Awesome Steph! Not at all!
[12:36] guest-6324 entered the room
[12:36] guest-6321 changed nickname to razorhogg
[12:36] valuum: oh my god smee i cant believe what you said was true
[12:36] guest-6313 changed nickname to cubone
[12:36] chrisroche: isn't the civil war on a drugs a movie
[12:36] guest-6324 changed nickname to charliefernandz
[12:36] metalchristine: are you going to be at the screening in new york? sketcheS?
[12:36] guest-6330 entered the room
[12:36] stephocalypse: aw shucks
[12:36] smee: they did chin; its called miss march ;)
[12:36] chris: Trevor do you know of Mega64?
[12:36] jorst: oh yeah, whats the word on breakin in? get enough people to watch the finale?
[12:36] furganflop: hey Trevor, what happened to the basketball team in Armageddon story?
[12:36] itrevormoore: Yeah, all 5 of us will be at screening
[12:36] guest-6334 entered the room
[12:36] guest-6310 changed nickname to robynbirdd
[12:36] itrevormoore: Paramount ownes the basketball team in armewgeddon story
[12:36] guest-6334 changed nickname to emmy
[12:36] guest-6341 entered the room
[12:36] guest-6330 changed nickname to the_vault_boy
[12:36] nikilove: Is there an age limit at 92Y?
[12:37] itrevormoore: We're writing a new movie right now though
[12:37] westondavidpagano: fuck living in the deep south, we never get cool screenings here
[12:37] chinchilla_love: Timmy, Daren, and sam were not in Miss March :(
[12:37] nikilove: My brother wants to go with me
[12:37] kinseyefink: I'm dedicated to see you guys in NYC in june.. i sold like everything i own 
[12:37] emmy: Hi
[12:37] kinseyefink: to get a plane ticket
[12:37] chinchilla_love: I did enjoy that movie though
[12:37] jorst: trevor, are we gonna see more breakin in? or is that sadly done?
[12:37] chris: I didnt see miss march yet, the vid clips/hype for it was pretty funny
[12:37] wacky_jacquie: horses love stegosauruses 
[12:37] guest-6341 changed nickname to joepetty
[12:37] emmy: Is there sound?
[12:37] itrevormoore: No way! We'll have to buy you new stuff!
[12:37] metalchristine: pass that shit valuum
[12:37] heatherhollowayheckroot: Well Trevor what are your plans now?
[12:37] morgan: trevor, is it weird to say that Darren makes a good looking woman?
[12:37] shelly: ::passes to metal:: lol
[12:37] inex: any plans of coming to south america??
[12:37] charliefernandz: how did anthony jeselnik get that part in miss march?
[12:37] sarah: SWEEET NEW MOVIE
[12:37] guest-6356 entered the room
[12:37] itrevormoore: poopgirl is a great name
[12:37] kinseyefink: haha not necessary
[12:37] _aikaze: well the screening*
[12:37] guest-6356 changed nickname to hehallrn
[12:38] guest-6361 entered the room
[12:38] emmy: Is there sound?
[12:38] valuum: darren does make the most convincing women by far lol
[12:38] metalchristine: trevor you look bored or stoned
[12:38] itrevormoore: We're friends with anthony
[12:38] magster1226: or a little bit of both
[12:38] chinchilla_love: I seen a comment on youtube that said "Darren makes me question my sexuality XD
[12:38] guest-6366 entered the room
[12:38] itrevormoore: I am jetlagged  sorry :(4\
[12:38] jorst: id fuck darren if he was dressed up
[12:38] haley: Trevor you need to come to philly or something. I live in Delaware!
[12:38] kaiaelizabeth: Grab some coffee man.
[12:38] emmy: Why is there no sound?
[12:38] chris: Trevor? I hardly know her!
[12:38] guest-6371 entered the room
[12:38] heatherhollowayheckroot: Yeah Darren is a VERY pretty girl
[12:38] guest-6371 changed nickname to tankrizzo
[12:38] metalchristine: lame excuse
[12:38] shelly: trevor, what is your favorite song sketch you've done ?
[12:38] smee: I'd fuck darren just to say i fucked darren
[12:38] guest-6377 entered the room
[12:38] chris: poop...girl?
[12:38] inex: yeah i agree
[12:38] westondavidpagano: i think darren is a beautiful man, too. either way.
[12:38] nitsujopuc: I would have fucked darren when he was a deer, sooo hot in that bra
[12:38] guest-6366 changed nickname to ks1122345
[12:38] itrevormoore: I don't knbow .. favorite sketches change
[12:38] jorst: haha totally
[12:38] stephocalypse: furry
[12:39] cybertech44: why id Songs of Olden Times on?
[12:39] cybertech44: is*
[12:39] westondavidpagano: mine too
[12:39] guest-6377 changed nickname to angiemarie707
[12:39] magster1226: you guys are missing out
[12:39] westondavidpagano: good thing im taping it
[12:39] nikilove: I think it's a commercial, right?
[12:39] itrevormoore: What sketch is on now?
[12:39] guest-6387 entered the room
[12:39] chinchilla_love: I know so many people who would want to screw darren as a deer...
[12:39] sarah: they alllll make good looking women haha
[12:39] stephocalypse: songs of olden times
[12:39] poopgirl changed nickname to amandaerinkelly
[12:39] stephocalypse: again
[12:39] razorhogg: songs of olden times
[12:39] emmy: I don't get that channel
[12:39] razorhogg: yes
[12:39] nikilove: Srange
[12:39] emmy: :(
[12:39] cybertech44: idk why
[12:39] guest-6390 entered the room
[12:39] kellyaclarkson: favorite historical person to impersonate? ;-) haha
[12:39] guest-6390 changed nickname to annalizf
[12:39] sarahhoward: old episodes is showing?
[12:39] shelly: the trevor dance with your arms in front is going to be my signature move :P
[12:39] westondavidpagano: TREVOR! im going to be the grapist for halloween :D
[12:39] guest-6361 changed nickname to pie
[12:39] itrevormoore: Why is an old episode showing?
[12:39] charliefernandz: like ^
[12:39] westondavidpagano: ive been planning it for months
[12:39] kaiaelizabeth: I don't get the channel either. I watch everything on netflix or your Youtube channel.
[12:39] stephocalypse: no its a new one but theres a previous skit
[12:40] metalchristine: my boyfriend just got pissed for me calling you hot
[12:40] _aikaze: oh no unfull :(
[12:40] guest-6397 entered the room
[12:40] itrevormoore: Weird ... o h i remember why!
[12:40] angiemarie707: don't know
[12:40] chrisroche: im confused
[12:40] razorhogg: seriously cant believe my favourite fucking comedian in the entire world is seriously here
[12:40] guest-6400 entered the room
[12:40] nikilove: Hey Trevor, is Stonewall Jackson in the Civil War On Drugs at all?
[12:40] morgan: It would be epic if you guys did a show in Va, we need a show here
[12:40] emmy: Netflix took off like a bunch
[12:40] guest-6387 changed nickname to cornach
[12:40] nikilove: I want to watch someone eat a lemon, haha
[12:40] emmy: Its lame
[12:40] guest-6405 entered the room
[12:40] itrevormoore: Hey cornach!
[12:40] guest-6397 changed nickname to genrou9
[12:40] emmy: They took off donnie darko too
[12:40] jorst: trevor, anyway we can see that sketch online?
[12:40] stephocalypse: there was supposed to be something else in place of thise i bet
[12:40] angiemarie707: Now it's Good Morning Everyone
[12:40] westondavidpagano: i wish you could see my grapist costume
[12:40] stephocalypse: this*
[12:40] guest-6405 changed nickname to becksinclair
[12:41] stephocalypse: BECK
[12:41] charliefernandz: nice anthonys awesome. glad to see hes making a name for himself rather quickyl
[12:41] itrevormoore: Is it really Good Morning everyone?
[12:41] sarah: Good Morning Everyone
[12:41] chinchilla_love: I wake up to Sam talking about "Titopotomis" every morning
[12:41] stephocalypse: yeah now it is
[12:41] guest-6415 entered the room
[12:41] cornach: trevor, IT'S A WORLD OF FUTONS
[12:41] wacky_jacquie: Trevor Moore-master ghoster
[12:41] kaiaelizabeth: It's good night for me haha
[12:41] itrevormoore: Wait - what sketch is good morning everyone?
[12:41] itrevormoore: hahah
[12:41] stephocalypse: the magic trick
[12:41] westondavidpagano: sex robot has been my ringtone for a while.
[12:41] keira: sameeeeee
[12:41] alaskaskies: He's escaping. 
[12:41] westondavidpagano: i also set my mothers phone to sex robot once. that was fun.
[12:41] emmy: Why is there no sound? I'm confuzzled haha
[12:41] kinseyefink: chained himself to a chair in a tank of water
[12:41] chris: Sex robot is pretty catchy
[12:41] itrevormoore: Ah - is ee
[12:42] sarahhoward: where do you get inspiration for your songs?
[12:42] guest-6415 changed nickname to brianboles
[12:42] jorst: favorite is still corporate punishment, maaajor babe
[12:42] morgan changed nickname to igotanewdaddy
[12:42] angiemarie707: yeah lol
[12:42] chrisroche: my ringtone is get a new daddy
[12:42] guest-6426 entered the room
[12:42] becksinclair: hi!
[12:42] itrevormoore: I like hippo in the city a lot
[12:42] guest-6431 entered the room
[12:42] emmy: What about the never song?
[12:42] kaiaelizabeth: I don't have sound either emmy
[12:42] keira: hahahahah
[12:42] cubone: Beasty trumpet solo
[12:42] jorst: so catchy, another album coming?
[12:42] shelly: i love dinosaur rap .. i think its the video that does it for m
[12:42] guest-6445 entered the room
[12:42] itrevormoore: igotanewdaddy's camera is better than everyone elses
[12:42] kaiaelizabeth: I showed The Never Song in one of my classes. The prof thought it was hilarious.
[12:42] guest-6448 entered the room
[12:42] chinchilla_love: My grapiest ringtone went off when i was with my mother and her very christian friends
[12:42] guest-6448 changed nickname to heatherhollowayheckroot
[12:42] emmy: I have the dinosaur rap on my ipod
[12:42] cubone: Gay for America anybody?
[12:43] guest-6451 entered the room
[12:43] charliefernandz: one of the funniest things ive ever heard: you peed on my ipod shuffle. stupid bitch.
[12:43] itrevormoore: im doing a album that will come out later this year
[12:43] igotanewdaddy: lol it was like 5 dollars
[12:43] guest-6445 changed nickname to pootercakes
[12:43] kaiaelizabeth: I'll be buying it
[12:43] kinseyefink: yay
[12:43] stephocalypse: now civil war
[12:43] itrevormoore: Pootercakes!
[12:43] jorst: album as yourself? 
[12:43] heatherhollowayheckroot: YAY Trevor can't wait! :)
[12:43] keira: can't wait!
[12:43] emmy: I hear something!
[12:43] sarahhoward: will the album be on itunes?
[12:43] itrevormoore: I really like this civil war episode
[12:43] kaiaelizabeth: Twatmuffins.
[12:43] guest-6462 entered the room
[12:43] guest-6462 changed nickname to brianboles
[12:43] sarah: yeah. and now it's civil war on drugs
[12:43] guest-6466 entered the room
[12:43] pootercakes: Pootercakes in the buildin'!
[12:43] chinchilla_love: I love everything about the civil war on drugs
[12:43] stephocalypse: pony express owned
[12:43] itrevormoore: Smee hates shirts
[12:43] chris: pootercakes? then ame of the album is pootercakes?
[12:43] angiemarie707: ooh i heard a sound
[12:44] itrevormoore: Critics hate Pootercakes"
[12:44] igotanewdaddy: lol I played the song Boner at my church and my pastor like it XD
[12:44] igotanewdaddy: lol I played the song Boner at my church and my pastor like it XD
[12:45] angiemarie707: how long did it take to film the movie?
[12:45] jorst: critics are gay
[12:45] itrevormoore: 3 weeks
[12:45] guest-6490 entered the room
[12:45] guest-6490 changed nickname to fullmoonhowl
[12:45] furganflop: Trevor, what's your favourite CWOD moment?
[12:45] kaiaelizabeth: Damn.
[12:45] stephocalypse: ahhahahhaah red cup
[12:45] westondavidpagano: trevor, what kind of non-comedic music do you like?
[12:45] chrisroche: Naked chat crew i thought that was reserved to chat roulette
[12:45] fullmoonhowl: ho trvor
[12:45] nikilove: That's a bitchin' headdress
[12:45] brianboles: Hey chris 
[12:45] jorst: RATATAT
[12:45] itrevormoore: The last 2 scenes
[12:45] smee: its sfw naked chat
[12:45] chinchilla_love: What was your favorite experience filming civil war on drugs
[12:45] sarahhoward: cant help but think of a liam lynch song called "the critics are smarter"
[12:45] guest-6496 entered the room
[12:45] itrevormoore: RATATAT is good
[12:45] stephocalypse: native broskis
[12:45] guest-6496 changed nickname to sharonaismine
[12:46] jorst: damn straight
[12:46] smee: at least i am not exposing you to the horrors of my hairy ches
[12:46] sarah: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I just got uber excited!!
[12:46] chrisroche: haha 
[12:46] itrevormoore: I love liam lynch
[12:46] cubone: Any tours planned?
[12:46] pootercakes: Haha it would make for some great headlines.  "After months of hype, 'Pootercakes' leaves
[12:46] jorst: smee, trust me, youre not
[12:46] westondavidpagano: i agree. loud pipes, like a boss.
[12:46] sharonaismine: Hello, Trevor! Hello everyone!
[12:46] smee: i could
[12:46] smee: just sayin
[12:46] sarahhoward: you should so do something with him
[12:46] inex: come to Argentina
[12:46] pootercakes: fans with flacid ear dicks."
[12:46] itrevormoore: The Pootercakes tour is a disaster
[12:46] angiemarie707: cool, looks like you guys had a lot of fun with it.  Hope you get a sold out screening. :)
[12:46] itrevormoore: SMEE!!!!
[12:46] chrisroche: haha
[12:46] sarahhoward: SQUEE!
[12:46] smee: this is why 
[12:46] kaiaelizabeth: Oh dear 
[12:46] smee: i dont wear shirts
[12:46] brianboles: Please talk of tours and such Mr. Trevor
[12:47] jorst: i think you actually have me beat!
[12:47] keira: obviously
[12:47] emmy: I am so Confused
[12:47] emmy: haha
[12:47] smee: SHIRTS ARE USELESS
[12:47] guest-6509 entered the room
[12:47] westondavidpagano: may i have some of that chest hair?
[12:47] guest-6510 entered the room
[12:47] lol: hairy chests are hawt, just saying
[12:47] kaiaelizabeth: yes please do. maybe smee will stop flashing everyone 
[12:47] chrisroche: well we will take your word for that
[12:47] pootercakes: Pootercakes couldn't be less pleasant to listen to.
[12:47] guest-6512 entered the room
[12:47] guest-6512 changed nickname to poopgirl
[12:47] igotanewdaddy: wanna see my retarded face, trevor? (and don't say is that it) lol
[12:47] kaiaelizabeth: hahahaha
[12:47] itrevormoore: hahaha
[12:47] heatherhollowayheckroot: Trevor I remember back in the day chatting w/ u when IFC picked u up....
[12:47] guest-6509 changed nickname to zoomlapse
[12:47] guest-6518 entered the room
[12:48] igotanewdaddy: I scared a kid by doing that today lol
[12:48] itrevormoore: really?
[12:48] kaiaelizabeth: haha that's awesome.
[12:48] pootercakes: When does the movie come out?
[12:48] sarahhoward: looked like darren was gunna make out with that indian
[12:48] heatherhollowayheckroot: Seems like a life time ago.... Now EVERYONE loves you guys!! Well played sir, well 

[12:48] chrisroche: that kid was asking for it
[12:48] itrevormoore: Darrens always about to make out with everybody
[12:48] jorst: darrens a slut
[12:48] furganflop: Trevor, would you mind it if someone edited CWOD together and torrented it?
[12:48] westondavidpagano: i hope hat includes you
[12:48] chinchilla_love: Darrens just that kind of guy
[12:48] magster1226: did you and sam actually dye those shirts yourselves?
[12:48] westondavidpagano: you would have amazing babies
[12:49] itrevormoore: Darren is on a life long make out tour
[12:49] emmy: Haha
[12:49] igotanewdaddy: what about babies? O_O
[12:49] _aikaze: lol his lips are gonna get dry...
[12:49] chris: Where;s timmy? is he a dad yet?
[12:49] cybertech44: i'm going to try and do that Furganflop
[12:49] jorst: does he need an opener? ill fluff the crowd
[12:49] guest-6531 entered the room
[12:49] itrevormoore: Timmy is a  dad in like 2 weeks
[12:49] chinchilla_love: He has chapstick for that
[12:49] genrou9: haha this is kinda creepy, all these screens
[12:49] cybertech44: i already have a vegas prject together for it
[12:49] guest-6532 entered the room
[12:49] jorst: timmys been married for a while
[12:49] itrevormoore: Jim Biederman came in here one week, didnt like it and left
[12:49] _aikaze: but what if he runs out of chapstick? ... it happens lol
[12:49] sarah: Dude, I've totally seen The Trevor Moore Show. 
[12:49] chrisroche: don't crack on timmy
[12:49] kinseyefink: that seems so weird
[12:49] chris: what do you mean crazy? timmy's hilarious!
[12:50] guest-6532 changed nickname to pabsegovia
[12:50] furganflop: i have a premiere pro project together for it too XD it's 45 minutes long already
[12:50] guest-6533 entered the room
[12:50] pootercakes: Dude cybertech!  You upload all the WKUK eps on YouTube!
[12:50] itrevormoore: How, that show is oooooooollld!
[12:50] guest-6537 entered the room
[12:50] kaiaelizabeth: I think I scarred someone today by showing them My Mouth Stuck Open
[12:50] guest-6540 entered the room
[12:50] chinchilla_love: I miss fat timmy XD jk
[12:50] cornach: Don't believe it... Thought he liked men.... He used to have quite a crush on Trevor
[12:50] emmy: What about timmy talk? Best show ever
[12:50] sarah: OHGODMYEYES
[12:50] sarahhoward: i swear that smoash ripped off walkin talkin box with boxman
[12:50] jorst: didnt even know that existed, the trevor moore show
[12:50] guest-6542 entered the room
[12:50] chris: trevor and timmy are why I watch WKUK haha
[12:50] keira: walking talking box <3
[12:50] guest-6542 changed nickname to ericofvengeance
[12:50] guest-6540 changed nickname to darkanglon
[12:50] guest-6546 entered the room
[12:50] guest-6537 changed nickname to jax
[12:50] cybertech44: Thats cool Furganflop
[12:50] chris: if they weren't in it i'd just go back to Roosterteeth and Mega64
[12:50] cornach: (That's what Trevor told me)
[12:50] guest-6546 changed nickname to hhhh
[12:50] genrou9: when are you coming back to NY to do a live show, Trevor?
[12:50] guest-6554 entered the room
[12:50] itrevormoore: It was a public acces show i used to do that got bought by a channel named PAx
[12:51] guest-6554 changed nickname to james
[12:51] kaiaelizabeth: Love Roosterteeth
[12:51] cornach: I WAS THE BOX!
[12:51] westondavidpagano: who was in the sex robot costume when it filmed?
[12:51] kaiaelizabeth: not as much as WKUK though
[12:51] itrevormoore: New person! Red background!
[12:51] cornach: and a homeless guy... 
[12:51] jorst: haha ill have to find it online
[12:51] zoomlapse: hello everyone
[12:51] itrevormoore: Cornach went to highschooll with me! He was the box!
[12:51] guest-6559 entered the room
[12:51] sarahhoward: one nice fan posted a bunch of eps on youtube
[12:51] heatherhollowayheckroot: You should come and do a show in Kansas City... We ALWAYS get left out
[12:51] guest-6559 changed nickname to sacredarling
[12:51] chrisroche: hi
[12:51] cornach: hahaha! Hey buddy
[12:51] kellyaclarkson: do some Brady Bunch shit. you're all in squares.
[12:51] igotanewdaddy: omg pabs is in a dark room.. turn some lights on!
[12:51] sarahhoward: but frankly, a vhs does not youtube make
[12:51] cybertech44: yep Sarah
[12:51] guest-6561 entered the room
[12:51] chinchilla_love: I wanna dress up like sex robot just for the fun of it
[12:51] angiemarie707: lol tea time
[12:52] analpenetration: does it ever get annoying hearing everyone ask you to come to there location? 
[12:52] cybertech44: might get the account back
[12:52] genrou9: i tried to get a box, but there's a conflict with my mac
[12:52] sarah: hahahahaha
[12:52] jelly: angiemarie707, if you don't mind my asking, what is Angie short for?
[12:52] jorst: damnit trevor, play youre words with friends on your iphone! 
[12:52] itrevormoore: Peyote tripping sceene!!!
[12:52] guest-6567 entered the room
[12:52] nikilove: Yeah!
[12:52] analpenetration: is ther ever a specific place you wanna be and can you pick?
[12:52] sarah: trevor, sir, you are totally crawling on the floor 
[12:52] furganflop: do you still have the Trevor Moore Show episodes lying around to upload onto the web?
[12:52] guest-6571 entered the room
[12:52] nikilove: It's crazy, haha
[12:52] itrevormoore: There's too many games open on my words with friends
[12:52] inex: peyote? when???
[12:52] guest-6571 changed nickname to julie
[12:52] guest-6574 entered the room
[12:52] jorst: haha i tried 3 times, and won all 3 times
[12:52] itrevormoore: In the civil war movie
[12:52] sarahhoward: i really want to make sims machinimas with these skits
[12:52] inex: cool
[12:52] genrou9: trevor, i realy like how you always make time for your fans!
[12:52] igotanewdaddy: Never Eat Skunks Weiners lol
[12:53] guest-6574 changed nickname to bonniethemilfwo
[12:53] angiemarie707: Not short for's just Angie Marie
[12:53] sarah: TIMMY'S GONNA BE A DAD?! AWWW! I am way too excited
[12:53] sarahhoward: it all started with sex robot now that sims has robots
[12:53] guest-6581 entered the room
[12:53] angiemarie707: jelly
[12:53] jorst: its probably mostly me and missflame that keep buggin ya to play scrabble
[12:53] chris: Best skit is still leg peeing haha
[12:53] bonniethemilfwo: o hai\
[12:53] cornach: Trevor- gotta go drink now.  I'll give you a call sometime so we can catch up.  
[12:53] guest-6581 changed nickname to nicoleamstutz
[12:53] magster1226: god, this peyote trip is amazing
[12:53] guest-6582 entered the room
[12:53] chinchilla_love: bathroom is right across the hall and my friend insists on peeing in a bottle!
[12:53] kaiaelizabeth: I'm out guys, gotta go to work.
[12:53] itrevormoore: I bet timmy's baby look sjust like him and has a high pitched voice
[12:53] cornach: Finally got that college degree last week
[12:53] itrevormoore: By e kaia!
[12:53] igotanewdaddy: haha
[12:53] guest-6582 changed nickname to shaunkazuck
[12:53] ericofvengeance: I got a robot notebook for my college class and where it said name i wrote Sex Robot
[12:53] itrevormoore: NICE! Move to LA!
[12:53] zoomlapse: a mini timmy.
[12:53] genrou9: most people wouldn't take the time, and you've been doing it continuously so
[12:53] westondavidpagano: we all did
[12:53] cornach: Giving it some serious thought
[12:53] inex: move to buenos aires!!!
[12:53] sarahhoward: timmy would make adorable babies
[12:53] sharonaismine: L.A.! alright!
[12:53] itrevormoore: You should! Its warm!
[12:53] westondavidpagano: even the people who didnt know why it was funny
[12:53] smee: slow jerk was the first wkuk skit i ever saw
[12:54] sharonaismine: Cali welcomes you!
[12:54] sarah: Yeah I saw the Trevor Moore Show on YOutube
[12:54] itrevormoore: shelly is getting high!
[12:54] cornach: New York smells worse..
[12:54] sharonaismine: whoever Trevor is speaking to
[12:54] zoomlapse: what's wrong with New York?
[12:54] _aikaze: New York smells nice
[12:54] zoomlapse: I'm looking forward to the screening!
[12:54] _aikaze: :/
[12:54] _aikaze: lol
[12:54] igotanewdaddy: Shelly, was that like a huge blunt? lol
[12:54] genrou9: i was in LA last month, people were real friendly there
[12:54] sarahhoward: hitler rap on dvd was my first
[12:54] jorst: i wanna get high, ill wait til after this, i dont wanna smoke on here, you guys will think
[12:54] genrou9: igotanewdaddy looks like mandy moore
[12:54] chrisroche: whos not geting high
[12:54] jorst: that im soooo cooool
[12:54] sacredarling: hella does look like manyd moore
[12:54] sharonaismine: Someone getting high?? Daaamn, this chat is crakin;!
[12:54] igotanewdaddy: I do not! lol
[12:54] smee: been high for  hoouurrss
[12:54] sharonaismine: crackin'*
[12:55] shaunkazuck: i havent got high in minutes
[12:55] stephocalypse: claritin
[12:55] itrevormoore: On my screen its all girls on the bottom row, all dudes iin the middle row
[12:55] shelly: lol
[12:55] smee: love my city. little cali.
[12:55] itrevormoore: We're divided like a hgih school dance
[12:55] shelly: listening to dinosaur rap, what else.
[12:55] genrou9: lol you do!! haha. chasing liberty
[12:55] chris: its so laggy haha
[12:55] shelly: a steam roller
[12:55] chinchilla_love: My bestfriend was born a crack baby!
[12:55] zoomlapse: how awkward.
[12:55] guest-6605 entered the room
[12:55] sharonaismine: ahaha "high school dance" lol
[12:55] kinseyefink: someone getting high on camera, that isnt Sam Brown? haha
[12:55] matthewhess: anyone have a skype? Add me!!
[12:55] genrou9: i want to get a box too, this looks fun. like chat roulette
[12:55] jorst: crack baby basketball
[12:55] chrisroche: south pas rocks
[12:55] matthewhess: platypushess
[12:55] itrevormoore: everyones showing pipes!!!!!!
[12:55] matthewhess: !
[12:55] emmy: SOuth Park
[12:55] sacredarling: This has surprisingly less penis than I had expected.
[12:55] genrou9: i'll swing out my pipe
[12:55] shaunkazuck: crack baby basketball
[12:55] ericofvengeance: trevor, i hope you know i am gunna cry when this season is over
[12:56] shelly: lol!
[12:56] chrisroche: except unlike chat roulette no one is masturbating
[12:56] zoomlapse: are we all showing off our pipes?
[12:56] chinchilla_love: I will cry too 
[12:56] razorhogg: almost noone
[12:56] genrou9: chris looks serious, pensive
[12:56] emmy: Eww
[12:56] igotanewdaddy: I did when they said it was the last season.. :(
[12:56] itrevormoore: If getting high = dicks. This would be chatroulette
[12:56] chris: 5 girls, 7 guys. not too uneven.
[12:56] jorst: valuum needs new hobby, or should hang out with shelly
[12:56] chinchilla_love: Chat roulette is nothing but male Penis
[12:56] guest-6614 entered the room
[12:56] genrou9: lol trevor
[12:56] keira: very true trevor
[12:56] shaunkazuck: if i had a camera i would show the unique fiber glass bong i have
[12:56] sacredarling: and a cat.
[12:56] chris:  im reading up on stuff while trying to watch/read this
[12:56] kellyaclarkson: kitteeehhh!
[12:56] emmy: Shelly disappeared
[12:56] ericofvengeance: if you smoke weed, then you've got a square penis
[12:56] itrevormoore: Feed the cat from nipples!!!
[12:56] furganflop: did Trevor's room just get darker? lol
[12:56] sacredarling: You have the weirdest fans. <3
[12:57] guest-6623 entered the room
[12:57] itrevormoore: lol
[12:57] westondavidpagano: that cat has less hair than your chest
[12:57] nikilove: cat!
[12:57] guest-6614 changed nickname to picklefart
[12:57] kellyaclarkson: obviously I need to bust out my rabbit and my pipe.
[12:57] nikilove: haha
[12:57] sarahhoward: any chance wkuk anything is coming near VA?
[12:57] genrou9: look like valuum lol
[12:57] shelly: im baack
[12:57] zoomlapse: kelly, I'll bring my rabbit if you do.
[12:57] valuum: hows this for a new hobby
[12:57] emmy: We need more light
[12:57] genrou9: he's holding it in
[12:57] jelly: Was there a reason why you never cussed on the show? Or you don't care to in general?
[12:57] igotanewdaddy: I think we're weird because most of us are probably high lol
[12:57] guest-6630 entered the room
[12:57] guest-6630 changed nickname to poopgirl
[12:57] nikilove: OMG
[12:57] zoomlapse: I'm totally sober.
[12:57] chinchilla_love: If I had my webcam set up I would show off my pet chinchilla
[12:57] smee: hah
[12:57] guest-6633 entered the room
[12:57] sarahhoward: im never high, just nuts
[12:57] westondavidpagano: yeah i was wondering that too, you rarely swear
[12:57] shelly: Im using my ps3 webcam lol
[12:57] igotanewdaddy: thats a lie! haha
[12:57] chris: lol i should get my pipe
[12:57] itrevormoore: Yikes
[12:57] genrou9: chris is totally stone face
[12:57] guest-6635 entered the room
[12:57] guest-6635 changed nickname to dezzamorte
[12:58] furganflop: Trevor, what do you smoke on set when filming pot smoking scenes? Timmy said it was catnip
[12:58] guest-6639 entered the room
[12:58] sacredarling: Is jorst ultra creepy or is his camera frozen with his staring face?
[12:58] emmy: What is that?
[12:58] genrou9: i got a cool dugout in LA on Hollywood blvd last month
[12:58] itrevormoore: Yeah it was catnip. Which hurts
[12:58] furganflop: :\
[12:58] angiemarie707: jelly why whe're you curious about my name? lol
[12:58] shelly: they use catnip in a lot of movies.
[12:58] sharonaismine: Hey where is Timmy?
[12:58] sarahhoward: ow?
[12:58] chrisroche: gross
[12:58] sharonaismine: Got here late
[12:58] emmy: What is that?
[12:58] jorst: well fuck, peer pressure, if everybody else is doin it
[12:58] smee: catnip???? yuck
[12:58] emmy: A cat?
[12:58] jelly: oh! sorry! haha, fellow Angie Marie here, only I go by Angie as a nickname
[12:58] genrou9: trevor looks sinister in the dark
[12:58] guest-6648 entered the room
[12:58] guest-6633 changed nickname to lalala
[12:58] chris: Pipe > bong
[12:58] guest-6648 changed nickname to zenbuddhistdog
[12:58] alaskaskies: Is Burroughs right? Does catnip smell like weed when it burns?
[12:58] emmy: Open the shades Trevor!
[12:58] zoomlapse: I agree Chris.
[12:58] chrisroche: bong
[12:59] nicoleamstutz: it says no broadcasting spots are open. :(
[12:59] nikilove: I have the same pipe as Chris, haha
[12:59] guest-6651 entered the room
[12:59] itrevormoore: buccket > pipe > bong
[12:59] chinchilla_love: I think catnip makes my cat think I am a giant bird or fish or something
[12:59] sarahhoward: i love it when zach acts angry
[12:59] westondavidpagano: why do you rarely swear? ive always wondered.
[12:59] guest-6656 entered the room
[12:59] sarah: Yo Trevskies... how's your wife?
[12:59] zoomlapse: lampshade > bucket
[12:59] _aikaze: ^_^ the hairflipping is cute
[12:59] emmy: Let there be Light!
[12:59] pootercakes: Smee you look like you're being held somewhere against your will.
[12:59] sarahhoward: effen "S"!
[12:59] guest-6656 changed nickname to vivicool995
[12:59] keira: DO YOU SEE THE LIGHT??
[12:59] kellyaclarkson: hahaha
[12:59] shelly: i think i willl use my bong next lol thanks for mentioning it
[12:59] itrevormoore: ocd
[12:59] pootercakes: No clothes, wood background.
[12:59] pootercakes: But you seem content with it.
[12:59] inex: are u in LA ??
[12:59] itrevormoore: Let's all make gravity bongs
[12:59] angiemarie707: jelly's quiet
[13:00] jorst: yay gravity bongs
[13:00] sharonaismine: lol gravity bongs
[13:00] smee: as long as i got internet these damn terists can hold me as long as they like
[13:00] shaunkazuck: nothing gets u higher
[13:00] nikilove: I'm game
[13:00] chinchilla_love: My mom and friends think I have tourettes -.- and I might
[13:00] genrou9: old school u can make soda can as bong
[13:00] guest-6664 entered the room
[13:00] angiemarie707: who's going to the NY screening?
[13:00] pootercakes: Like wherever else you would be isn't much better.
[13:00] zoomlapse: I am angie!
[13:00] ericofvengeance: NY screening ftw
[13:00] jelly: yes Jelly is, Jelly was very drunk the last time she joined one of these chats >.>
[13:00] chrisroche: no use  a soda bottle 
[13:00] itrevormoore: If anyone is in LA, im doing a show at UCB next saturday
[13:00] shaunkazuck: i used a 1.75 l bottle and a jouce bottle on my last one
[13:00] sharonaismine: if so, why?
[13:00] stephocalypse: im goin
[13:00] genrou9: why is smee naked
[13:00] nicoleamstutz: why is jelly talking in the third person?
[13:00] sharonaismine: I might be going
[13:00] itrevormoore: Yay!
[13:00] emmy: I am so Tired
[13:00] igotanewdaddy: aww... I got to go :( im sad now.. It was nice catting with you Trevor, you're awesome
[13:00] _aikaze: i wonder if there will be brief q&a at the screening?
[13:00] smee: why not?????
[13:00] jorst: canada tour?
[13:00] itrevormoore: We're having a stripper and pinatas!
[13:00] guest-6664 changed nickname to andreagarcia
[13:00] jelly: cause I'm awesome like that?
[13:01] _aikaze: either way im still going :]
[13:01] genrou9: what's a gravity bong?
[13:01] jelly: I mean, Jelly is awesome like that...?
[13:01] furganflop: AUSTRALIAN TOUR! YEA!
[13:01] sharonaismine: strippoer??? alright!!
[13:01] chinchilla_love: friend just called a Mexican and I have no idea where she got the number!
[13:01] nicoleamstutz: trevor, are you guys going to do any shows outside of LA or NY anytime soon?
[13:01] sharonaismine: stripper*
[13:01] dorshaeandremiddleton: Blue Whale Dick
[13:01] itrevormoore: Bye igotanewdaddy!
[13:01] lalala: i want to go surfing
[13:01] heatherhollowayheckroot: Sigh no love for the midwest... Always NYC and LA
[13:01] jorst: do you get to hit the stripper with sticks?!?!
[13:01] sarahhoward: giraffe pussy
[13:01] chrisroche: oh will the stripper jump out of the pinatas
[13:01] emmy: Gallon of PCP
[13:01] itrevormoore: We want to do a tour soon!
[13:01] andreagarcia: not in LA but in the OC
[13:01] igotanewdaddy: hey you're coming on next week too, right?
[13:01] genrou9: ohh there is a NY screening soon?
[13:01] angiemarie707: I held a bong once
[13:01] chris: everything is classier with a pipe. Just saying.
[13:01] chrisroche: or get beaten out fo trhe pinata
[13:01] itrevormoore: Yeah, ill be here next week
[13:01] guest-6679 entered the room
[13:01] itrevormoore: And ill be back for west coast airing
[13:01] guest-6679 changed nickname to poopgirl
[13:01] sarahhoward: what would it cost to get wkuk to my local college?
[13:01] ericofvengeance: If you do a tour, i might follow it from date to date
[13:01] andreagarcia: I WANNA GO
[13:01] chinchilla_love: If you do a tour please come to like Ohio or something
[13:01] jelly: I demand there be a pinata at my funeral, still not sure how i'll enforce this
[13:02] genrou9: do u miss NY, Trevor?
[13:02] shelly: whats in your pipe chri
[13:02] shelly: s
[13:02] shaunkazuck: ive tried smoking out of a wood pipe, not the most efficent way
[13:02] magster1226: college tour? shout out to bball champs, uconn?!
[13:02] nicoleamstutz: definitely do a tour! i will make it to whichever place is closest.
[13:02] andreagarcia: midget strippers?
[13:02] jorst: yeah trevor and everybody i gotta go too, keep up the good work!
[13:02] itrevormoore: I miss ny sometimes. But i like La
[13:02] emmy: BYE
[13:02] westondavidpagano: wkuk should perform at my funeral
[13:02] sacredarling: byeee
[13:02] itrevormoore: All of my friends moved out here from NY
[13:02] guest-6686 entered the room
[13:02] sarahhoward: KITTY!
[13:02] emmy: Bye Bye
[13:02] sharonaismine: California... knows how to party....
[13:02] lalala: do a show in miami please!
[13:02] shaunkazuck: peace
[13:02] stephocalypse: whats the difference bt the two cities
[13:02] genrou9: when is this NY screenig? so i can take off of work
[13:02] ericofvengeance: june 8th
[13:02] itrevormoore: poopgirl si back
[13:02] jax: yes come to miami
[13:02] emmy: Bye
[13:02] sarah: Trevor, your hair is epically amazing.
[13:02] zoomlapse: it's June 9th.
[13:02] shelly: he just got back from the vet
[13:02] sharonaismine: In the city of L.A.... in the city of good ol' watts
[13:02] ericofvengeance: i thought it was the 8th?
[13:02] cybertech44 changed nickname to cybertechwkuk
[13:02] shaunkazuck: visit the small town of muscle shoals, alabama
[13:03] zoomlapse: I'm pretty sure it's the 9th.
[13:03] guest-6686 changed nickname to teamaiden
[13:03] itrevormoore: Well ... Tupac liked LA and Biggie liked NY
[13:03] genrou9: bye mandy moore
[13:03] furganflop: Trevor, do you really have a parrot called Oscar?
[13:03] poopgirl: i'm back trev!
[13:03] ericofvengeance: trevor, please settle this
[13:03] stephocalypse: ya got me there buddy
[13:03] emmy: Bye kitty
[13:03] jelly: PS: way to do the screening on a Thursday >.< I'd bus up there if I could! 
[13:03] sharonaismine: To Live and Die in L.A. That's my jam, homie, lol
[13:03] itrevormoore: settle what?
[13:03] chinchilla_love: I have a cockateil names elvis...just saying
[13:03] teamaiden: woah trevor moore
[13:03] ericofvengeance: is the screening the 8th or the 9th in NY
[13:03] zoomlapse: It's the 9th.
[13:03] itrevormoore: 9th ... i think
[13:03] stephocalypse: 9
[13:03] ericofvengeance: damn, i lose
[13:04] zoomlapse: Right.
[13:04] chinchilla_love: The Website says the 9th
[13:04] zoomlapse: :)
[13:04] genrou9: only if u blow bubbles out of pipe like bart simpson
[13:04] genrou9: with robe
[13:04] itrevormoore: And just like that ... jorst became cat
[13:04] westondavidpagano: jorst has been eaten by a cat
[13:04] teamaiden: u kick ass trevor moore
[13:04] sacredarling: a really angry cat
[13:04] sharonaismine: aahaha
[13:04] emmy: Bye Jorst
[13:04] guest-6730 entered the room
[13:04] stephocalypse: my ticket says 9th
[13:04] chris: jews took it.
[13:04] nicoleamstutz: jorst is an animangus.
[13:04] guest-6732 entered the room
[13:04] pootercakes: This is fun!  But Pootercakes needs to go.  There are more people to be Pootercaked.
[13:04] pootercakes: Pootercakes out!
[13:04] itrevormoore: matthewess looks sad :(
[13:04] guest-6730 changed nickname to darkanglon
[13:04] sharonaismine: Weed is BAD... but somuch fun...
[13:04] sarahhoward: my animagus is an animagus of an animagus
[13:04] itrevormoore: Bye pootercakes!!
[13:04] sharonaismine: so much*
[13:04] shelly: i havent found the bad y
[13:05] shelly: et
[13:05] westondavidpagano: if i gave you my address would you mail me an autograph to frame?
[13:05] genrou9: fell in love with santa monica beach
[13:05] teamaiden: ur so funny
[13:05] guest-6732 changed nickname to imcourtneyyoung
[13:05] nicoleamstutz: i'm gonna go get my cat too. cat club!
[13:05] shaunkazuck: smile for the camera
[13:05] itrevormoore: Well, I need to go sleep a little (jet lagged) but I'll be back for the west coast airing!
[13:05] emmy: BYE
[13:05] sharonaismine: cool!
[13:05] zoomlapse: BYE!
[13:05] furganflop: cya!
[13:05] shelly: BYE trevor!!!
[13:05] sharonaismine: see ya!
[13:05] chinchilla_love: Bye!
[13:05] nicoleamstutz: at one, right?
[13:05] magster1226: BYE TREVOR!
[13:05] cybertechwkuk: bye
[13:05] _aikaze: gn!
[13:05] kellyaclarkson: see ya! ;-
[13:05] chrisroche: by
[13:05] genrou9: californication portrayed LA in its best
[13:05] sarahhoward: cya in a bit
[13:05] inex: bye!
[13:05] angiemarie707: ok
[13:05] sacredarling: byeee <333
[13:05] westondavidpagano: aight, sleep well mr. moore
[13:05] furganflop: have a good nap! :P
[13:05] keira: bye trevor!! :)
[13:05] hehallrn: bye
[13:05] emmy: BYE
[13:05] itrevormoore: Bye guys!!! Thanks for chatting and watching!!!!
[13:05] angiemarie707: bye!!
[13:05] shaunkazuck: hah i made people follow my orders :)
[13:05] kinseyefink: Okay! Seee u then Trevor! BYE!
[13:05] nicoleamstutz: we love you, trevor. <3
[13:05] sharonaismine: come back now, ya hear!
[13:05] itrevormoore: Love you guys!