Season Season 5
Episode no. 4
Air date 5/6/2011
Network IFC
Live chat log Available


Episode guideEdit

Picture Title/Description/Cast Trivia
Firetruck Pullover
Two guys get pulled over by a firetruck, of all things.
  • Driver: Sam
  • Passenger: Trevor
  • Fireman: Darren
  • The background music you hear in this sketch is also used in Ants.
Spanking Dads
A group of dads discuss their ways of disciplining their kids. Nothin' wrong with that.
  • Dads: WKUK
The Whitest Kids U' Know - Careful Commandos
Careful Commandos
A cautious SWAT team bust a pair of equally cautious drug dealers.
  • SWAT team leader: Darren
  • SWAT team members: Sam, Zach
  • Eddie: Timmy
  • Glenn: Trevor
  • Released a few days before Episode 4 aired.
Audio sketch: Patrons at a bar aren't too enthusiastic about its specials.
  • Announcer: Trevor
  • The sign at the foreground (in front of the MacDougal's sign) is very obviously blurred out. It reads BLUES CLUB.
  • The street scene is taken from Bourbon Street, New Orleans. Judging by the signage for the La Bayou restaurant and the Blues Club, MacDougal's would be located somewhere between address numbers 208 and 216 on Bourbon St if it existed.
Teacher's Union
A group of pioneering teachers decide on how schools will be run.
  • Chairwoman: Sam
  • Evil detention lover: Trevor
  • Math teacher: Zach
  • Science teacher: Darren
  • English teacher: unknown
  • Gym teacher: Timmy
  • Other teachers: extras
A commercial for Saul Rosenberg's didgeridoo renditions of hit songs.
  • Announcer: Zach
  • Saul Rosenberg: Timmy
  • The didgeridoo (alternatively spelled didjeridu, didjiridu and didjerry) is a wind instrument first created by Aboriginal Australians. It is possibly the world's oldest musical instrument, with cave paintings suggesting didgeridoos were in use 1500 years ago. They are made out of naturally hollowed out tree trunks or branches, and produce a low droning sound. The didgeridoo is commonly associated with Australia and the outback. You can read more on the didgeridoo here.
  • Saul Rosenberg's first name is possibly a typo, as Zach pronounces it as 'Sal' in the sketch.
Digging People Up
The former owner of a hardware store has had it, and he's going to start digging up the graveyard.
  • Earl Becker: Trevor
  • Cop (off-camera): Darren
The Civil War on Drugs
Part 4

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