[11:28] melaniemusic3: do you have a jerk in here?
[11:29] taylor: I'm gonna be a jerk and leave. luv u awl. xoxo
[11:29] kinseyefink: what?
[11:29] kinseyefink:  ma
[11:29] kinseyefink: t
[11:29] kinseyefink: h 
[11:29] kinseyefink: gl
[11:29] kinseyefink: n
[11:29] kinseyefink: iwgijodhigfd 
[11:29] latishalewis: :D
[11:29] sammaki: what are math glasses?
[11:29] latishalewis: No idea..
[11:29] latishalewis: But i hate math
[11:29] ohyeah1997: wow
[11:29] ohyeah1997: and i thought i was the youngest one here lol
[11:29] daniellagormley: i wanna do zach
[11:30] katiehamrah: I am comming back Later!
[11:30] ohyeah1997: no
[11:30] latishalewis: Sex robot Sex Robot
[11:30] latishalewis: anyone seen that sketch?
[11:30] melaniemusic3: zach & darren are soooo hot! and trevor is just amazing.
[11:30] furganflop: coming to your tooooown
[11:30] daniellagormley: yessss
[11:30] daniellagormley: agreed
[11:30] ohyeah1997: i had I LOVE DARREN on my hand for months with sharpie!
[11:30] melaniemusic3: sexing up your townnnnn
[11:30] sammaki: it's been on mine for years.
[11:30] nikilove:
[11:30] latishalewis: Zach & Darren = Hott . Trevor = Sexy . Timmy = Cute. Sam = .. I'm not sure
[11:30] sammaki: and years.
[11:31] daniellagormley: hahaha
[11:31] latishalewis: Lol
[11:31] ohyeah1997: 7:36pm 
[11:31] becksinclair: LOL 
[11:31] nikilove: Recent interview with Timmy.
[11:31] kinseyefink: Sam = decent
[11:31] latishalewis: That was just delicious
[11:31] latishalewis: Lol
[11:31] latishalewis: Out of all of them .. I think I want Darren the most
[11:31] guest-8899 changed nickname to furganflop2606
[11:31] sammaki: oo.... me too.
[11:31] cybertech44: anyone here Experienced in HTML?
[11:32] ohyeah1997: is he coming back on? 
[11:32] furganflop2606 changed nickname to furganflop
[11:32] latishalewis: idk
[11:32] nikilove: I'm okay at it, cybertech
[11:32] cybertech44: hey furganflop
[11:32] nikilove: I know basics, haha
[11:32] latishalewis: He's supposed to be on, I saw on fb .
[11:32] furganflop: hey cybertech :)
[11:32] ohyeah1997: he was on i was on with him
[11:32] ohyeah1997: he left and said he had work bye
[11:32] cybertech44: you know how to play sound within the same page instead of it going to a different page?
[11:33] guest-8941 entered the room
[11:33] ohyeah1997: he had his camera on too
[11:33] ohyeah1997: and a beard...
[11:33] guest-8941 changed nickname to claytonbeisner
[11:33] ohyeah1997: hairy hairy lol
[11:33] nikilove: For like a website?
[11:33] cybertech44: no just basic stuff
[11:33] ohyeah1997: 7:38pm in colorful COLORADO! lmao
[11:33] nikilove: I'm pretty sure there's certain widgets for that
[11:34] ravenleannesuttonjames: clayton's famillaiar
[11:34] ravenleannesuttonjames: yeah
[11:34] ohyeah1997: im leaving and going to twitter..... PEACE!
[11:34] nikilove: Like, I used to have that on tumblr, but I got rid of it on accident
[11:34] claytonbeisner: i dunno who you'rre talking about
[11:34] ravenleannesuttonjames: thats not how to spell that word
[11:34] nikilove: Hold on, I'll try to find the site
[11:34] guest-8956 entered the room
[11:34] ohyeah1997: kk bye
[11:34] ravenleannesuttonjames: your name is just familliar
[11:34] claytonbeisner: lol
[11:34] guest-8956 changed nickname to kalynnallman
[11:34] guest-8956 changed nickname to kalynnallman
[11:34] becksinclair: here is a video of trevor and zach on IFC Demand:
[11:34] guest-8967 entered the room
[11:35] becksinclair: it was posted on the whitest fans u know fb page just now
[11:35] guest-8967 changed nickname to will
[11:35] guest-8972 entered the room
[11:35] guest-8972 changed nickname to stephocalypse
[11:35] ravenleannesuttonjames: isnt the guy who played sex robot's nameclayton? or am i just trippin'? haha
[11:35] claytonbeisner: I AM SEX ROBOT YES
[11:35] claytonbeisner: lolol
[11:35] latishalewis: Lol
[11:35] ohyeah1997: trevor tweeted!
[11:35] guest-8985 entered the room
[11:35] stephocalypse: i met him last year he owns
[11:35] latishalewis: I was obsessed with sex robot and the hamlet sketch
[11:35] latishalewis: lmfao
[11:35] ravenleannesuttonjames: i knew your name was familliar!!
[11:35] claytonbeisner: ahahaha
[11:35] claytonbeisner: wait
[11:36] claytonbeisner: you met me?
[11:36] ravenleannesuttonjames: AAAH SEX ROBOT IS IN OUR CYBERTOWWWN
[11:36] latishalewis: Lmao
[11:36] latishalewis: Sexing up our cybertoooown <3
[11:36] claytonbeisner: ahhh! hey steph! how's it goin!
[11:36] latishalewis: oohbabeh
[11:36] ohyeah1997: trevor is in Disney Land
[11:36] stephocalypse: good e tu?
[11:36] guest-8997 entered the room
[11:36] guest-8998 entered the room
[11:36] claytonbeisner: i did i was on the webcam chat or whatever when season 4 was premiering
[11:36] guest-8997 changed nickname to emmastorvall
[11:36] claytonbeisner: awesome. i'm raiding some WoW @ the moment
[11:36] guest-9001 entered the room
[11:36] stephocalypse: yes, memories...
[11:36] latishalewis: They really need to do a movie..
[11:36] guest-9007 entered the room
[11:37] guest-9007 changed nickname to anthonywhite
[11:37] claytonbeisner: they did! civil war on drugs!
[11:37] guest-9009 entered the room
[11:37] guest-9010 entered the room
[11:37] latishalewis: Lol noo!
[11:37] latishalewis: Like one to premiere in theatres
[11:37] claytonbeisner: miss march?
[11:37] guest-9016 entered the room
[11:37] guest-9017 entered the room
[11:37] guest-9018 entered the room
[11:37] guest-9010 changed nickname to emmastorvall
[11:37] guest-9020 entered the room
[11:37] guest-9016 changed nickname to kogojo
[11:37] latishalewis: Timmy wasn't in it
[11:37] guest-9018 changed nickname to haydos23
[11:37] claytonbeisner: this is true
[11:37] latishalewis: it was trevor and zach
[11:37] stephocalypse: one day...
[11:37] latishalewis: no sam
[11:37] ravenleannesuttonjames: god. ihave tenacious d, gwar, AND sex robot stuck in my head.
[11:37] latishalewis: no timmy
[11:37] latishalewis: no darren
[11:37] claytonbeisner: lol brb gotta play some WoW
[11:37] ohyeah1997: timmy was on
[11:37] will: derp
[11:37] stephocalypse: helluva mashup
[11:37] latishalewis: Tenacious D <3
[11:37] guest-9034 entered the room
[11:37] nikilove: ravenleannesuttonjames That's a mean mix, haha
[11:38] guest-9034 changed nickname to kalynnallman
[11:38] latishalewis: I envy you
[11:38] latishalewis: lol
[11:38] ohyeah1997: then he said i have work. bye
[11:38] ravenleannesuttonjames: we are the D
[11:38] guest-9041 entered the room
[11:38] ravenleannesuttonjames: ugggggggggh
[11:38] furganflop: morning everyone!
[11:38] stephocalypse: heyyyy
[11:38] latishalewis: Tenacious D  - The Metal
[11:38] ohyeah1997: goodnight
[11:38] latishalewis: so sexy on guitar hero 3
[11:38] latishalewis: lol
[11:38] ravenleannesuttonjames: it is quite a mix...
[11:38] ohyeah1997: its darkness outside
[11:38] nikilove: G'morning, furganflop!
[11:38] stephocalypse: evenin for me furgie furg
[11:38] furganflop: :D
[11:38] guest-9041 changed nickname to annyoyingbitch
[11:38] stephocalypse: niki amore
[11:38] annyoyingbitch: HI
[11:39] ohyeah1997: lol trevor
[11:39] annyoyingbitch: Katie Hamrah is only 13
[11:39] latishalewis: I bleed it outt <3
[11:39] ravenleannesuttonjames: i got to level 45 this week on WoW
[11:39] guest-9064 entered the room
[11:40] ohyeah1997: YAY! im 13 too!
[11:40] ravenleannesuttonjames: thats how i spent spring break
[11:40] guest-9064 changed nickname to andreaavalos
[11:40] cybertech44: cool Raven
[11:40] cybertech44: lol
[11:40] latishalewis: IS NO ONE HERE 16?
[11:40] guest-9071 entered the room
[11:40] latishalewis: lol
[11:40] guest-9071 changed nickname to katiehamrah
[11:40] cybertech44: i'm 17
[11:40] ohyeah1997: im 13 too! :DDDD
[11:40] furganflop: i'm 16
[11:40] will: what I learned today:
[11:40] katiehamrah: Yeah what is up
[11:40] latishalewis: Yay im not alonee <3
[11:40] ohyeah1997: 13 going on 14
[11:40] ravenleannesuttonjames: im 14 :D
[11:40] latishalewis: I'll be 17 in julyy
[11:40] latishalewis: :D
[11:40] latishalewis: summer babehs rulee
[11:40] stephocalypse: august
[11:40] stephocalypse: august
[11:40] latishalewis: Leos <3
[11:40] guest-9088 entered the room
[11:40] latishalewis: hah
[11:40] ravenleannesuttonjames: 15th birthday will be the bees knees :) fcking korn theme!!
[11:40] furganflop: December
[11:40] stephocalypse: but i will be much older
[11:41] katiehamrah: I am going to draw a picture of Timmy and show it to him tonight!!!
[11:41] latishalewis: SICK
[11:41] sammaki: 15 in april!
[11:41] latishalewis: Lol
[11:41] sammaki: same month as trevor! month after zach!
[11:41] ravenleannesuttonjames: i was going to draw trevor and gave up
[11:41] katiehamrah: lol
[11:41] katiehamrah: LAME
[11:41] katiehamrah: RE-RE
[11:41] latishalewis: I'll draw them a smiley face
[11:41] latishalewis: lol
[11:41] guest-9088 changed nickname to kinseyefink
[11:41] ravenleannesuttonjames: i dont have shading pencils with me
[11:41] sammaki: oh, yeah... and same month as timmy. sorry timmy.
[11:41] latishalewis: I'm a musician/ languist .
[11:41] guest-9100 changed nickname to andreaavalos
[11:41] stephocalypse: practice
[11:41] latishalewis: I practiced for years. I SUCK
[11:41] stephocalypse: prack tiss
[11:41] claytonbeisner: okay gotta down artemedies bbl
[11:42] stephocalypse: cya duder
[11:42] will: we're gonna talk about practice?!
[11:42] latishalewis: ttyl
[11:42] will: practice
[11:42] stephocalypse: get a basic drawing book or google lessons
[11:42] stephocalypse: its all shapes really
[11:42] stephocalypse: and angles
[11:42] ravenleannesuttonjames: i can draw 3 men good-Jonathan Davis, James Shaffer, and Reggie Aarvizu. thats all. haha 
[11:42] katiehamrah: I was born the same day as Darren!!!!!
[11:42] ravenleannesuttonjames: arvizu*
[11:43] latishalewis: hah
[11:43] guest-9150 entered the room
[11:43] latishalewis: I'll try it outt
[11:43] guest-9150 changed nickname to kalynnallma8739
[11:43] latishalewis: I wish I were good at drawing and all.. My senior year starts september, and I can't take 
[11:43] latishalewis: woodshop cause I didn't take freshman art -.-" I took band class
[11:43] nikilove: I like drawing, but I like eating ice cream more.
[11:43] ravenleannesuttonjames: i'm taking band next year at zero period O.o
[11:43] stephocalypse: i like cadbury caramel eggs
[11:44] furganflop: so when does ep 3 air in the US of A?
[11:44] latishalewis: Band is fun .
[11:44] stephocalypse: in about 45 mins
[11:44] latishalewis: 10:30 pm
[11:44] nikilove: Those are soooooo good, Steph
[11:44] ravenleannesuttonjames: stephocalypse reminds me of metalocalypse :)
[11:44] guest-9176 entered the room
[11:44] stephocalypse: i know omg
[11:44] furganflop: tyvm
[11:44] latishalewis: True raven
[11:44] ravenleannesuttonjames: haha
[11:44] stephocalypse: my friend who is also named steph christened me w this name
[11:44] latishalewis: cool
[11:44] ravenleannesuttonjames: noice. i'm known as ravey gravey.
[11:44] nikilove: That's an awesome name, hahaha
[11:45] latishalewis: lolz
[11:45] ravenleannesuttonjames: which is also the name of a fcking clown from the bay area
[11:45] nikilove: My friends gave me this name as a joke and it stuck. Sick, sick joke
[11:45] nikilove: hhaha
[11:45] ravenleannesuttonjames: a hippy clown who liked pigs
[11:45] latishalewis: I hate clowns..
[11:45] latishalewis: Ever since I was little..
[11:45] latishalewis: ugh
[11:45] latishalewis: They creep me outttt
[11:45] stephocalypse: but its good it works. niki love would be a good drag name too
[11:45] nikilove: She gave up clown school. She should move to Portland.
[11:45] ravenleannesuttonjames: hit me clown because i'm not from your town, no
[11:45] nikilove: They never give up clown school there.
[11:45] ravenleannesuttonjames: clown is a good song
[11:45] nikilove: And they ride bikes all the time and put birds on things.
[11:46] guest-9213 entered the room
[11:46] ravenleannesuttonjames: hahaha
[11:46] guest-9213 changed nickname to 8llllllll3
[11:46] latishalewis: I'm just American trashhh <3
[11:46] guest-9224 changed nickname to sammaki
[11:46] stephocalypse: my moms a retired nurse and saw gross things
[11:46] latishalewis: oooh
[11:47] ravenleannesuttonjames: i wouldnt want to be a pilot
[11:47] ravenleannesuttonjames: i'd work in a cockpit
[11:47] latishalewis: Lmao
[11:47] ravenleannesuttonjames: strikes me as a little odd..
[11:47] stephocalypse: im a areteest
[11:47] latishalewis: The cockpit is fun
[11:47] latishalewis: hahh
[11:47] stephocalypse: available for paid commissions yall
[11:47] stephocalypse: yeah its not for the faint of heart
[11:47] nikilove: I wonder if they really keep lungs and junk in jars in sketchy closetslike they do in film
[11:47] stephocalypse: OH HAI BECK HAY
[11:48] latishalewis: That's cool
[11:48] ravenleannesuttonjames: would a cocpit be equivalent to a va.......never minf -.-
[11:48] stephocalypse: i think only in morgues
[11:48] latishalewis: Body parts <3
[11:48] latishalewis: Lol raven
[11:48] ravenleannesuttonjames: i hate typos.
[11:48] nikilove: I'd freak if I ever ended up in a morgue without being dead first.
[11:48] stephocalypse: pock kit
[11:48] latishalewis: :P
[11:48] stephocalypse: Dont watch The Jacket then
[11:49] nikilove: Like, I don't understand how people broke into a morgue to play with Cobain's body when he
[11:49] nikilove: died.
[11:49] nikilove: So messed up.
[11:49] nelson: lets get timmy to do the timmy dance when he logs back in
[11:49] ravenleannesuttonjames: i'd be interested in being a coroner. or just go all-out davinci and steal bodies
[11:49] stephocalypse: is that true?
[11:49] latishalewis: Lmao
[11:49] latishalewis: I love Timmy dance ahhh
[11:49] cybertech44: can't wait for tonights episode
[11:49] nikilove: Yeah, I read it in a few different books,
[11:49] latishalewis: I would love to have him pop out of my birthday cake
[11:49] latishalewis: and do a timmy dance
[11:49] nikilove: They danced with his body and shaved his head, too.
[11:49] stephocalypse: people are weeeeeird
[11:49] nikilove: So so fucked.
[11:50] nikilove: I know.
[11:50] ravenleannesuttonjames: didnt someone steal cobain's ashes?
[11:50] latishalewis: Yeah 
[11:50] stephocalypse: keith richards snorted them
[11:50] guest-9284 entered the room
[11:50] cybertech44: if you guys missed or want to watch again episodes 1 and 2
[11:50] ravenleannesuttonjames: snort some cobain. do i sense a oun?
[11:50] nikilove: Courtney also clipped off some of his pubes at his wake/funeral.
[11:50] cybertech44: you can do to my channel,
[11:50] cybertech44: for the 1st one
[11:50] nikilove: She's too weird for me.
[11:50] guest-9291 entered the room
[11:50] cybertech44: and
[11:50] ravenleannesuttonjames: or go to piratebay...
[11:50] latishalewis: Freaky peopleeee
[11:50] cybertech44: cybertechWKUK for the 2nd and 3 and 4 soon
[11:50] guest-9291 changed nickname to matthietpas
[11:51] furganflop: shhh no piracy talk here ;)
[11:51] ravenleannesuttonjames: iight :)
[11:51] nikilove: Thanks, cybertech!
[11:51] stephocalypse: dude you rock
[11:51] cybertech44: you're welcome
[11:51] furganflop: *applauds*
[11:51] stephocalypse: whats your setup man? 
[11:51] guest-9309 entered the room
[11:51] cybertech44: but don't leave comments or send messages to me on my main account cybertech44
[11:51] stephocalypse: i have an old vhs ripper software jammie
[11:52] cybertech44: because i'm temp suspened from uploading
[11:52] cybertech44: suspended*
[11:52] cybertech44: until next Friday
[11:52] guest-9312 entered the room
[11:52] furganflop: copyright sucks sh*t
[11:52] stephocalypse: ikr
[11:52] cybertech44: well it wasn't copyright for me
[11:52] ravenleannesuttonjames: ohhh god. has anyone ever been on chatroulette.
[11:52] stephocalypse: yeah
[11:53] guest-9312 changed nickname to alexharnick
[11:53] latishalewis: Nope
[11:53] cybertech44: i got a 2nd community guidelines strike
[11:53] latishalewis: I've wanted to  but I am afraid
[11:53] cybertech44: for Baked Beans Pt.1
[11:53] stephocalypse: whats that mean
[11:53] furganflop: ... are you serious?
[11:53] latishalewis: I hear rumors of color chodes on chatroulette
[11:53] cybertech44: so they disabled my account for posting for two weeks
[11:53] stephocalypse: they thought it was dirty?
[11:53] latishalewis: o.o
[11:53] cybertech44: i have two more months until the 1st guidelines strike to go away
[11:53] ravenleannesuttonjames: its mindfcking
[11:53] stephocalypse: vimeo
[11:53] latishalewis: wow
[11:53] stephocalypse: try vimeo they dont censor shit
[11:53] ravenleannesuttonjames: only italians will talk to me. wtf?!
[11:54] stephocalypse: oh yeah?
[11:54] stephocalypse: parli italiano??
[11:54] latishalewis: il parli deutsh
[11:54] ravenleannesuttonjames: yeah, 'tis odd. i came across chris brown once and told him his music sucked 
[11:54] guest-9348 entered the room
[11:54] guest-9351 entered the room
[11:54] guest-9348 changed nickname to andrewvernon
[11:54] alexharnick: does the show start at 10 or 1030?
[11:54] stephocalypse: oh tu parli tedesco, si si
[11:54] guest-9351 changed nickname to annalizf
[11:54] guest-9353 entered the room
[11:54] nikilove: rerun at 10
[11:55] stephocalypse: 10 30
[11:55] guest-9353 changed nickname to troywilliam2
[11:55] nikilove: new one at 10:30
[11:55] latishalewis: hah
[11:55] alexharnick: ah
[11:55] latishalewis: Anyone like slipknot?
[11:55] stephocalypse: on occassion
[11:55] furganflop: it's work in progress but come and help :D
[11:55] alexharnick: what is this, 1993?
[11:55] ravenleannesuttonjames: now american woman is stuck in my head
[11:55] ravenleannesuttonjames: YES
[11:55] ravenleannesuttonjames: slipknot ees good
[11:55] nelson: slipknot sucks
[11:56] stephocalypse: yes plz fergie furg is the best with that 
[11:56] latishalewis: I saw them in concert once
[11:56] ravenleannesuttonjames: i dont love all hope is gone though
[11:56] ravenleannesuttonjames: me too :)
[11:56] latishalewis: Really ? I like it
[11:56] cybertech44: i listen to dragonforce/rhapsody of fire and more
[11:56] stephocalypse: i am more partial to deftones
[11:56] andrewvernon: This is retarded.
[11:56] nelson: listen to devil driver
[11:56] ravenleannesuttonjames: I LIKE DEVILDRIVER
[11:56] cybertech44: dream theater,a7x,disturbed,BFMV,trivium
[11:56] ravenleannesuttonjames: i missed them at this AWESOME tiny venue :(
[11:56] alexharnick: isnt timmy supposed to be in here?
[11:56] cybertech44: firewind
[11:56] nelson: my friends band is opening for devil driver soon
[11:57] ravenleannesuttonjames: a7x? nooooo :( i saw them once, and then i didnt like them.
[11:57] stephocalypse: diamond eyes: yay or nay
[11:57] nikilove: They sold out almost immediately here
[11:57] furganflop: apparently he went off a while ago and said he'll be back
[11:57] andrewvernon: Diarrhea! 666!
[11:57] nikilove: yay, haha
[11:57] ravenleannesuttonjames: what?! good for him!!
[11:57] latishalewis: a7x is good
[11:57] nikilove: My friend is seeing them in 6 days
[11:57] alexharnick: circa survive?
[11:57] nikilove: gel oh sea
[11:57] andrewvernon: a7x is not good.
[11:57] latishalewis: Lol
[11:57] andrewvernon: Circa survive is awesome.
[11:57] ravenleannesuttonjames: i am seeind system of a down!!!! innn...uhhh....16 days, i thing. may 15 :))
[11:57] alexharnick: yes yes they are
[11:57] cybertech44: new album
[11:57] cybertech44: and trivium
[11:58] latishalewis: didn't soad break up ??
[11:58] alexharnick: amazing live too
[11:58] ravenleannesuttonjames: i went to the concert for HELLYEAH
[11:58] stephocalypse: total bullshit
[11:58] ravenleannesuttonjames: they reunited, i guess
[11:58] nikilove: IFC, I hate your guts.
[11:58] latishalewis: awesome
[11:58] nikilove: >:C
[11:58] andrewvernon: Going to see SOAD May 13th.
[11:58] guest-9421 entered the room
[11:58] latishalewis: the squirrel lmao
[11:58] furganflop: what's happened?
[11:58] alexharnick: nice
[11:58] guest-9425 entered the room
[11:58] nelson: mommy look what i drew......o timmy nooo.....its an elephant
[11:58] ravenleannesuttonjames: yay! cyber hi5!!
[11:58] stephocalypse: when the seasons done i wanna cancel ifc
[11:58] guest-9421 changed nickname to timmywilliams
[11:58] guest-9425 changed nickname to mattgreen
[11:58] latishalewis: the slomo squirrel was so funny in ep. 2
[11:58] stephocalypse: and get skinemax
[11:58] nikilove: Seeing of Montreal this Sunday!
[11:58] furganflop: TIMMY!
[11:58] cybertech44:
[11:58] nikilove: SO PUMPED
[11:58] cybertech44:
[11:58] timmywilliams: Hey kids!
[11:59] latishalewis: hey!
[11:59] nikilove: Hey, Timmy!
[11:59] cybertech44: hey timmy is back
[11:59] guest-9438 entered the room
[11:59] nelson: timmy 
[11:59] guest-9438 changed nickname to annalizf4019
[11:59] timmywilliams: if you see of Montreal, tell them the WKUK say hi!
[11:59] guest-9445 entered the room
[11:59] timmywilliams: we're buddies with some of em
[11:59] guest-9445 changed nickname to dainlindstrom
[11:59] guest-9448 entered the room
[11:59] timmywilliams: yeah we met them at a show a couple years ago
[11:59] guest-9449 entered the room
[11:59] stephocalypse: name droppin
[11:59] kalynnallma8739: hahah
[11:59] guest-9448 changed nickname to alisonsampley
[11:59] timmywilliams: davey, their bass player, is in an upcoming chapter of civil war
[11:59] nikilove: That's awesome for both of you, hahaha
[11:59] guest-9449 changed nickname to johnpapihansson
[11:59] timmywilliams: no, fun fun fun fest
[12:00] nikilove: Is he? Oh my lord
[12:00] ravenleannesuttonjames: slaughterama, slaughterama, dear many songs in my head. hi timmy :)
[12:00] nikilove: This is great, haha
[12:00] cybertech44: hey
[12:00] nelson: do the timmy dance
[12:00] alexharnick: whoa
[12:00] kinseyefink: HIII!
[12:00] furganflop: HELLO! *waves*
[12:00] alexharnick: timmy has a goatee
[12:00] latishalewis: heyyy timmy!!
[12:00] andreaavalos: Whoa, all late, I didn't notice you there. Hello Timmy!!
[12:00] stephocalypse: sup homie
[12:00] kalynnallma8739: hello
[12:00] ravenleannesuttonjames: nice beard!!
[12:00] dainlindstrom: timmy <3
[12:00] nikilove: *waves*
[12:00] nelson: TIMMY DANCE!!!!
[12:00] guest-9462 entered the room
[12:00] guest-9462 changed nickname to haydos23
[12:00] daniellagormley: TIMMMMMY
[12:00] minoritypower: TIMMY!
[12:00] minoritypower: HOLY SHIT
[12:00] will: sup bro
[12:00] latishalewis: ^
[12:00] johnpapihansson: Big up from Gothenburg Sweden!
[12:00] timmywilliams: did you guys see our live show from here last week?
[12:00] guest-9468 entered the room
[12:00] nikilove: I like the facial hair, bud!
[12:00] stephocalypse: yeah
[12:00] guest-9469 entered the room
[12:00] timmywilliams: hey ya'll
[12:00] minoritypower: Dude
[12:00] minoritypower: ur like
[12:00] latishalewis: Ugh no I was doped up on oxycoedom last week
[12:00] minoritypower: my idol
[12:01] furganflop: g'day from Sydney!
[12:01] andreaavalos: Yes, it was cool
[12:01] guest-9469 changed nickname to coreydowd
[12:01] latishalewis: I had surgery lmao
[12:01] minoritypower: ahahahahah
[12:01] minoritypower: ahahahahah
[12:01] guest-9474 entered the room
[12:01] andreaavalos: ...  i suppose... lol
[12:01] stephocalypse: it was a bizarre pov but enjoyable
[12:01] dainlindstrom: timmy YOURE SO PRETTY!
[12:01] kalynnallma8739: hahahah 
[12:01] guest-9474 entered the room
[12:01] andreaavalos: ...  i suppose... lol
[12:01] stephocalypse: it was a bizarre pov but enjoyable
[12:01] dainlindstrom: timmy YOURE SO PRETTY!
[12:01] kalynnallma8739: hahahah 
[12:01] timmywilliams: being on drugs is no excuse not to be on the internet
[12:01] timmywilliams: thank you?
[12:01] ravenleannesuttonjames: your beard slaps kevin corrigan's beard in the face :)
[12:01] latishalewis: Lol
[12:01] guest-9474 changed nickname to jasoncramer
[12:01] cybertech44: lol
[12:01] latishalewis: I was sleepy!!
[12:01] latishalewis: I slept a lot
[12:01] guest-9468 changed nickname to sarahhoward
[12:01] latishalewis: :(
[12:01] timmywilliams: i don't know who that is
[12:01] latishalewis: stupid oxycoedon
[12:01] minoritypower: hahahahaha!
[12:01] minoritypower: dude ur show is awesome
[12:01] nikilove: Dugs + 4chan threads on creepy game hacks = tonight
[12:01] timmywilliams: sorry latisha
[12:01] nikilove: bahahaha
[12:01] dainlindstrom: drugs are cool stay out of school.
[12:01] andreaavalos: How's you enjoy your stay in L.A. a couple weeks ago, Timmy?
[12:01] timmywilliams: at least you're awak now!
[12:01] nikilove: No excuses!
[12:01] haydos23: australia says WKUK rules
[12:01] timmywilliams: what sketchi is ont
[12:01] andreaavalos: How'd*
[12:01] andrewvernon: I drink too much! Its a blast!
[12:01] latishalewis: Indeed
[12:01] timmywilliams: i had fun in LA
[12:01] cybertech44: credits
[12:01] mattgreen: timmy, do you play pokemon?
[12:01] latishalewis: and in less pain :)
[12:01] alexharnick: squirrel just ended
[12:01] timmywilliams: i was there fo about 30 hours
[12:01] cybertech44: for movie 9
[12:01] cybertech44: for movie 9
[12:01] alexharnick: now intro
[12:02] cybertech44: oops
[12:02] andreaavalos: Cool! Glad I finally got to see you in person!
[12:02] guest-9489 entered the room
[12:02] timmywilliams: i don't play pokemon BUT I USED TO
[12:02] cybertech44: wrong channel
[12:02] guest-9489 changed nickname to guest
[12:02] alexharnick: love the squirrel in the car sketch
[12:02] sarahhoward: sweet!
[12:02] johnpapihansson: up till 4 in the morning to chat with wkyk:D
[12:02] mattgreen: haha emphasized used
[12:02] will: pokemon yellow ftw
[12:02] cybertech44: weding flip flop
[12:02] cybertech44: now
[12:02] timmywilliams: pokemon!
[12:02] cybertech44: wedding*
[12:02] timmywilliams: yeah i think my mom has my cards still
[12:02] dainlindstrom: pokemon <3
[12:02] stephocalypse: i still have yellow
[12:02] alexharnick: hahaha
[12:02] sarahhoward: finger ring friends!
[12:02] dainlindstrom: yellow was my fav
[12:02] timmywilliams: i play magic and used to play star wars
[12:02] kinseyefink: Gotta catch them all!
[12:02] daniellagormley: timmy i love you
[12:02] andreaavalos: ... Pokemon? Oh, Lord.. *facepalm* lol
[12:02] mattgreen: woo! i started a nostalgia trip
[12:02] timmywilliams: now it's fingering friends?
[12:02] stephocalypse: complete w l100 mewtwo
[12:02] guest-9509 entered the room
[12:02] alisonsampley: does anyone remember digimon?! lol
[12:02] guest-9509 changed nickname to guest
[12:02] cybertech44: lololol
[12:02] alexharnick: lock up those boobs!
[12:02] guest-9511 entered the room
[12:03] guest-9511 changed nickname to johnpapihansson
[12:03] timmywilliams: yeah welcome to Nerd Chat with Timmy Williams
[12:03] ravenleannesuttonjames: my brother and i play harry potter. im 14.
[12:03] sarahhoward: thats my fav sketch of the seaon
[12:03] will: better than fuckin digimon
[12:03] minoritypower: Ok timmy I gotta ask you this question: Whats ur fav episode
[12:03] minoritypower: ever?
[12:03] jasoncramer: Timmy! I don't know why I'm here, but this is pretty neato.
[12:03] timmywilliams: my fave episode?
[12:03] andrewvernon: I bought 2 cases of Four Loko because they were half priced. Now I feel ill.
[12:03] timmywilliams: i hate that question
[12:03] latishalewis: lol
[12:03] minoritypower: yes sir!
[12:03] timmywilliams: hmmm
[12:03] alexharnick: episode is hard, how about favorite sketch
[12:03] andreaavalos: I'm out! *walks away*
[12:03] andrewvernon: In a good way.
[12:03] andreaavalos: lol, just kiddin
[12:03] latishalewis: 4 loko <3
[12:03] timmywilliams: oh no four loko
[12:03] mattgreen: COREYdowd, you bastard
[12:03] latishalewis: 4 loko & Monster <3
[12:03] timmywilliams: that stuff's EVIL
[12:03] ravenleannesuttonjames: nerds have all the power in the world
[12:03] coreydowd: kekekekekekekekekekeke
[12:03] minoritypower: its the best!
[12:03] stephocalypse: ok whats your favorite maiden song ?
[12:03] andrewvernon: Evil in a good way.
[12:03] timmywilliams: fave maiden song is run to the hills
[12:03] guest-9531 entered the room
[12:03] timmywilliams: easy
[12:03] ravenleannesuttonjames: coreydowl, you suck. haha
[12:03] nikilove: My mum just stood behind me, didn't say anything for a minute, & yelled "OH SHIT, TIMMY!"
[12:03] guest-9531 changed nickname to john11431000
[12:03] nelson: timmy say something 
[12:04] timmywilliams: i can't choose a favorite child
[12:04] guest-9536 entered the room
[12:04] stephocalypse: correct response
[12:04] latishalewis: Lmao!
[12:04] sammaki: /purple
[12:04] latishalewis: Awesome mom niki
[12:04] sarahhoward: oo i sing run to the hills on expert
[12:04] guest-9536 changed nickname to sethorr
[12:04] nikilove: She says "Hi" bahaha
[12:04] sammaki: i like timmy.
[12:04] latishalewis: Timmy rules lol
[12:04] ravenleannesuttonjames: now i have american women, maiden, gwar, slipknot, AND tenacious d in my head. chrissst
[12:04] minoritypower: Ok wait so i have another question: why are you on this right now?
[12:04] cybertech44: don't bring rockband into this
[12:04] mattgreen: THE D!!!
[12:04] minoritypower: Hey its jb
[12:04] nelson: i dont hear any voice blaaa
[12:04] becksinclair: bahahahaha
[12:04] minoritypower: lol
[12:04] ravenleannesuttonjames: looks like bieber bahahaha
[12:04] latishalewis: oh my god
[12:04] kalynnallma8739: oh yes! justin and timmy, bffs for like
[12:04] kalynnallma8739: life*
[12:04] stephocalypse: its a silent film
[12:04] becksinclair: this is so amazing
[12:04] timmywilliams: yeah we're bros
[12:04] cybertech44: Ocean 2.0 now
[12:04] mattgreen: not the JB i had in mind..
[12:05] latishalewis: lolol
[12:05] nikilove: My mom is convinced Timmy and my brother are the only people who play Magic. 
[12:05] latishalewis: :D
[12:05] timmywilliams: i love ocean 2.0
[12:05] sammaki: I LIKE TIMMY.
[12:05] minoritypower: dude this is the greatest day of my life
[12:05] ravenleannesuttonjames: haha, matt
[12:05] cybertech44: lol
[12:05] timmywilliams: wait is last week's episode one?
[12:05] alexharnick: timmy you play mtg?!
[12:05] guest-9564 entered the room
[12:05] cybertech44: just like senator clint webb
[12:05] timmywilliams: i do, alex
[12:05] guest-9564 changed nickname to bakedbeans
[12:05] alexharnick: awesome
[12:05] stephocalypse: i thought it was a real ad at first
[12:05] latishalewis: LOL
[12:05] latishalewis: >
[12:05] haydos23: wtf
[12:05] timmywilliams: don't be gross kid
[12:05] coreydowd: Some celebrities make facebooks using fake names. This is my explanation for this.
[12:05] latishalewis: LMAO
[12:05] minoritypower: Ahahahahaha
[12:05] cybertech44: senator clint webb is still my most viewed video with over 120k
[12:05] becksinclair: timmy, you are hanging with some strange people on cam
[12:05] guest-9571 entered the room
[12:05] minoritypower: i love this fuckin room
[12:05] latishalewis: LOL
[12:05] john11431000: So why'd Trevor lie and say there would be at least 6 seasons last year?
[12:05] andreaavalos: Hahah, I lol'd at John's videothing
[12:05] guest-9571 changed nickname to fullmoonhowl
[12:05] stephocalypse: paid actor
[12:05] nelson: one looks like justin beiber
[12:05] timmywilliams: trevor didn't say that
[12:05] johnpapihansson: not mutch just havin a bowl
[12:05] nikilove: This is weird. The video selection, I mean, haha
[12:06] minoritypower: Meow meeoooowww
[12:06] andreaavalos: ahahha
[12:06] guest-9577 entered the room
[12:06] timmywilliams: i don't think any of us would
[12:06] guest-9577 changed nickname to theaggrocraig
[12:06] timmywilliams: haha!
[12:06] cybertech44: set it on fire
[12:06] ravenleannesuttonjames: what is going on here?!
[12:06] cybertech44: lol
[12:06] will: do you listen to any indie rock?
[12:06] stephocalypse: i turn them all off unless its a tonetta loop
[12:06] kalynnallma8739: whats that guy eating?
[12:06] alexharnick: whoa
[12:06] minoritypower: Hey timmy would u have sex with either one of those guys for money?
[12:06] timmywilliams: i gotta be honest, i don't really know anything about new music
[12:06] alexharnick: that is wron
[12:06] mattgreen: Boris Smile.. great indie band
[12:06] alexharnick: g
[12:06] latishalewis: SO JIGGLEHHH <3
[12:06] latishalewis: SHAKE IT!
[12:06] nikilove: Are the mics broken for anyone else?
[12:06] timmywilliams: nope, MP i wouldn't
[12:06] cybertech44: $1 for every $1 million for computers
[12:06] ravenleannesuttonjames: oh god nooo
[12:06] will: it's all good
[12:06] stephocalypse: i hear nothing
[12:06] mattgreen: never heard of them?
[12:06] nikilove: I can't hear anything
[12:06] john11431000: Yup
[12:06] alexharnick: yes!
[12:06] minoritypower: YESSS!!
[12:06] stephocalypse: yes
[12:06] guest-9585 entered the room
[12:06] nikilove: Yup!
[12:06] guest-9585 changed nickname to _geekatron_
[12:06] sethorr: yea!
[12:06] kalynnallma8739: yes
[12:06] minoritypower: ahahahahah FUCK YES!
[12:06] kinseyefink: yay
[12:06] ravenleannesuttonjames: this is bad. haha
[12:06] nikilove: Now it works, haha
[12:06] minoritypower: Oh its sexy people
[12:07] cybertech44: so you need like $600 million for 1 computer for a school
[12:06] ravenleannesuttonjames: this is bad. haha
[12:07] fullmoonhowl: hi timmy'
[12:07] nikilove: You made her night, hahha
[12:07] ravenleannesuttonjames: timmy, youre the only pleasent thing to look at right now, haha :)
[12:07] minoritypower: WHOOOO!!!
[12:07] coreydowd: FINE. I CAN BE REAL TOO.
[12:07] guest-9597 entered the room
[12:07] kalynnallma8739: GOOD JOB MATT
[12:07] latishalewis: Lol
[12:07] cybertech44: lol
[12:07] will: lulz
[12:07] cybertech44: you can block web cam people
[12:07] alexharnick: the cheetah man scares me a bit
[12:07] coreydowd: WTF/.
[12:07] becksinclair: i think he is really a teddy bear
[12:07] latishalewis: Lmao
[12:07] cybertech44: or hide them
[12:07] coreydowd: Lol
[12:08] coreydowd: Yeah
[12:08] alexharnick: last week
[12:08] sarahhoward: yes
[12:08] will: I hope it's a woman
[12:08] stephocalypse: yes
[12:08] guest-9602 entered the room
[12:08] ravenleannesuttonjames: oh, nevermind :)
[12:08] latishalewis: o.o
[12:08] guest-9602 changed nickname to funnyguybrady
[12:08] guest-9609 entered the room
[12:08] haydos23: idk im in diffrent country
[12:08] cybertech44: anne frank is next
[12:08] guest-9611 changed nickname to daniellagormley2062
[12:08] guest-9611 entered the room
[12:08] cybertech44: when its back on
[12:08] nelson: i still think u should put some music on and do the timmy dance
[12:08] coreydowd: Timmy, I always thought Darren was the hottest "girl" on the show. But, after Baked Beans.
[12:08] coreydowd: Idk anymore.
[12:08] fullmoonhowl: that guy needs to do the timmy dance
[12:08] latishalewis: Lmao
[12:08] furganflop: hey haydos where in Australia are you?
[12:08] haydos23: baked beans
[12:08] mattgreen: Darren DOES make a convincing woman..
[12:08] funnyguybrady: I want Baked beans!!!!!
[12:08] coreydowd: WHAT.
[12:08] latishalewis: Timmy do you still do bat mitzvahs ?
[12:08] sarahhoward: i figured
[12:08] minoritypower: Hahahahaha omg i love my life
[12:09] latishalewis: :D
[12:09] guest-9616 entered the room
[12:09] cybertech44: Hey Timmy, guess what, Youtube didn't like Baked Beans, my youtube account
[12:09] guest-9617 entered the room
[12:09] latishalewis: llolz
[12:09] guest-9616 changed nickname to andrewestes
[12:09] john11431000: My friend says you should skip season six and go straight to seven haha
[12:09] latishalewis: :)
[12:09] cybertech44: got disabled for posting because of it
[12:09] kalynnallma8739: can a bat mitzvah be like, if you're not jewish but you still want a party
[12:09] guest-9621 changed nickname to katie
[12:09] alexharnick: no...
[12:09] cybertech44:
[12:09] guest-9621 entered the room
[12:09] cybertech44: for two weeks
[12:09] furganflop: season 5 is the last one man...
[12:09] cybertech44: lol
[12:09] cybertech44: its fine
[12:09] john11431000: I know
[12:09] guest-9623 entered the room
[12:09] john11431000: It's sad
[12:09] kalynnallma8739: can a bat mitzvah be like, if you're not jewish but you still want a party
[12:09] alexharnick: lol
[12:09] cybertech44: even though theres no nudity its still bad i guess
[12:09] mattgreen: so i once had a dream about a sketch for the WKUK.. but it's too late now since its almost
[12:09] latishalewis: Lol
[12:09] mattgreen: over
[12:09] sarahhoward: until about ten seconds into baked beans, i thought it was an ad for 900 number
[12:09] sethorr: i believe that is a PARTY!
[12:09] guest-9617 changed nickname to mildredmaxi
[12:09] guest-9623 changed nickname to thenazafigueroa
[12:10] stephocalypse: thats a ballin tv in the bg timmy
[12:10] coreydowd: JOHN. DEMON BOXXY. AHHH
[12:10] minoritypower: Hahahhahaahaha oh god yes!
[12:10] andreaavalos: Boxxy... she lives!
[12:10] guest-9632 entered the room
[12:10] johnpapihansson: Meh
[12:10] guest-9632 changed nickname to bennyc
[12:10] nikilove: Hey, how do you hide the weird cameras again?
[12:10] guest-9634 entered the room
[12:10] johnpapihansson: Gothenburg out
[12:10] guest-9635 entered the room
[12:10] john11431000: Please tell me Baked Beans comes back.
[12:10] nikilove: Freaky guy is freaky.
[12:10] guest-9636 entered the room
[12:10] andreaavalos: The queen is back... finally
[12:10] guest-9636 changed nickname to coreydowd
[12:10] cybertech44: hover over and hide cam
[12:10] sarahhoward: dog poop sounds good
[12:10] sethorr: "Do you wanna *bean splatter* all over me?"
[12:10] andrewvernon: I was joking! I knew the Jizzle is fake!
[12:10] johnpapihansson: seeya timmy!
[12:10] thenazafigueroa: Fuck yeah, Cybertech is here too
[12:10] john11431000: Aww
[12:10] latishalewis: Lol
[12:10] mattgreen: brb
[12:10] cybertech44: yep
[12:10] funnyguybrady: I am the oldest person in here fml
[12:10] latishalewis: is a can opener still 50 bucks?
[12:10] latishalewis: hahh
[12:10] guest-9634 changed nickname to alecsadowski
[12:10] guest-9643 entered the room
[12:11] alexharnick: you are a great french waiter, timmy
[12:11] coreydowd: Awww... the dog poop doesn't come with a side...
[12:11] nikilove: Aw, Baked Beans was great, haha. Who's idea was it to use a t-shirt gun?
[12:11] stephocalypse: idk im 28
[12:11] alexharnick: very convincing
[12:11] cybertech44: i should have episode 3 up sometime tomorrow on my temp account
[12:11] guest-9643 changed nickname to splat
[12:11] latishalewis: Lmao
[12:11] nikilove: That was a painful looking decision, haha
[12:11] sarahhoward: i think baked beans could be other foods too 
[12:11] nikilove: That show is pretty brutal
[12:11] sethorr: i love silent  library
[12:11] nikilove: I saw, haha. It looked awful
[12:11] stephocalypse: you sound like Tron
[12:11] katie: timmy
[12:11] haydos23: timmyrobot?
[12:11] latishalewis: Silent library is hilarious
[12:11] latishalewis: Sexrobot
[12:11] latishalewis: :x
[12:11] sethorr: i saw that pic of ur welts lol
[12:11] nikilove: FLYNN
[12:11] nikilove: Haha
[12:12] sarahhoward: im wanting to make a tribute to sex robot using sims machinima
[12:12] cybertech44: lol
[12:12] latishalewis: Lol omg i love sims
[12:12] coreydowd: OLD FOLKS HOME
[12:12] nikilove: Microsoft Sam?
[12:12] cybertech44: Old Folks Home
[12:12] nikilove: Haha
[12:12] latishalewis: I memorized the sex robot dance
[12:12] stephocalypse: end of line
[12:12] funnyguybrady: its a good thing your funny then!
[12:12] john11431000: My girlfriend wants to know what your favorite skit of all time has been?
[12:12] haydos23: whats ur youtube chennel
[12:12] guest-9663 entered the room
[12:12] cybertech44: mine?
[12:12] guest-9663 changed nickname to andreaavalos2137
[12:12] katie: SHOUT OUT??????????
[12:12] katie: SHOUT OUT!
[12:12] john11431000: Timmy Talk?
[12:12] haydos23: thanks
[12:13] latishalewis: Lol
[12:13] nikilove: SHOUT!
[12:13] nikilove: Haha
[12:13] cybertech44:
[12:13] sarahhoward: i loved timmy talk ? :D
[12:13] coreydowd: Timmy Talk is amazing XD
[12:13] stephocalypse: let it all out
[12:13] guest-9678 entered the room
[12:13] cybertech44:
[12:13] guest-9678 changed nickname to annalizf
[12:13] guest-9682 entered the room
[12:13] cybertech44: until next Friday
[12:13] guest-9682 changed nickname to splat8768
[12:13] sammaki: who's the lady in the background??
[12:13] thenazafigueroa: Sex robot! ftw
[12:13] guest-9686 entered the room
[12:13] latishalewis: :o
[12:13] andreaavalos2137: So... yeah..
[12:13] latishalewis: lol
[12:13] will: I think Tron should file copyright infringment on Droid. They sound too familar.
[12:13] sammaki: *lady talking?
[12:13] will: I'll take proper action
[12:14] mattgreen: reading rainbow?
[12:14] splat8768: Is that your wife in the background?
[12:14] guest-9686 changed nickname to kassemortegia
[12:14] latishalewis: Lol
[12:14] stephocalypse: is that wifey? tell her steph o donnell says wassup
[12:14] latishalewis: okay :D
[12:14] mildredmaxi: that's 80s tastic
[12:14] alecsadowski: love the goatee man. looking machoo manly
[12:14] nelson: why is this the last season of wkuk
[12:14] furganflop: come and help!
[12:14] timmywilliams:
[12:14] will: you're cutting out
[12:15] will: nvm
[12:15] stephocalypse: inaudible
[12:15] thenazafigueroa: I wanna se Timmy Dance 
[12:15] thenazafigueroa: lol
[12:15] alexharnick: something about the worlds worst internet
[12:15] thenazafigueroa: see
[12:15] kassemortegia: Do the wiggle Dance
[12:15] nikilove: Yeah, it's all skippy now
[12:15] sethorr: TIMMY! DO TIMMY DANCE!
[12:15] guest-9720 entered the room
[12:15] haydos23: do the timmy dance!!!!
[12:15] guest-9720 changed nickname to bakedbeans
[12:15] alexharnick: hahaha
[12:15] andrewvernon: Yo Timmy! My old lady and I made you a sweet ass tee shirt! 
[12:15] nikilove: tinychat hates us
[12:15] sethorr: TIMMY DANCE!!!!!!!!!!
[12:15] alexharnick: TIMMY DANCE
[12:15] funnyguybrady: hahahaha
[12:15] nikilove: :c
[12:15] sethorr: T
[12:15] kassemortegia: do the timmy dance
[12:15] sethorr: IMM
[12:15] latishalewis: Lol
[12:15] sethorr: Y
[12:15] guest-9724 entered the room
[12:15] haydos23: timmy dance
[12:15] will: noooo
[12:15] sethorr: DANCE
[12:15] nelson: timmy dance
[12:15] nelson: hell yeah
[12:15] nikilove: Timmy, do you like Tim and Eric?
[12:15] sethorr: PLZ DO TIMMY DANCE
[12:15] guest-9724 changed nickname to shelbydevlin
[12:15] kassemortegia: Its the wigle dance
[12:15] sethorr: LOL
[12:15] mildredmaxi: heya Steph!
[12:15] mattgreen: you should do it cuz its her bday!
[12:15] nikilove: YES!
[12:16] funnyguybrady: timmy you should do a kids show!
[12:16] coreydowd: DO THE CARLTON DANCE
[12:16] stephocalypse: halloo maxie
[12:16] alexharnick: time and eric is great
[12:16] alexharnick: but weird.
[12:16] alexharnick: weird as shit
[12:16] mattgreen: that would be an awesome bday present! :D
[12:16] will: do you have a favorite movie director?
[12:16] kassemortegia: do the wiggle dance!!!!! please??/
[12:16] sethorr: stop changing th subject...DO THE IMMY DANCE!
[12:16] latishalewis: LOL
[12:16] cybertech44: can you guys see me?
[12:16] coreydowd: NO, DO THE CARLTON DANCE
[12:16] stephocalypse: its like your cam is auto tuned
[12:16] kassemortegia: wiggle dance
[12:16] kalynnallma8739: timmy payne
[12:16] sarahhoward: i want to take the wkuk and put them as the fighting forefathers in the
[12:16] mattgreen: jump on it
[12:16] john11431000: There you go
[12:16] latishalewis: Lol
[12:16] stephocalypse: t pain up in this
[12:16] nikilove: GLaDOS
[12:16] nikilove: GLaDOS
[12:17] kinseyefink: hahaha wonderful singing
[12:17] andreaavalos2137: Oh, God.. 
[12:17] cybertech44: there we go
[12:17] andreaavalos2137: lol
[12:17] furganflop: PORTAL!
[12:17] will: negative ghostrider
[12:17] ravenleannesuttonjames: i drew a timmy robot!
[12:17] andrewvernon: You T Painin too much!
[12:17] coreydowd: this was a triumph
[12:17] latishalewis: HII!
[12:17] stephocalypse: HI :)
[12:17] ravenleannesuttonjames: but it turned out orrible...
[12:17] kassemortegia: Do the timmy dance
[12:17] sammaki: HI!
[12:17] guest-9753 entered the room
[12:17] andreaavalos2137: Hello Mrs. Williams!
[12:17] andrewvernon: HI!
[12:17] will: what?
[12:17] kinseyefink: TIMMYY?!
[12:17] latishalewis: TIMMY!! </3
[12:17] nelson: r u guys coming out with a 5 season box set when it ends
[12:17] stephocalypse: uh oh
[12:17] mattgreen: where'd he go?
[12:17] haydos23: no!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
[12:17] splat8768: wtf timmy
[12:17] will: yay[12:17] kassemortegia: Do the timmy dance
[12:17] sammaki: HI!
[12:17] guest-9753 entered the room
[12:17] andreaavalos2137: Hello Mrs. Williams!
[12:17] andrewvernon: HI!
[12:17] will: what?
[12:17] kinseyefink: TIMMYY?!
[12:17] coreydowd: WAY DA FUKK U DO
[12:17] andreaavalos2137: Aw, he left...
[12:17] will: asldfjofw
[12:17] latishalewis: o.o
[12:17] sammaki: TIMMY!
[12:17] latishalewis: TIMMY!! </3
[12:17] nelson: r u guys coming out with a 5 season box set when it ends
[12:17] stephocalypse: uh oh
[12:17] mattgreen: where'd he go?
[12:17] haydos23: no!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
[12:17] splat8768: wtf timmy
[12:17] will: yay
[12:17] latishalewis: lmao
[12:17] alecsadowski: How much pot is needed per epsoide?
[12:17] cybertech44: lol
[12:17] thenazafigueroa: We want Timmy Dance!
[12:17] sammaki: timmy. :)
[12:17] guest-9753 changed nickname to andrewestes
[12:17] furganflop: what do you smoke on set?
[12:17] alexharnick: LOL love trevor taking a massive gravity bong hit from the barrel
[12:17] sammaki: timmy....
[12:17] furganflop: i've always wondered
[12:17] funnyguybrady: drugs are bad
[12:17] sarahhoward: thank you for not smoking
[12:18] latishalewis: lol
[12:18] guest-9762 entered the room
[12:18] funnyguybrady: hahahaha
(Timmy: we smoke catnip)
[12:18] nikilove: Hahahaha
[12:18] alecsadowski: yummm
[12:18] andreaavalos2137: ahahah
[12:18] guest-9762 changed nickname to splat87688229
[12:18] alexharnick: those are some small sausages
[12:18] nikilove: Nom
[12:18] coreydowd: o_O
[12:18] mildredmaxi: lol
[12:18] will: mmmm catnip
[12:18] will: nom nom nom
[12:18] mattgreen: you should try tea leaves
[12:18] latishalewis: Timmy do you drink alcohol beverages? 
[12:18] alecsadowski: do you get high?? lmaoooo
[12:18] mattgreen: (smoking)
[12:18] mattgreen: (smoking)
[12:18] stephocalypse: grape leaves?
[12:18] alexharnick: i hear it tastes liek shit
[12:18] guest-9770 entered the room
[12:18] funnyguybrady: alcohol is bad
[12:18] stephocalypse: my mom did that upstate
[12:18] alexharnick: catnip i mean
[12:18] john11431000: We couldn't hear you when you explained why season 5 is the last
[12:18] guest-9770 changed nickname to alyssawilliams
[12:18] nikilove: Have you really ever made applebutter? It's so good, haha
[12:18] coreydowd: I'LL WRITE YOU 100 SKETCHES
[12:18] andrewvernon: Why are people asking you such stupid questions?
[12:19] will: :(
[12:19] kinseyefink: That is so depressing thoo
[12:19] mattgreen: what was your best high school memory?
[12:19] latishalewis: Lol
[12:19] alyssawilliams: Holy fuck it's Timmy. I just jizzed. ;)
[12:19] mildredmaxi: Have you been to Hair of the Dog?
[12:19] cybertech44: you look to happy
[12:19] sethorr: what are your plans after wkuk
[12:19] latishalewis: Lmao
[12:19] cybertech44: too*
[12:19] cybertech44: too*
[12:19] will: 93 of the sketches will include adam sandler
[12:19] stephocalypse: are you really gonna pitch comics in the future?
[12:19] will: (south park reference)
[12:19] nikilove: Wut iz yu?  <dumbest question I could ask
[12:19] splat87688229: how's stand up going?
[12:19] funnyguybrady: a brewery
[12:19] mildredmaxi: brew pub on yamhill
[12:19] ravenleannesuttonjames: shout, let it all out
[12:19] mildredmaxi: brew pub on yamhill
[12:19] ravenleannesuttonjames: shout, let it all out
[12:19] sammaki: i like kristen!
[12:19] coreydowd: I've already written 6 sketches, where you re-enact, scene by scene, each Star Wars film.
[12:19] haydos23: lol 
[12:20] andrewvernon: Have you ever done a German Handshake?
[12:20] mildredmaxi: we went there
[12:20] kalynnallma8739: hahah corey you're on a roll!
[12:20] alyssawilliams: I just died. :) From happiness.
[12:20] mildredmaxi: no i was visiting my friend
[12:20] nikilove: overalls*
[12:20] alecsadowski: Whats your fav sketch?
[12:20] haydos23: who owns super dog? just wondering
[12:20] nikilove: I WILL!
[12:20] andrewvernon: I invented that shit!
[12:20] nikilove: I love cats
[12:20] will: do you have a favorite movie director?
(Timmy: no one owns Superdog)
[12:20] will: do you have a favorite movie director?
[12:20] becksinclair: spaceship :(
[12:21] nikilove: Aw, man
[12:21] mattgreen: what are your top 5 favorite films?
[12:21] shelbydevlin: I want the kitty! lol 
[12:21] mildredmaxi: are you getting rid of her 'cause the baby?
[12:21] will: nice!
[12:21] nikilove: Kubrick is pretty solid
[12:21] andrewvernon: Kubrick for the win!
[12:21] nikilove: Haha @ MM
[12:21] cybertech44: what is with all the sketches about super dog?
[12:21] alyssawilliams: Who is your favorite actor?
[12:21] stephocalypse: moore is awful
[12:21] cybertech44: thought this movie was going to be that
[12:21] will: I love coen brothers
[12:21] cybertech44: lol
[12:21] john11431000: Yes
[12:21] nikilove: Do you like The Room by Tommy Wiseau?
[12:21] will: what about p.t. anderson?
[12:21] alexharnick: i approve of this list.
[12:21] latishalewis: Terminator!
[12:21] nikilove: It's amazingly terrible, haha
[12:21] mattgreen: fight club is amazing
[12:21] stephocalypse: suspiria?
[12:21] cybertech44: lol
[12:21] john11431000: Yes
[12:21] nikilove: Do you like The Room by Tommy Wiseau?
[12:21] will: what about p.t. anderson?
[12:21] alexharnick: i approve of this list.
[12:21] latishalewis: Terminator!
[12:21] nikilove: It's amazingly terrible, haha
[12:21] mattgreen: fight club is amazing
[12:21] stephocalypse: suspiria?
[12:21] alexharnick: robocop?! lmao
[12:21] splat87688229: fuck yes fight club
[12:21] john11431000: Gigli
[12:21] latishalewis: lmao Terminator!!
[12:21] nelson: suspiria
[12:21] will: hahaha
[12:21] nikilove: You must see The Room!
[12:21] latishalewis: lol
[12:21] guest-9823 entered the room
[12:22] alyssawilliams: Do you have a favorite movie actor? Lol
[12:22] guest-9824 entered the room
[12:22] guest-9824 changed nickname to coreydowd7182
[12:22] nikilove: I want to send it to you, haha
[12:22] nelson: good one latishalewis
[12:22] john11431000: Brokeback
[12:22] stephocalypse: birdemic
[12:22] guest-9826 entered the room
[12:22] haydos23: are you gonna do any movies , with the other guys like miss march?
[12:22] becksinclair: crossroads
[12:22] latishalewis: haaah
[12:22] guest-9826 changed nickname to alecsadowski
[12:22] nikilove: Xroads?
[12:22] latishalewis: :)
[12:22] nikilove: haha
[12:22] will: lulz
[12:22] mattgreen: you're tearing me apart, timmy
[12:22] mildredmaxi: beck!!!
[12:22] guest-9823 changed nickname to nikki1
[12:22] funnyguybrady: i love glitter and cross roads!!!!!
[12:22] becksinclair: mildred!!
[12:22] latishalewis: miss march was great
[12:22] john11431000: Miss March was great.
[12:22] splat87688229: are you raising chickens?
[12:22] guest-9835 entered the room
[12:22] nikki1: miss march was a good movie
[12:22] mattgreen: reference to the room
[12:22] becksinclair: most of us here like miss march though
[12:22] ravenleannesuttonjames: i cant hear :\
[12:22] cybertech44: so did Trevor and Zach even care about what critics said about Miss March?
[12:22] will: you're tearing me apart Lisa!!
(Timmy: Miss March didn't do as well as they wanted it to)
[12:22] latishalewis: lol
[12:22] splat87688229: why did you get rid of the chickens
[12:22] cybertech44: it was hugely panned by critics
[12:23] will: oh hi doggy
[12:23] guest-9836 entered the room
[12:23] cybertech44: yeah
[12:23] nikilove: I liked your tryout, haha
[12:23] guest-9836 changed nickname to kassemortegia
[12:23] cybertech44: i thought it was stil pretty good
[12:23] haydos23: sweet !!!!
[12:23] mattgreen: miss march was only okay..
[12:23] nikki1: what ever happend to "kitten congress" sketch????
[12:23] latishalewis: Me too
[12:23] cybertech44: lol
[12:23] andrewvernon: I got a hair cut today.
[12:23] alyssawilliams: Lol I just died. I watched The Abraham Lincoln sketch.
[12:23] coreydowd7182: Horsedick.mpeg
[12:23] john11431000: Think you could've pulled off the role of Horsedick?
[12:23] alexharnick: horsedick.mpg?
[12:23] nikilove: Aw, man
[12:23] latishalewis: hilarious
[12:23] alexharnick: lol
[12:23] stephocalypse: i liked the youtube review things you all did
[12:23] mattgreen: i was dissappointed (sorry im a film critic)
[12:23] stephocalypse: its a maybe
[12:23] latishalewis: lmao
[12:23] becksinclair: it's a maybe
[12:23] kalynnallma8739: in like, 10 years from now can you just reunite and make one episode
[12:23] nikki1: what was kiten congress about?
[12:23] latishalewis: horsedick.mpeg my mom walked in on that and was like dude wth?
[12:23] nelson: what about cunting
[12:23] andrewvernon: Just blasted Ima fuck a white bitch on my home!
[12:24] furganflop: CAT CONGRESS!
[12:24] cybertech44: so did you/sam and darren actually act out those auditions for Miss March before it came o
[12:24] latishalewis: LOL
[12:24] cybertech44: the ones on youtube
[12:24] nikki1: awesome!!!!
[12:24] mattgreen: have you ever considered doing SNL?
[12:24] cybertech44: ?
[12:24] kassemortegia: lol 
[12:24] mattgreen: like joining it
[12:24] latishalewis: smd while i fck that asss
[12:24] cybertech44: ok
[12:24] alexharnick: SNL sucks though
[12:24] nikilove: I would have made 100 cat suits for that, haha
[12:24] latishalewis: lmao
[12:24] cybertech44: yeah
[12:24] cybertech44: lol
[12:24] haydos23: hahah that would be awesome
[12:24] guest-9861 entered the room
[12:24] ravenleannesuttonjames: i cant hear crap
[12:24] guest-9861 changed nickname to splat8768823867
[12:24] andreaavalos2137: Your audition was my favorite!
[12:24] cybertech44: would of been funny if you guys got the parts
[12:24] andrewvernon: No.
[12:24] kassemortegia: NO
[12:24] john11431000: nO
[12:24] will: no
[12:24] kinseyefink: noo
[12:24] kassemortegia: no
[12:24] stephocalypse: all the time
[12:24] becksinclair: it makes me want to die
[12:24] will: negative ghostrider
[12:24] mattgreen: no. indie music FTW
[12:24] coreydowd7182: Rebecca Black is a goddess omg I get a hard-on every time
[12:24] latishalewis: Timmy you should do a song with T-pain lol
[12:24] nikki1: Mr. Timmy, when do we get an EASTCOAST screening of WKUK movie?
[12:25] alyssawilliams: My favorite skit was Abraham Lincoln. LOL. Only a few people should Auto-Tune
[12:25] stephocalypse: auto tune robert palmer
[12:25] kassemortegia: The show is almost on !!!!!
[12:25] cybertech44: what about a DVD release?
[12:25] sarahhoward: someone made this funny bit with wkuk and friday
[12:25] nikki1: Sweet!!!
[12:25] latishalewis: Lol
[12:25] nikilove: Nice!
[12:25] latishalewis: Hamlet <3
[12:25] alexharnick: 5 minutes!
[12:25] ravenleannesuttonjames: will there be a last tour or something?
[12:25] stephocalypse: youre doing sketchfest right?
[12:25] andreaavalos2137: Cool..
[12:25] nikki1: thanks, cant wait for the movie! I am in new york. you guys rock!
[12:25] coreydowd7182: REBECCA BLACK IS A SAINT.
[12:25] nikilove: If you guys come to Boston, I'll buy you all pizza/ice cream
[12:25] latishalewis: Do you guys plan on coming to NYC?
[12:25] cybertech44: since my youtube channel got pretty big because of you i might actually combine all 10
[12:25] john11431000: Yeah
[12:25] alexharnick: yup
[12:25] furganflop: Timmy you guys should do a WORLD TOUR
[12:25] guest-9879 entered the room
[12:25] shelbydevlin: Tour through jersey! lol
[12:25] will: ooooooooooh hamlet hamlet hamlet hamlet hamlet hamlet hamlet hamlet
[12:25] guest-9879 changed nickname to alecsadowski
[12:25] haydos23: every gonna do a tour overseas
[12:25] latishalewis: DONT WATCH IT
[12:25] cybertech44: parts*
[12:25] cybertech44: guys*
[12:25] mattgreen: dont watch it
[12:25] alyssawilliams: XD
[12:25] stephocalypse: listen to the witch house version
[12:25] latishalewis: epic
[12:25] funnyguybrady: you guys need a fat guy in your troop
[12:26] sarahhoward:   srsly watch this
[12:26] haydos23: yes
[12:26] coreydowd7182:
[12:26] stephocalypse: im hoping to go there.
[12:26] kassemortegia: I am going to sketch fest
[12:26] latishalewis: lol
[12:26] coreydowd7182: All of these are links to Friday.
[12:26] alecsadowski: How many hotdogs do you eat in a day? 
[12:26] alyssawilliams: HAMLET I JUST SAW A F*CKING VAMPIRE!
[12:26] john11431000: Did Sam eat the fast you lost?
[12:26] will: TRUFFLE SHUFFLE!!!
[12:26] sarahhoward: its saturday! its friday!
[12:26] funnyguybrady: i am not fat thats my liver
[12:26] kassemortegia: yay
[12:26] coreydowd7182: HAMLET!!! LOOK OUT FOR THAT VAMPIRE
[12:26] nikilove: Hahaha
[12:26] alexharnick: sketchfest is in NY?
[12:26] andreaavalos2137: eeww
[12:26] latishalewis: LOL
[12:26] nikilove: Poor Sam
[12:26] latishalewis: Abe Lincoln : NOW U FUCKED UP
[12:26] nikki1: What made you loose weight? Seriously, you were an awesome 'heavy' guy
[12:26] guest-9897 entered the room
[12:26] kalynnallma8739: I walked into the IT room at my school the other day and the teacher was playing the linco
[12:26] guest-9897 changed nickname to ravenleannesuttonjames
[12:26] alexharnick: oh sweet, gotta get in on that
[12:26] kalynnallma8739: ln scene
[12:26] stephocalypse: will you be able to bullshit afterwards/
[12:26] nikilove: It's 8th-11th I think
[12:26] nikki1: LMFo
[12:26] alyssawilliams: Best. Skit. EVAR.
[12:26] alexharnick: how many hotdogs do you eat per day now?
[12:26] latishalewis: You were awesome though either way, Timmy
[12:26] cybertech44: for eating 7 hotdogs a day?
[12:26] cybertech44: lol
[12:27] stephocalypse: mi dispiace
[12:27] latishalewis: Still rock <3
[12:27] mildredmaxi: did you stop drinking kool-aid?
[12:27] cybertech44: sketch was funny
[12:27] alexharnick: hahaha
[12:27] guest-9903 entered the room
[12:27] stephocalypse: im shy
[12:27] kassemortegia: Bull
[12:27] guest-9903 changed nickname to splat8768828569
[12:27] alyssawilliams: Stupid hotdogs. XD
[12:27] latishalewis: lol
[12:27] sarahhoward: i was surprised to see how m uch you lost when i first saw the grandmas fingers sketch
[12:27] becksinclair: is kool aid bad?
[12:27] sarahhoward: and was impressed
[12:27] cybertech44: will that kool-aid movie be made?
[12:27] kassemortegia: ya
[12:27] nikilove: My brother talked to Andrew WK with the name 7_hotdogs_a_day on twitter & AWK was in horro
[12:27] nikilove: horror*
[12:27] cybertech44: yeah
[12:27] stephocalypse: literally
[12:27] john11431000: Hazy Memories Nursing Home :D
[12:27] haydos23: how many hotdogs a day did you eat when u were fat
[12:27] nikilove: That's awesome!
[12:27] mattgreen: what about the Mountain Dew Commerical???
[12:27] nikilove: He's a great guy
[12:27] furganflop: leave em here, we'll watch em
[12:27] coreydowd7182: I really want to see "Scarin' Babies: The Movie"
[12:27] kassemortegia: Sure you didn't
[12:27] nikki1: i agree
[12:27] cybertech44: cut out scenes becfore season 1
[12:28] mildredmaxi: he said before gaining weight was from koolaid and ramen noodles
[12:28] cybertech44: before*
[12:28] alexharnick: cumfetti?
[12:28] guest-9922 changed nickname to splat8768828569
[12:28] latishalewis: ucmfetti was so funny
[12:28] becksinclair: oh no, that is my life
[12:28] alyssawilliams: it takes a piture and was like DO YOU WANT A BUILDBOARD?!
[12:28] latishalewis: cumfetti*
[12:28] funnyguybrady: hahahaha
[12:28] alexharnick: alyssa started saying it
[12:28] nikilove: Haha
[12:28] latishalewis: lol
[12:28] cybertech44: brb
[12:28] will: lulz
[12:28] nikki1: So, where are the other WKUK tonight? They are bumbs!
[12:28] guest-9926 entered the room
[12:28] alexharnick: cumfetti was a great sketch
[12:28] mattgreen: how come Trevor doesn't cuss in like any skit?
[12:28] guest-9926 changed nickname to d
[12:28] nikki1: bums*
[12:28] mattgreen: or is that a personal thing?
[12:28] latishalewis: Where is Sam?
[12:28] latishalewis: lol
[12:28] sarahhoward: i dont think there was a wkuk sketch i didnt like
[12:28] kassemortegia: Where is Trevor??
[12:28] stephocalypse: soon
[12:28] guest-9931 entered the room
[12:28] latishalewis: i n2 mins
[12:28] guest-9931 changed nickname to ravenleannesuttonjames
[12:28] guest-9933 entered the room
[12:28] alexharnick: commercials between episodes now
[12:29] furganflop: does he swear in real life?
(Timmy: he swears in real life)
[12:29] kassemortegia: LuckY!!!
[12:29] alexharnick: haha
[12:29] alyssawilliams: I swear in real life like major bad. XD
[12:29] mattgreen: trevor is my role model, no joke
[12:29] alexharnick: 1 minutes
[12:29] sarahhoward: aww
[12:29] nikilove: What's your favorite kind of cheese? My friend wanted me to ask you, haha
[12:29] guest-9928 changed nickname to christinedrozdowski
[12:29] alexharnick: wow none of you guys have ifc
[12:29] nikilove: Yeah!
[12:29] guest-9933 changed nickname to kristinwilliams
[12:29] coreydowd7182: ...what kind of television actor doesn't have cable...
[12:29] kassemortegia: I have his old old old comic book Scraps!!!!!!! 
[12:29] alyssawilliams: LOL
[12:29] nikilove: Really? That's sweet!
[12:29] stephocalypse: a ballin life
[12:29] ravenleannesuttonjames: haha
[12:29] cybertech44: less then a min left
[12:29] will: other than wkuk, do you have a favorite sketch comedy? possibly the state? haha
[12:29] mildredmaxi: my roommates are playing wii.
[12:29] nikilove: new ep!
[12:29] ravenleannesuttonjames: thats a silly question
[12:29] becksinclair: cable is useless with the internet
[12:29] kristinwilliams: hi 
[12:29] funnyguybrady: thats what torrentz are for
[12:29] alyssawilliams: What was you're favorite sketch? :)
[12:30] stephocalypse: hey miss lady
[12:30] nikilove: Do you like Mr. Show?
[12:30] mildredmaxi: hi kristin
[12:30] becksinclair: hi kristin!
[12:30] kristinwilliams: isn't timmy just the smartest ever?
[12:30] alyssawilliams: H
[12:30] latishalewis: Wkuk theme song is addicting.. My mom caught herself singing it at work ..
[12:30] will: showalter is a beast
[12:30] alyssawilliams: HI
[12:30] john11431000: Why don't you give Spaceship a bulldog costume so Trevor adopts her?
[12:30] becksinclair: yeah, i never watch my cable ever. it is a waste.
[12:30] stephocalypse: yes
[12:30] cybertech44: well without cable you would have all the WKUK sketches on youtube
[12:30] cybertech44: wouldn't*
[12:30] alexharnick: new episode starting!
[12:30] guest-9946 entered the room
[12:30] guest-9946 changed nickname to christinedrozdowski
[12:30] latishalewis: new epsiode! wooo!
[12:30] alexharnick: shamwow!
[12:30] latishalewis: ohgod 
[12:30] coreydowd7182: IT'S ON
[12:30] becksinclair: hahaha
[12:30] nikilove: Beatrix, like Kill Bill?
[12:30] latishalewis: shamwow parodies
[12:30] kassemortegia: Hahaha space ship
[12:30] alyssawilliams: XD
[12:30] sarahhoward: tell trevor to put his old cable access tv show online!
[12:30] cybertech44: jizzle
[12:30] alyssawilliams: I just jizzed
[12:30] guest-9952 entered the room
[12:30] alyssawilliams: XD
[12:30] coreydowd7182: LOL! THE JIZZLE.
[12:30] alexharnick: LOL oh god
[12:30] latishalewis: JIZZED IN MY PANTS!V <3
[12:30] guest-9952 changed nickname to zachrohrer
[12:30] kristinwilliams: i watched trevor's cat once and she tried to kill me
[12:31] alexharnick: AHAHAHA amazing
[12:31] kassemortegia: its on
[12:31] stephocalypse: ;O
[12:31] coreydowd7182: WHAT THE FUCK AM I WATCHING
[12:31] nikilove: Someone taped them watchin a tape
[12:31] latishalewis: LOL! MY MOM: EWWWWW!!!
[12:31] cybertech44: wow thats a messed up sketch
[12:31] becksinclair: oh no!
[12:31] cybertech44: lol
[12:31] alyssawilliams: EWwww shiiiiittt XD
[12:31] nikilove: watching*
[12:31] sarahhoward: i cant believe smosh ripped off boxman
[12:31] cybertech44: Jizzle
[12:31] stephocalypse: jizzle
[12:31] cybertech44: lol
[12:31] haydos23: hello
[12:31] kassemortegia: Jizzle
[12:31] nikilove: What did you use to make the jizz?
[12:31] nikilove: It looks awful, haha
[12:31] stephocalypse: its like nickelodeon slime
[12:31] mattgreen: will the sketch be on hulu or netflix later?
[12:31] kassemortegia: lol
[12:31] nikilove: Oh my god, that's awful, haha
[12:31] kinseyefink: hahaha nasty
[12:31] latishalewis: Lmao
[12:31] alyssawilliams: Gahhhhhh i just died.
[12:31] mildredmaxi: its great to keep fake jizz around. jic
[12:31] alexharnick: LOL comes with moisturizer
[12:31] latishalewis: I am ordering that!
[12:31] stephocalypse: itunes
[12:31] latishalewis: LOL
[12:31] guest-9970 entered the room
[12:31] andrewvernon: What does the fake jiz taste like?
[12:31] alyssawilliams: DOOT EN DO
[12:32] stephocalypse: but its 26 bones
[12:32] becksinclair: i haven't seen anything on netflix yet
[12:32] alexharnick: starting off good this episode haha
[12:32] guest-9974 entered the room
[12:32] guest-9970 changed nickname to kelseybmurphy
[12:32] coreydowd7182: The Jizzle... what the fuuuuuuck.
[12:32] funnyguybrady: hahahaha
[12:32] latishalewis: Lmfao
[12:32] guest-9974 changed nickname to emleorsomething
[12:32] andrewvernon: : (
[12:32] ravenleannesuttonjames: pyhton!!
[12:32] nikki1: you tasted baked beans tho
[12:32] nikilove: Bummed, man
[12:32] guest-9977 entered the room
[12:32] sarahhoward: i heard from family guy that it gives you cancer
[12:32] ravenleannesuttonjames: typo
[12:32] kristinwilliams: where is steph?
[12:32] cybertech44: surprised you guys didn't update the intro
[12:32] guest-9977 changed nickname to heatherhall
[12:32] mattgreen: what did your wife think of the Baked Beans sketch?
[12:32] latishalewis: bum bum bum bum
[12:32] ravenleannesuttonjames: my grandma askes what's your fave band?
[12:32] will: o'doyle rules!
[12:32] nikki1: were the beans hot?
[12:32] latishalewis: bumbumbum
[12:32] mattgreen: or Parents?
[12:32] coreydowd7182: John Williams?
[12:32] shelbydevlin: My grandma almost died watching the Baked Beans sketch
[12:32] stephocalypse: im here
[12:32] alyssawilliams: I just died from happyness XD
[12:32] kristinwilliams: i felt bad for him having to get pelted with beans
[12:32] stephocalypse: you wanna seeeee me?
[12:32] sammaki: i liked the old splatter behind your names and the old position of sam's name.
[12:32] sarahhoward: bum bum bum
[12:33] guest-9993 entered the room
[12:33] guest-9994 entered the room
[12:33] nikilove: Is this the Child Bride tune in this sketch?
[12:33] guest-9993 changed nickname to claytonbeisner
[12:33] guest-9994 changed nickname to splat8768828476
[12:33] cybertech44: some old guy mowing the lawn
[12:33] sarahhoward: bum bum bum
[12:33] alexharnick: lmao
[12:33] latishalewis: Lmao
[12:33] alexharnick: its john williams
[12:33] ravenleannesuttonjames: i dont have television! :D
[12:33] nikilove: John Williams
[12:33] latishalewis: bumbubmumbum!
[12:33] alyssawilliams: Timmy, :) what was your favorite sketch?
[12:33] claytonbeisner: hey timmy!
[12:33] nikilove: He's bum bum bumming
[12:33] christinedrozdowski: im pissed i want to watch the episode but the tv is occupied
[12:33] coreydowd7182: I like this John Williams sketch haha
[12:33] will changed nickname to notapedophile
[12:33] christinedrozdowski: is there anywhere i can watch it online?
[12:33] mildredmaxi: we can hear you in the background
[12:33] cybertech44: playing xbox
[12:33] nikki1: favoriate sketch????
[12:33] sarahhoward: my fav timmy sketches: timmy talk and magic genie
[12:33] nikilove: Short Round and Ewok? What? Hahaha
[12:33] kristinwilliams: CLAYTON
[12:33] christinedrozdowski: haha i tried
[12:33] kristinwilliams: yay
[12:33] guest-10003 entered the room
[12:33] nikki1: all time
[12:34] stephocalypse: its mad dark in my room
[12:34] guest-10003 changed nickname to emleorsomething
[12:34] mattgreen: my favorite WKUK sketch of all time is probably the war hero one were you get shot
[12:34] latishalewis: WTF
[12:34] kristinwilliams: SEX ROBOT
[12:34] alyssawilliams: Favorite one out of every sketch? :)
[12:34] claytonbeisner: i have no sound
[12:34] claytonbeisner: =(
[12:34] coreydowd7182: JUST MUTE ME FAGGOT
[12:34] kristinwilliams: he is him
[12:34] nikilove: hey, Sex robot!
[12:34] mildredmaxi: sexrobot!
[12:34] kalynnallma8739: have you ever played softball? you look like a guy who would have a softball team...
[12:34] alexharnick: sex robot was great
[12:34] claytonbeisner: hahahaha
[12:34] latishalewis: omg i would slap himmm lmao
[12:34] kristinwilliams: as you can see he is a real person
[12:34] mattgreen: Sex robot is my ringtone :)
[12:34] christinedrozdowski: CAN I WATCH IT ANYWHERE ELSE?
[12:34] nelson: hell yeah clayton 
[12:34] notapedophile: you're my hero clayton
[12:34] kristinwilliams: nice hair Clay Clay
[12:34] alyssawilliams: MOM! GET ME A SANDWHICH
[12:34] kristinwilliams: hahaha
[12:34] alyssawilliams: LOL
[12:34] nikki1: Where can i buy WKUK Sex Robot Haloween Costume?
[12:34] claytonbeisner: thank you ma'am
[12:34] sarahhoward: im making a sims tribute to sex robot
[12:34] alyssawilliams: BUM BUM BUM BUM BUM
[12:35] coreydowd7182: I'm sending these John William songs to my phone for my ringtone.
[12:35] claytonbeisner: i'll sell you sex robot for $50,000,000
[12:35] guest-10020 entered the room
[12:35] kassemortegia: yOU ARE MY DAUGHTER GROOM!
[12:35] nikki1: i would pay $1,000 for the costume
[12:35] andrewvernon: Just got the first 3 seasons of WKUK and a poster in the mail today!
[12:35] guest-10020 changed nickname to splat8768823429
[12:35] christinedrozdowski: i just added you on facebook is it really yours?
[12:35] kristinwilliams: Clayton.. it would be really cool if you had a piece of pizza draped across your chest
[12:35] andrewvernon: It was like Chistmas!
[12:35] alyssawilliams: MY MONEY MY MONEY MY MONEY MY MONEY LOL
[12:35] zachrohrer: i am a sex robot
[12:35] andrewvernon: You guys!
[12:35] claytonbeisner: i have it in a garage in north carolina
[12:35] claytonbeisner: lol
[12:35] latishalewis: The sex robot sexed up NYC
[12:35] mildredmaxi: he just took it off thats why no shirt?
[12:35] andrewvernon: Its a promo poster
[12:35] mattgreen: who played sex robot in the sketch?
[12:35] alexharnick: ahahahhaha short round marries an ewok
[12:35] andrewvernon: when you were on Fuse
[12:35] claytonbeisner: and zach
[12:35] claytonbeisner: it's HOT in NYC these days man
[12:35] becksinclair: thats a pretty cool poster to have
[12:35] andrewvernon: Still love it though
[12:35] claytonbeisner: can't be wearin no shirts
[12:36] nikki1: to North Carolina!
[12:36] alyssawilliams: Lol!
[12:36] nikilove: Boston is humid, too
[12:36] nikki1: Seriously, put sex robot costume on freaking ebay!
[12:36] nikilove: My cat's loud
[12:36] kalynnallma8739: whats your cats name?
[12:36] andrewvernon: I'm gonna hassle you to sign it.
[12:36] sarahhoward: yeah
[12:36] ravenleannesuttonjames: i had an awesome cat once. then i moved away. tragic :(
[12:36] cybertech44: John Williams is getting mad at his wife
[12:36] guest-10046 entered the room
[12:36] claytonbeisner: lolol
[12:36] guest-10046 changed nickname to emmastorvall
[12:36] alyssawilliams: John Williams
[12:36] nikilove: Downside to Siamese
[12:36] stephocalypse: yesh
[12:36] guest-10049 entered the room
[12:36] christinedrozdowski: are you guys doing anything after the whitest kids?
[12:36] alyssawilliams: XD
[12:36] mildredmaxi: I'd wear it randomly if I were you.
[12:36] mattgreen: like after the Kanye West song?
[12:36] claytonbeisner: ^^^
[12:36] kristinwilliams: Clayton!
[12:36] sarahhoward: damn well better
[12:36] alyssawilliams: I love, it's not cats, it's chicken. ;)
[12:36] coreydowd7182: BUM BUM BUM!! BUM BUM BUM BUM BUM!!!!!!
[12:36] nikki1: YES on WKUK Movie 2!!!
[12:36] guest-10049 changed nickname to whitesskidsukno
[12:36] andreaavalos2137: Awesome!
[12:36] christinedrozdowski: what kind of music do oyu like?
[12:37] mildredmaxi: have spaceship take it to space
[12:37] notapedophile: my cat's name is "I'm Dead." I changed it to that after he died.
[12:37] stephocalypse: i kept hearing echoes
[12:37] nikilove: I love that name Spaceship, haha.
[12:37] alyssawilliams: CLASSICAL
[12:37] alyssawilliams: <3
[12:37] zachrohrer: METAL!
[12:37] kristinwilliams: steph, that's probably my fault
[12:37] christinedrozdowski: I LOVE YOU I LOVE METAL
[12:37] whitesskidsukno: Lol i can't get over that name!!! Space ship
[12:37] kristinwilliams: the echoes
[12:37] stephocalypse: nah its ok
[12:37] nelson: hey timmy have u ever heard of devil driver
[12:37] mattgreen: theres this band that combines classical and metal
[12:37] sarahhoward: and i like classic rock
[12:37] mattgreen: cant remember the name tho
[12:37] stephocalypse: its technology
[12:37] nikilove: I listen to death metal and that one song by Spin Doctors
[12:37] kristinwilliams: can you hear my voice?
[12:37] guest-10068 entered the room
[12:37] nikki1: Did the WKUK make you over a million dollars for yourself?
[12:37] splat8768823429: what's your favourite band?
[12:37] stephocalypse: yes
[12:37] kristinwilliams: ACK!
[12:37] christinedrozdowski: are you going to do any more live shows?
[12:37] shelbydevlin: yes lol
[12:37] nikilove: Hahahahahaha
[12:37] kristinwilliams: i turned that off.. 
[12:37] nikki1: AWWWWW
[12:37] alyssawilliams: D:< John Williams GTFO the screen. LMFAO
[12:37] cybertech44: Darren is judging their songs
[12:37] christinedrozdowski: in philly?
[12:37] christinedrozdowski: or new york
[12:37] whitesskidsukno: gtg
[12:37] alexharnick: we can hear you but we cant see you kristin!
[12:37] guest-10076 entered the room
[12:37] mattgreen: have yo heard of Comedy Sportz?
[12:37] guest-10076 changed nickname to haydos2
[12:38] nikki1: NEW YORK
[12:38] funnyguybrady: portland?
[12:38] nelson: michigan
[12:38] kristinwilliams: is that better everyone?
[12:38] guest-10068 changed nickname to tara_archer1
[12:38] furganflop: SYDNEY
[12:38] cybertech44: Williams just threw up
[12:38] nikilove: JWilliams just barfed
[12:38] ravenleannesuttonjames: how do you guys get ideas for sketches?
[12:38] funnyguybrady: i know i was there!
[12:38] mildredmaxi: you'll probably come to the eastcoast right after I move to the west
[12:38] haydos23: australia
[12:38] alyssawilliams: PORTLAND! <3
[12:38] andrewvernon: And it was amazing!
[12:38] ravenleannesuttonjames: theyre so far fetched sometimes
[12:38] sarahhoward: pittsburgh i hope
[12:38] mildredmaxi: I was there too
[12:38] funnyguybrady: its what i do
[12:38] christinedrozdowski: do drugs help you think of better ideas
[12:38] andrewvernon: Hell yes!
[12:38] alexharnick: yes
[12:38] notapedophile: yes
[12:38] nikki1: how about a WKUK Timmy ACTION FIGURE!
[12:38] alyssawilliams: D:< John Williams you SPAZ
[12:38] ravenleannesuttonjames: it cuts out sometimes
[12:38] andreaavalos2137: That's good
[12:39] nikki1: what about on 4-20?
[12:39] christinedrozdowski: is trevor single?
[12:39] sarahhoward: i really could write some good sketches, but i suck at scripts
[12:39] andreaavalos2137: Which one?
[12:39] notapedophile: PCP
[12:39] alyssawilliams: Get a new daddy! get a newdaddy!
[12:39] alexharnick: john williams has an awesome FUPA
[12:39] guest-10102 entered the room
[12:39] guest-10102 changed nickname to jenniemarierenda
[12:39] zachrohrer: weed isnt a drug
[12:39] nikilove: That drug is like cigarettes
[12:39] mildredmaxi: kristin is your hair darker? I thought I saw you 
[12:39] zachrohrer: its just awesome
[12:39] nikilove: but nice
[12:39] mattgreen: none of that stuff happened :(
[12:39] guest-10104 entered the room
[12:39] guest-10104 changed nickname to jenniemarierenda
[12:39] ravenleannesuttonjames: what gave you the idea for baked beans? haha
[12:39] cybertech44: wow this sketch is long
[12:39] alyssawilliams: THE COMMERCIAL
[12:39] cybertech44: now it is
[12:39] coreydowd7182: XDDDd
[12:39] alyssawilliams: D:<
[12:39] alexharnick: commercial no
[12:39] alexharnick: w
[12:39] guest-10113 entered the room
[12:39] nikilove: NOW is changed, haha
[12:39] alyssawilliams: GTFO NOAW STUPID COMMERCIAL
[12:39] nikki1: Have u ever seen "Two Girls, One Cup?"
[12:39] nikilove: it*
[12:39] notapedophile: ifc are a bunch of sellouts
[12:39] cybertech44: going to have fun rendering that sketch
[12:39] alexharnick: yup
[12:39] alyssawilliams: fml
[12:39] kristinwilliams: there's steph, hay buddy
[12:39] alyssawilliams: EW
[12:40] alyssawilliams: D:<
[12:40] andreaavalos2137: Yes! I have
[12:40] nikilove: Haha
[12:40] alyssawilliams: Timmy, Have you seen1 guy 1 cup? D:
[12:40] alexharnick: wheat thins atm
[12:40] mattgreen: anyone do ComedySportz? or heard of?
[12:40] mildredmaxi: I was leonardo for halloween
[12:40] guest-10113 changed nickname to latishalewis4008
[12:40] becksinclair: yeah
[12:40] nikilove: I have ninja turtles bedsheets from '87 on my bed right now
[12:40] coreydowd7182: Have you seen 2Guys1Horse?
[12:40] mattgreen: 2guys1 horse is awful
[12:40] andreaavalos2137: Gross..
[12:40] coreydowd7182: LOL
[12:40] mattgreen: BME pain olympics...
[12:40] sarahhoward:
[12:40] guest-10132 entered the room
[12:40] alyssawilliams: 1 guy 1 cup is HORRIBLE . D:
[12:40] guest-10132 changed nickname to emleorsomething
[12:40] coreydowd7182: I think you would enjoy this movie called "Teeth."
[12:40] alexharnick: 1 jar you mean
[12:40] andrewvernon: I gonna finish up this episode and head out to the Bagdad. See you tonight!
[12:40] nikilove: AW, KITTY
[12:41] andreaavalos2137: Is that the one with the jar?
[12:41] tara_archer1: i agree Michigan
[12:41] kalynnallma8739: i have poco sheets
[12:41] coreydowd7182: Hahaha
[12:41] jenniemarierenda: look at the kitten
[12:41] notapedophile: Have you even seen 1 guy 1 woman. Kinda hard to find though.
[12:41] andreaavalos2137: It's terrible...
[12:41] jenniemarierenda: do it
[12:41] nikki1: What did you use as the poop in the WKUK Season 1 Timmy Poop sketch?
[12:41] andreaavalos2137: don't see it!
[12:41] christinedrozdowski: i bet you get mad bitches being on the funniest show on tv right now
[12:41] mildredmaxi: awe. kity
[12:41] guest-10145 entered the room
[12:41] guest-10145 changed nickname to daniellagormley
[12:41] jenniemarierenda: louie
[12:41] shelbydevlin: Teeth wasnt that bad
[12:41] alyssawilliams: Who has seen one guy one cup? D:
[12:41] alyssawilliams: lol
[12:41] shelbydevlin: it was lame
[12:41] coreydowd7182: i love your pussy.
[12:42] sarahhoward: that sketch where darren announced a plea for more viewers
[12:42] christinedrozdowski: who do the kids belong to on the some of the sketches
[12:42] sarahhoward: was it for real?
[12:42] alyssawilliams: Old man and a car with a scratch on it XD
[12:42] notapedophile: if Onion offered you a job position, would you take it?
[12:42] cybertech44: Huge scratch on Trevors car
[12:42] cybertech44: sketch
[12:42] alyssawilliams: eah
[12:42] cybertech44: lol
[12:42] alyssawilliams: Yeah
[12:42] coreydowd7182: baked beans make me think of some of the better hermaphrote porn videos i've seen.
[12:42] christinedrozdowski: i missing all of this!
[12:42] splat8768823429: tell the story!
[12:42] alyssawilliams: LOL OH NO ANTS
[12:42] coreydowd7182: Hermaphrodite*
[12:43] nikilove: Hahahahaha!
[12:43] cybertech44: yeah
[12:43] nikilove: Ants!
[12:41] andreaavalos2137: I have
[12:41] christinedrozdowski: i mbet they try though
[12:41] christinedrozdowski: that was my boyfriend haha
[12:41] nikki1: I WASN'T EVEN THERE!
[12:41] mattgreen: coreydowd just won a free internet
[12:41] nikki1: WELL CALEBS A LIAR!
[12:41] nikilove: We should have a cat chat one week! My cat talks a lot, ahaha
[12:41] alyssawilliams: COMMERCIA:l
[12:41] splat8768823429: commercials
[12:41] coreydowd7182: yeeesssss +1 internetz
[12:41] jenniemarierenda: were in the west coast so we dont get to watch
[12:41] cybertech44: hey timy are you on onion new network?
[12:42] alyssawilliams: D:<
[12:42] alexharnick: here it comes
[12:42] cybertech44: timmy*
[12:42] alyssawilliams: SHOW!
[12:42] cybertech44: hmm
[12:42] alyssawilliams: :D
[12:42] ravenleannesuttonjames: baked beans seems like it could be on one of those effed up shock sites like lemon party
[12:42] cybertech44: it showed something
[12:42] cybertech44: with you as an anchor
[12:42] alexharnick: trevors car got scraped
[12:42] splat8768823429: how big is your crew?
[12:42] sarahhoward: that sketch where darren announced a plea for more viewers
[12:42] christinedrozdowski: who do the kids belong to on the some of the sketches
[12:42] sarahhoward: was it for real?
[12:42] alyssawilliams: Old man and a car with a scratch on it XD
[12:42] notapedophile: if Onion offered you a job position, would you take it?
[12:42] cybertech44: Huge scratch on Trevors car
[12:42] cybertech44: sketch
[12:42] alyssawilliams: eah
[12:42] cybertech44: lol
[12:42] alyssawilliams: Yeah
[12:42] coreydowd7182: baked beans make me think of some of the better hermaphrote porn videos i've seen.
[12:42] christinedrozdowski: i missing all of this!
[12:42] splat8768823429: tell the story!
[12:42] alyssawilliams: LOL OH NO ANTS
[12:42] coreydowd7182: Hermaphrodite*
[12:43] nikilove: Hahahahaha!
[12:43] cybertech44: yeah
[12:43] nikilove: Ants!
[12:43] alexharnick: they're taking me to brian's house!
[12:43] zachrohrer: ever seen an aisian girl put an octopus in her vagina?
[12:43] alyssawilliams: OREGON :O
[12:43] nikilove: Hahahahahaha
[12:43] tara_archer1: im watching u get taken away by antz :P
[12:43] alyssawilliams: THE REEN SCREEN
[12:43] alexharnick: haha
[12:43] alyssawilliams: GREEN*
[12:43] nikki1: you should give us all Sam Browns Cell # so we can call and piss him off
[12:43] sarahhoward: the sketch where darren announced a plea for more viewers. was that for real?
[12:43] nikilove: Aw, ants are creepy
[12:43] cybertech44: darren and the girrafe
[12:43] stephocalypse: im gonna do that in the supermarket next time
[12:43] nikilove: That was great, hahaha
[12:43] nikki1: on WKUK commentary
[12:43] cybertech44: lol
[12:43] cybertech44: darren
[12:43] christinedrozdowski: season 5 is awesome aloing with all the others what was your favorite season 
[12:43] cybertech44: girrafe
[12:44] jenniemarierenda: why did you guys do the baked beans thing?
[12:44] nikki1: how about Zach Creggers cell #?
[12:44] sarahhoward: darren spanking it
[12:44] alyssawilliams: Lol wtf is he doing? XD
[12:44] funnyguybrady: cuz its damn funny
[12:44] cybertech44: looks like darren is doing a porno timmy
[12:44] cybertech44: lol
[12:44] cybertech44: yeah
[12:44] sarahhoward: yeah
[12:44] stephocalypse: hot shit
[12:44] nikki1: WKUK Season 4 on dvd? when?.....
[12:44] alyssawilliams: I'm so comfused XD
[12:44] nikki1: lame
[12:44] cybertech44: need a tissure
[12:44] ravenleannesuttonjames: sex robot is back!
[12:44] nikki1: I was a nerd and listened to all 3 seasons commentary
[12:44] christinedrozdowski: i hjave been looking for it everywhere its on netflix but nowhere else to be found
[12:44] cybertech44: happy b day
[12:44] nikki1: you guys talked alot about the cum tree
[12:44] jenniemarierenda: who made those fake boobs that darren wore in the weird the stripper sketch?
[12:45] nikki1: cum tree
[12:45] cybertech44: birthday
[12:45] christinedrozdowski: i watch whitest kids religiously
[12:45] stephocalypse: at least hes topping
[12:45] andreaavalos2137: Oh, Weird.. *swoon*
[12:45] zachrohrer: which of your testicals is bigger?
[12:45] nikilove: Are they mounted? they should be.
[12:45] christinedrozdowski: does trevor write all the songs ?
[12:45] jenniemarierenda: were they expensive
[12:45] alyssawilliams: Uh
[12:45] nikilove: That's amazing, hahaha
[12:45] alyssawilliams: LOL GENITAL HERPIES?!
[12:45] alyssawilliams: XD
[12:45] cybertech44: genital herpes
[12:45] christinedrozdowski: hahaha i love that one
[12:45] nikilove: i love Hippo in the City
[12:45] splat8768823429: hahahaha
[12:46] coreydowd7182: genital herpes...
[12:46] nikki1: <_< -- what is darrens cell #?... it will be sooo funny. he will get 50000 txts
[12:46] alyssawilliams: LOL
[12:46] mattgreen: i have a strip club name: Anals and Semens... like Angels and Demons
[12:46] sarahhoward: wheres the babe magnet?
[12:46] alyssawilliams: LOL HE DOESN'T KNOW XD
[12:46] ravenleannesuttonjames: i played red dead redemption with the singer of korn. best day ever.
[12:46] cybertech44: she doesn't no
[12:46] cybertech44: know*
[12:46] coreydowd7182: Give us Darrens number! Peer pressure means you have to do it!
[12:46] kristinwilliams: oh god i would SO love to give out Darren's cel #
[12:46] ravenleannesuttonjames: i suck at that game.
[12:46] alyssawilliams: DAD DAD WAKE UP
[12:46] sarahhoward: id bet
[12:46] cybertech44: take us to the zoo dad
[12:46] kristinwilliams: it is going to take every bit of strength not to
[12:46] alyssawilliams: LOL TIMMY YOU"RE ALWAYS A GIRL XD
[12:46] cybertech44: bikini day
[12:46] mildredmaxi: now you have to fight over who gets the leftover bucket of jizz
[12:46] sarahhoward: animal bikinis
[12:46] splat8768823429: poof....
[12:46] jenniemarierenda: timmy makes a good mom
[12:47] alyssawilliams: Transexual XD
[12:47] nikki1: WKUK "I Wasn't Even THERE!" - The MOVIE! ... sounds like a great idea!
[12:47] coreydowd7182: You're way hotter than Darren, though. In a not gay way.
[12:47] latishalewis: haah
[12:47] jenniemarierenda: mrs. carlyle
[12:47] cybertech44: yes get in the car
[12:47] guest-10224 entered the room
[12:47] notapedophile: haha corey
[12:47] mattgreen: i would love it if timmy adopted me as my mom :D
[12:47] christinedrozdowski: you play a good kid also when you draw the picture of the fairy castle
[12:47] alyssawilliams: "I'll buy you shoes at the ZOO"
[12:47] sarahhoward: ill buy you shoes at the zoo" love that line
[12:47] tara_archer1: prescription...
[12:47] guest-10232 entered the room
[12:47] andreaavalos2137: hahahah
[12:47] haydos23: i cant wait to watch this ep, when will they put it up on internet
[12:47] tara_archer1: lol
[12:47] jenniemarierenda: SAGGY SAMMY
[12:47] guest-10232 changed nickname to emmastorvall
[12:47] alyssawilliams: Lol I have no idea what just happened
[12:47] cybertech44: commercial[12:47] alexharnick: very fast
[12:47] coreydowd7182: I bet "notapedophile" would love to see you more often as a kid.
[12:47] alyssawilliams: LOL turret
[12:47] nikilove: Aw
[12:47] sarahhoward: you play kids and women very well. thats talent.
[12:47] ravenleannesuttonjames: timmy, do you have any comedians who influenced YOU to be a comedian?
[12:47] christinedrozdowski: i listen to old oflks home on my ipod all the time haha
[12:47] guest-10242 entered the room
[12:48] emmastorvall: timmy, why is the commentary all messed up on one of the season dvds?
[12:48] notapedophile: mmmmm
[12:48] coreydowd7182: 60% more bullet per bullet?!
[12:48] christinedrozdowski: how did you get old people into that sketch were they random?
[12:48] alexharnick: timmy have you played portal 2
[12:48] nikilove: i just thought it was a WKUK sketch, but portal 2 is just as neat 9kinda)
[12:48] stephocalypse: kristin are you gonna watch gaga on hbo next week?
[12:48] nikki1: Timmy, be a pal, upload the WKUK movie to a torrent site
[12:48] nikilove: (*
[12:48] alyssawilliams: PORTAL 2 :D Best commercial EVER
[12:48] alexharnick: very good
[12:48] alexharnick: but short!
[12:48] nikilove: It's really good1
[12:48] kristinwilliams: didn't know about it!
[12:48] tara_archer1: what are your plans for after wkuk?
[12:48] nikilove: !
[12:48] alexharnick: should rent it, imo
[12:48] kristinwilliams: i watched her at google
[12:48] guest-10254 entered the room
[12:48] stephocalypse: yeah saturday
[12:48] alyssawilliams: CIVIL WAR ON DRUGS
[12:48] christinedrozdowski: hahaha
[12:48] sarahhoward: wow
[12:48] alexharnick: CWOD
[12:48] notapedophile: that sucks
[12:48] zachrohrer: do you have a xbl or psn id?
[12:48] shelbydevlin: Old folks home was amazing
[12:48] guest-10264 entered the room
[12:48] kristinwilliams: we don't have tv :(
[12:48] guest-10264 changed nickname to ravenleannesuttonjames
[12:48] guest-10266 entered the room
[12:48] cybertech44: civil war on drugs part 3
[12:48] guest-10266 changed nickname to coreydowd
[12:48] cybertech44: civil war on drugs part 3
[12:48] guest-10266 changed nickname to coreydowd
[12:48] kristinwilliams: just netflix
[12:48] stephocalypse: may 7 9 EST
[12:49] notapedophile: nice
[12:49] stephocalypse: i wanna ask about the comics
[12:49] nelson: whats your fb name
[12:49] guest-10269 entered the room
[12:49] notapedophile: awwwwwwwww
[12:49] christinedrozdowski: the old lady kinda looks like trevors actual grandmother thats why i asked if they were 
[12:49] christinedrozdowski: random
[12:49] guest-10269 changed nickname to whitesskidsukno
[12:49] guest-10271 entered the room
[12:49] nelson: ok cool thanks timmy
[12:49] stephocalypse: oh ok i was gonna beg to be hired
[12:49] sarahhoward: civil war on drugs pt 3
[12:49] guest-10275 entered the room
[12:49] alexharnick: cave train
[12:49] alexharnick: lol
[12:49] christinedrozdowski: slayer and rob zombie are doing a tour you should go
[12:49] guest-10278 entered the room
[12:49] guest-10275 changed nickname to latishalewis2178
[12:49] guest-10278 changed nickname to guest5477
[12:49] zachrohrer: hye has a great show
[12:49] jenniemarierenda: timmy... how many different people did you play in the civil war on drugs?
[12:49] christinedrozdowski: do you like children of bodo
[12:49] shelbydevlin: Rob Zombie shows are awesome
[12:49] stephocalypse: he is more alice cooper than anything
[12:50] stephocalypse: decent director though
[12:50] christinedrozdowski: dream theateR?
[12:50] guest-10283 entered the room
[12:50] andreaavalos2137: Bodom
[12:50] notapedophile: they're intense
[12:50] guest-10283 changed nickname to splat8768824684
[12:50] mattgreen: im seeing My Chemical Romance this summer.. not really metal tho 
[12:50] notapedophile: cob
[12:50] alexharnick: wow
[12:50] christinedrozdowski: lol i know its bodom
[12:50] guest-10286 entered the room
[12:50] christinedrozdowski: i have a tattoo of them fucking sic
[12:50] christinedrozdowski: k
[12:50] splat8768824684: how did you guyscome up with the civil war idea?
[12:50] jenniemarierenda: i saw it... lost count of how many different people you all played
[12:50] christinedrozdowski: do you have any tattoos? a tramp stamp maybe
[12:50] guest-10294 entered the room
[12:50] jenniemarierenda: you guys played a lot each
[12:50] coreydowd: Did you hear about Rob Zombie remaking The Godfather?
[12:50] nikilove: Dino!
[12:50] stephocalypse: owns
[12:50] ravenleannesuttonjames: little hitler looked like a mini-trevor
[12:51] notapedophile: you're starting to break up
[12:51] splat8768824684: that is so kick ass timmy
[12:51] furganflop: DINOSAUR!
[12:51] shelbydevlin: LOVE IT
[12:51] notapedophile: is it just me?
[12:51] andreaavalos2137: Hahah, pretty cool!
[12:51] christinedrozdowski: hahaah thats awesome 
[12:51] alexharnick: haha thats great
[12:51] mildredmaxi: of course
[12:51] stephocalypse: the pains not so bad there right?
[12:51] christinedrozdowski: like the colors
[12:51] nelson: Do you think you guys will ever go to michigan
[12:51] jenniemarierenda: its just you pedo
[12:51] nikki1: its better than zach crappy ass tattooo
[12:51] christinedrozdowski: just at the top
[12:51] guest-10294 changed nickname to nikilove6879
[12:51] mattgreen: i want to get that bowswer tattoo
[12:51] jenniemarierenda: i like zachs tattoo
[12:51] stephocalypse: yeah that normally is
[12:51] tara_archer1: civil war on drugs
[12:51] christinedrozdowski: where do you currently reside?
[12:51] shelbydevlin: Usually color is worst
[12:51] mattgreen: dang thats crazy
[12:51] emmastorvall: come on, when are you guys coming to europe?? :)
[12:51] alyssawilliams: OMFG
[12:51] christinedrozdowski: where do you guys film the episodes
[12:51] zachrohrer: i hear they have good weed in oregon
[12:51] alyssawilliams: I just died. 
[12:51] emmastorvall: come to sweden!
[12:51] furganflop: PLEASE COME TO AUSTRALIA!
[12:52] alyssawilliams: PDX
[12:52] sarahhoward: all the cool people ive talked to live in portland
[12:52] alyssawilliams: :)
[12:52] splat8768824684: do you guys get recognized on the streets?
[12:52] guest-10308 entered the room
[12:52] nikki1: Not gunna lie, i listened to HorseDick.Mpeg when i weant to Sr. Prom
[12:52] haydos23: ur a good kid in saggy sammy
[12:52] alyssawilliams: PDX!!!!!!!!!
[12:52] sarahhoward: i met everclear
[12:52] christinedrozdowski: zach talk more
[12:52] zachrohrer: shut up
[12:52] cybertech44: bank heist
[12:52] nikilove6879: @nikki1 I listen to him in school zones
[12:52] nikki1: where is zach?
[12:52] jenniemarierenda: did someone adopt spaceship yet?
[12:52] christinedrozdowski: no talking about zzach my friends haha
[12:52] nikilove6879: Haha
[12:53] alexharnick: i think you're getting your arm sawed off in this sketch right now timmy
[12:53] notapedophile: by chance, have you heard of a band called Menomena? They're from portland.
[12:53] kalynnallma8739: hahahahah
[12:53] christinedrozdowski: is darren gay i hear alot of people say that i dont think so though
[12:53] alyssawilliams: Timmy, I'm going to kidnap you and put you in my big ass closet. ;)
[12:53] cybertech44: timmy is getting his arm chopped off
[12:53] alyssawilliams: Hahahaha
[12:53] kristinwilliams: Love Menomena
[12:53] sarahhoward: sawed the arm off
[12:53] zachrohrer: was she born one?
[12:53] nikilove6879: You look like Gomez Adams in CWOD
[12:53] funnyguybrady: named frank
[12:53] mattgreen: are you all married?
[12:53] christinedrozdowski: sam is the oldest right
[12:53] splat8768824684: who isn't married?
[12:53] nelson: i cant wait till your comic comes out please let us no on fb 
[12:53] alyssawilliams: LOL
[12:53] nikki1: who is not marrried?
[12:53] furganflop: does Zach have a girlfriend?
[12:53] mildredmaxi: I would adopt her but Im moving to Cali instead of Portland
[12:53] christinedrozdowski: would of never guessed
[12:53] sarahhoward: darren? no way?
[12:53] mattgreen: Can i set Zach up with my sister?
[12:53] mattgreen: shes 26
[12:53] alyssawilliams: Timmy, PDX? Lol my momwanted me to say that
[12:53] nikki1: i thought darren was married?
[12:53] coreydowd: So by cutting off that arm, you cut off the infection in this arm!
[12:53] nikilove6879: I'd buy it, haha
[12:53] zachrohrer: you can set me up with her
[12:54] stephocalypse: sorry ladies
[12:54] christinedrozdowski: i llike the beard you got going on there
[12:54] mattgreen: haha cregger
[12:54] nikilove6879: I don't even care, I love the wardrobe in this movie so far
[12:54] alyssawilliams: My mom is like I'm proud of Timmy becaus he is a portland person like us. :)
[12:54] nikilove6879: Everyone looks so comfortable, haha
[12:54] christinedrozdowski: did you get turned on while doing baked beans
[12:54] nikilove6879: Yeah, man
[12:54] christinedrozdowski: you seemed so into it 
[12:54] mildredmaxi: Sam's not. but his girlfriend is too cute.
[12:54] nikki1: whats ur favoirte Timmy sketch ALL TIME?
[12:54] cybertech44: what actually happened to Trevor's parents in real life because he talked
[12:54] kristinwilliams: Hey it's Brady! what up
[12:54] alyssawilliams: Fairview. :) Portland Gahh
[12:54] notapedophile: @kristen awesome. Never met anyone who knew menomena haha
[12:54] alyssawilliams: Like in the Gresham area
[12:54] kristinwilliams: did you have fun at Bridgetown?
[12:54] sarahhoward: dont forget: ride trevors ass about the trevor moore show
[12:55] sarahhoward: even if i get it mirrored
[12:55] kristinwilliams: and... Do you have an Andy Dick story?
[12:55] alyssawilliams: hahahha
[12:55] funnyguybrady: just chjillin with the funniest white guys i know
[12:55] stephocalypse: yes i wanna know
[12:55] christinedrozdowski: were you afraid any gay dudes would hit on you after filming baked beans
[12:55] funnyguybrady: indeed i do
[12:55] guest-10355 entered the room
[12:55] stephocalypse: why was he dressed like kesha
[12:55] nikilove6879: Did he?!
[12:55] andreaavalos2137: He did?
[12:55] nikilove6879: Oh my lord
[12:55] alyssawilliams: LOL
[12:55] nikki1: i can see timmy doing "The Arisocrat" joke
[12:55] kalynnallma8739: do your wives ever see you when you're dressed like ladies? 
[12:55] sarahhoward: andy dick=roger the alien
[12:55] nikilove6879: That's terrible
[12:55] funnyguybrady: how did that happen/
[12:55] guest-10355 changed nickname to tralalautumn
[12:55] zachrohrer: baked beans gave me gay thoughts
[12:55] nikilove6879: Wasn't Todd Barry just there?
[12:55] mildredmaxi: We were gona see him on SAt with Cho
[12:55] mattgreen: tell your best aristocrat joke!
[12:55] nikilove6879: Nobody's ever here, gaaah
[12:55] christinedrozdowski: how did your wife feel about baked beans?
[12:56] cybertech44: ok i guess they shows previews of your news sketch next to
[12:56] sarahhoward: wow
[12:56] alyssawilliams: LOL {PORTLANDIA!
[12:56] cybertech44: onion new nextwork
[12:56] nikilove6879: He's great
[12:56] haydos23: when are the others coming on?
[12:56] alexharnick: have you watched Portlandia timmy?
[12:56] alyssawilliams: Best show ever.!
[12:56] cybertech44: thats why i thought
[12:56] alyssawilliams: OMFG D:<
[12:56] alexharnick: nope
[12:56] funnyguybrady: its real
[12:56] guest-10369 entered the room
[12:56] guest-10369 changed nickname to coreydowd
[12:56] alexharnick: more commercials
[12:56] nikilove6879: We still have 4 minutes
[12:56] nikilove6879: left
[12:56] stephocalypse: next wk scenes next
[12:56] nikilove6879: Yeah, it's probably over, though
[12:56] alexharnick: ifc slams us w/ commercials
[12:56] funnyguybrady: not any more
[12:56] nikki1: was John Cleese cool with that sketch u guys made of him?
[12:56] alexharnick: its terrible
[12:56] jenniemarierenda: timmy did anyone adopt spaceship yet?
[12:56] guest-10376 entered the room
[12:56] guest-10376 entered the room
[12:56] christinedrozdowski: ifc has very porno graphic movies
[12:56] guest-10376 changed nickname to splat8768821109
[12:56] kristinwilliams: oh no? you not at bakery bar anymore?
[12:56] nelson: where did u guys all meet
[12:56] guest-10379 entered the room
[12:57] nikilove6879: Have you ever seen The Increasingly Poor Decisions Of Todd Margaret with David Cross?
[12:57] guest-10381 entered the room
[12:57] nikilove6879: Have you ever seen The Increasingly Poor Decisions Of Todd Margaret with David Cross?
[12:57] guest-10381 entered the room
[12:57] zachrohrer: it should
[12:57] funnyguybrady: nope
[12:57] christinedrozdowski: what is your favorite tv show
[12:57] funnyguybrady: full time funny guy
[12:57] sarahhoward: i wanna see a pic of darrens boob wall now
[12:57] andreaavalos2137: You're leaving us?!
[12:57] zachrohrer: porno is kewl
[12:57] coreydowd: Arrested Development is the greatest show ever.
[12:57] alyssawilliams: If you go to you can watch portlandia lol
[12:57] funnyguybrady: a few days ago
[12:57] alexharnick: todd margaret was great
[12:57] alexharnick: i love david cross
[12:57] guest-10381 changed nickname to tara_archer18093
[12:57] notapedophile: arrested development owns
[12:57] alexharnick: ^
[12:57] funnyguybrady: it turned into a great joke tho
[12:57] kristinwilliams: Once Darren's grandma was sitting on the couch across from the boob wall
[12:57] nikilove6879: Coreyodowd, WKUK is  ;) Haha
[12:57] kristinwilliams: it was really silly
[12:57] stephocalypse: nice
[12:57] alexharnick: haha
[12:58] stephocalypse: fun atmosphere
[12:58] nikki1: Timmy, are you in talks for any other TV Shows? like Trevor was on Breaking In.....
[12:58] alexharnick: are they single boobs, or pairs?
[12:58] guest-10399 entered the room
[12:58] guest-10399 changed nickname to splat8768821109
[12:58] nikki1: LAME
[12:58] nikilove6879: Timmy Talk should be real
[12:58] nelson: damn
[12:58] kristinwilliams: Darren definitely tries to see what he can get away with.. like putting boobs on the wall
[12:58] alyssawilliams: LOL
[12:58] sarahhoward: youtube timmy talk
[12:58] nikki1: TIMMY TALK FTW!
[12:58] christinedrozdowski: can you do a timmy dance
[12:58] coreydowd: But that ass hole stole your show.
[12:58] alyssawilliams: LOL TIMMY POOPS IN HIS PANTS XD
[12:58] haydos23: what about australia
[12:58] nelson: yes TIMMY DANCE
[12:58] alexharnick: do itttt
[12:58] guest-10408 entered the room
[12:58] jenniemarierenda: TIMMY DANCE
[12:58] jenniemarierenda: WIGGLE DANCE
[12:58] nelson: noooooooooooooooooooooo
[12:58] kristinwilliams: RELENTLESS
[12:58] alexharnick: how about a modified skinny timmy dance
[12:59] splat8768821109: is it cuz you're not fat anymore?
[12:59] guest-10408 changed nickname to ravenleannesuttonjames
[12:59] coreydowd: FRESH PRINCE
[12:59] alyssawilliams: SING
[12:59] jenniemarierenda: ITS THE WIIIIIIIIGGLE DANCE
[12:59] sarahhoward: truffle shuffle
[12:59] cybertech44: stupid pet infection spray
[12:59] alyssawilliams: :D
[12:59] jenniemarierenda: WIGGLE DANCE
[12:59] nikki1: who is the black "Oh HELL NO" Chick in Season 4?
[12:59] alyssawilliams: SINNNNNGG
[12:59] funnyguybrady: TIMMY DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[12:59] cybertech44: lady used it herself
[12:59] mildredmaxi: that and chickie pickie yeah
[12:59] christinedrozdowski: hahaha
[12:59] mattgreen: or jerk?
[12:59] mattgreen: or cat daddy?
[12:59] alexharnick: show is back on!
[12:59] furganflop: SASHA THE FABULOUS
[12:59] zachrohrer: christine eats vagisil
[12:59] kristinwilliams: ha ha! only i get to see Timmy do his dancin now!
[12:59] christinedrozdowski: i love black doctor
[12:59] jenniemarierenda: chickie pickie chickie pickiechickie pickie chickie pickie yeah
[12:59] kristinwilliams: haha
[12:59] nikilove6879: Haha
[12:59] latishalewis: Grea episode .
[12:59] alyssawilliams: Fucking shit pickles :D
[12:59] latishalewis: Great*
[12:59] guest-10424 entered the room
[12:59] alyssawilliams: Over
[12:59] alexharnick: its over
[12:59] guest-10424 changed nickname to splat8768821109
[12:59] sarahhoward: over
[12:59] cybertech44: over
[12:59] alexharnick: boo
[12:59] tralalautumn: Goddamnit.
[12:59] alyssawilliams: D:
[12:59] tralalautumn: XD
[12:59] latishalewis: duuu un duuuu duuuu <3
[12:59] notapedophile: nooooooo
[12:59] notapedophile: et?
[12:59] nikilove6879: I thought your name was tralalalatauntaun
(Timmy: I'm going to go off now, I'll be back on later)
[12:59] andreaavalos2137: Cool! See ya!
[12:59] alyssawilliams: D:
[12:59] kristinwilliams: We should start going to Brady's to watch the show
[13:00] latishalewis: o/
[13:00] notapedophile: wait
[13:00] furganflop: see you!
[13:00] shelbydevlin: byeee
[13:00] stephocalypse: ciao
[13:00] alexharnick: bye timmy!
[13:00] christinedrozdowski: see yea!
[13:00] nelson: bye timmy