Season Season 5
Episode no. 3
Air date 4/29/2011
Network IFC
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Picture Title/Description/Cast Trivia
An infomercial for the Jizzle™, a new product to help male masturbators clean up after themselves.
  • Kyle: Trevor
  • Customers: Timmy, Sam
  • Announcer: Zach
  • Parodies the infamous ShamWow infomercial.
  • Released a few days before Episode 3 aired.
  • When Trevor chucks the sock away, it sticks to the wall behind him and peels off without leaving a mark. Later in the video, you can see a stain there.
  • The URL displayed at the end of the ad doesn't work.
  • The MasterCard and Visa logos read MisterCard and Vias. American Express has become American Expo.
John Williams
John Williams struggles to compose a piece for George Lucas' new film.
  • John Williams: Trevor
  • Alice Williams: Zach
  • Sherwin Williams: Darren
  • Zach's character mentions the Zimmers - a reference to Hans Zimmer, another renowned composer who scores films.
  • The melody Trevor's character comes up with at bedtime is similar to the song "You Are My Child Bride" from the Songs of Olden Times sketch in episode 1.
  • John's son's name is "Sherwin Williams" which is a paint company.
  • The background music in this sketch is also used in Valentines Day and many others.
WKUK - Season 5 - Ants
The latest alibi for avoiding confrontation: pretending you're getting carried away by ants.
  • Dad: Trevor
  • Debbie: Timmy
  • Son: Sam
  • Daughter: Darren
  • Gloria: Sam
  • Gloria's husband: Zach
Darren and the Giraffe
A giraffe-riding sketch doesn't turn out the way Darren was expecting.
  • Themselves: WKUK
  • Darren's girlfriend: Tracy Pendergast
  • Darren's not gay.
Herpes Commercial
An ad for Vesocream, a cream that clears up genital herpes infections.
  • Women: Kate Comer, extras
  • Men: WKUK
Bikini Day
It's supposedly bikini day at the zoo, and two children want their drunk father to go with them.
  • Boy: Darren
  • Girl: Timmy
  • Dad: Trevor
  • If you look closely at the pamphlet you can see the animals actually have bikinis on them.
  • The second background music in this sketch is also used in Valentines Day.
The Civil War on Drugs
Part 3
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