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[12:44] thesamgerard: Yes.
[12:44] ladypoesie: there you are
[12:44] euqetoidi: HOLY SHIT
[12:45] euqetoidi: xD
[12:45] bee_yes: You've done it! Congratulations.
[12:45] peppersmurphy: Whoa I hear a Trevor Moore
[12:45] euqetoidi: I just took a huge dump just to come onto Trevor Moore?
[12:45] euqetoidi: xD
[12:45] furganflop: HI TREVOR!
[12:45] lindslunatix: Better late than never
[12:45] namstar_: You real cool
[12:45] beccahennessy: i got disconnected:(
[12:45] edwardcullen33: Hi trevor
[12:45] euqetoidi: How did I get here? xD
[12:45] euqetoidi: Thi is amazing
[12:45] thesamgerard: What about me, man? Skipping?
[12:45] adamuffins: I left watching Whose Line Is it Anyways reruns for this. lol
[12:45] hollfreebs: the commercial one
[12:45] nikilove: commercial
[12:46] edwardcullen33: HI TREVOR
[12:46] edwardcullen33: Hi trevor
[12:46] euqetoidi: The one where Timmy fucks up COD
[12:46] nikilove: CWOD
[12:46] andreagrace: hiii
[12:46] hollfreebs: the civil war on drugs!
[12:46] roofytoofy: CIVIL WAR ON DRUGS!
[12:46] euqetoidi: SCARING BABIES
[12:46] bee_yes: My cable sucks, so unfortunately I don't get WKUK. :(
[12:46] milerliteweight: Sup Holly
[12:46] andrewlewis: woah dude
[12:46] ethan_left: civil war on drugs
[12:46] bakedbeans: bakeeeeeeed beaaaaaaansssssssss
[12:46] beccahennessy: "suck it nerd!"
[12:47] jbieds: hey Trevor
[12:47] furganflop: Trevor are you in a hotel? (he answered!)
[12:47] hollfreebs: civil war
[12:47] nikilove: Civil War On Drugs
[12:47] bakedbeans: thats fucking hot
[12:47] hollfreebs: civil war
[12:47] nikilove: Civil War On Drugs
[12:47] bakedbeans: thats fucking hot
[12:47] edwardcullen33: hi trevor
[12:47] hollfreebs: portland looks lovely
[12:47] jbieds: when is your show tonight
[12:47] edwardcullen33: hi trevor!!
[12:47] bee_yes: Wow, you arrived in Portland on the one sunny day of the year!
[12:47] desyslashrundotexe: What the fuck is going on.
[12:47] edwardcullen33: Hi trevor!!!
[12:47] edwardcullen33: hi trevor!!!
[12:47] euqetoidi: Trevor!!
[12:47] edwardcullen33: hi trevor !!!
[12:47] bakedbeans: wait for real though, how did you create the best piece of cinematic artwork of the 21st c
[12:47] andreagrace: did you know thats were i always wanted to live !!
[12:47] euqetoidi: Y U NO BE IN CALI!?
[12:47] milerliteweight: The "baked beans" skit was a lil much. So nasty lol
[12:47] hollfreebs: trevor why don't u ever say the f word?
[12:47] beccahennessy: jbieds if 'j' stood for "anal" ('cause you totally meant bieBs)
[12:47] ethan_left: merca flag shits? so thats how they got started!
[12:48] edwardcullen33: Are we allowed to record
[12:48] lindslunatix: Is it lagging for anyone else?
[12:48] bakedbeans: fucking whitest kids man
[12:48] bakedbeans: are you fucking me right now
[12:48] euqetoidi: Hey Trevor! Y U NO BEIN CALI!?
[12:48] euqetoidi: Come to Cali!
[12:48] edwardcullen33: hi
[12:48] hollfreebs: i love those american flag shirts
[12:48] theaggrocraig: yeeeeeeah!
[12:48] desyslashrundotexe: I was listening to AFX and i dont know whats happening now LOL.
[12:48] seankirby: Hey Trevor, im loving Breaking in so far
[12:48] andrewlewis: Thanks, trevor. I love your guys' show!
[12:48] edwardcullen33: you did not say hi to me!
[12:48] tychobob: OMG Double Rainbow in the water!
[12:48] andreagrace: whats your favorite dog
[12:48] edwardcullen33: you didnt say hi to me
[12:48] tonygrese: that is a great stache
[12:49] hollfreebs: helllll yeah
[12:49] bakedbeans: edward cullen sux w33nerz
[12:49] edwardcullen33: you didnt say hi to me!!!
[12:49] mollybonham: Hi Trev!
[12:49] edwardcullen33: say hi to me!!!
[12:49] cpay19aad: I love The Whitest Kids! 
[12:49] andreagrace: your favorite dog
[12:49] bakedbeans: L O fuckin L
[12:49] edwardcullen33: hi
[12:49] euqetoidi: You didn't say hi to me -____-
[12:49] edwardcullen33: :_)
[12:49] andreagrace: pleaseeeeeeee
[12:49] lindslunatix: Will the other guys be getting on shows like you did? or 
[12:49] andreagrace: pleaseeeee
[12:49] lindslunatix: Will the other guys be getting on shows like you did? or 
[12:49] andreagrace: pleaseeeee
[12:49] lezlebee: trevor! you're so delicious! xD
[12:49] edwardcullen33: you made my day!!!
[12:49] beccahennessy: got my zach shrt awyeah
[12:49] lisandroleguleyo: hello, i´m from argentina
[12:49] tonygrese: THE NAAAAAAAIL GUN!
[12:49] andrewlewis: I actually didn't believe that you were actually doing this, Trevor
[12:49] yuwang: lol
[12:49] edwardcullen33: hi jim
[12:49] bakedbeans: wheres timmy at
[12:49] beccahennessy: and my timmy cup
[12:49] euqetoidi: WHERE IS TIMMY!?
[12:49] nikilove: That was tonight!
[12:49] ethan_left: civil war on drugs
[12:49] cpay19aad: I wish Trevor would say high to me! It would make my night!
[12:50] desyslashrundotexe: Gab whos on the phone?
[12:50] euqetoidi: TIMMY
[12:50] nikilove: The Oscars one, haha
[12:50] guest-12549: Aguante treeevooorr
[12:48] edwardcullen33: are we allowed to record
[12:48] bakedbeans: are you fucking me right now
[12:50] guest-12549: Aguante treeevooorr
[12:50] euqetoidi: Bail out
[12:50] hollfreebs: trevor, you're awesome
[12:50] desyslashrundotexe: Gab tell her i would still be her friend.
[12:50] gabriellacaputo: My girl Lauren
[12:50] cpay19aad: Trevor just made my night!
[12:50] nikilove: Yeah, it's great!
[12:50] seankirby: yeah civil war is great
[12:50] hollfreebs: LOVE THE CIVIL WAR ON DRUGS!
[12:50] andrewlewis: Civil war=good
[12:50] gabriellacaputo: she asked if i would still be her friend if she got down syndrome
[12:50] bakedbeans: obama in tha houseeeee
[12:50] theaggrocraig: Yeah man I love it except I'm wondering if I'm being cool
[12:50] desyslashrundotexe: We know, your mic is on LOL.
[12:50] mollybonham: Hi Trevor! :)
[12:50] cpay19aad: Every single episode gets better and better. Congrats guys!
[12:50] gabriellacaputo: I know
[12:50] milerliteweight: I'm pretty sad that this is the last season.
[12:50] gabriellacaputo: I know
[12:50] milerliteweight: I'm pretty sad that this is the last season.
[12:51] hollfreebs: you look lovely with white hair
[12:51] furganflop: i'm devestated ._.
[12:51] jbieds: civil war on drugs on now
[12:51] bee_yes: gabriellacaputo, I'm pretty sure Down's Syndrome isn't something you can catch. ;)
[12:51] nicholaskostazampounis: i gotta be liking your older seasons more than this season
[12:51] gabriellacaputo: i caught it
[12:51] hollfreebs: good
[12:51] andrewlewis: Dude. I am so sad that this is the last season
[12:51] andrewlewis: You guys are so talented
[12:51] lezlebee: i wish my mic worked :/
[12:51] andrewlewis: Except for the fat one, lmao
[12:51] hollfreebs: i wish they didn't bleep swear words now
[12:51] milerliteweight: Why can't I hear anyone?
[12:52] desyslashrundotexe: Lezle gimmie a drag LOL.
[12:52] andreagrace: WHAT
[12:52] lindslunatix: Is there still the posibility of a WKUK movie?
[12:52] andreagrace: IS YOUR FAVORITE DOG
[12:52] andreagrace: LIKE
[12:52] cuddlebug2345: hi trevor!!!
[12:52] andreagrace: WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO 
[12:52] furganflop: Trevor do you really own a parrot?
[12:52] jillzy1976: Hello Trevor and everyone in chat.
[12:52] gabriellacaputo: i love you trevor
[12:53] beccahennessy: oh hey niki im beside you now
[12:53] andrewlewis: Lmao 
[12:53] seankirby: Movie suggestion: The Rise And Fall Of Timmy Williams
[12:53] andrewlewis: Furgan flop
[12:53] hollfreebs: this is awesome
[12:53] cuddlebug2345: Trevor i live in charlottesville!!! isnt that where your from? 
[12:53] guest-12638: Say Hola putos!
[12:53] xlenore: hello?
[12:53] matthewwhite: hey Trevor
[12:53] andrewlewis: Dude. I hate Timmy
[12:53] jillzy1976: Hot Dogs....The Movie.
[12:53] frankhowley: It'd be exactly the same as Barry Lyndon.
[12:53] beccahennessy: i have a cold. irrelevant but true...
[12:53] lindslunatix: Or a movie of how you all met and shit would be legit
[12:53] cuddlebug2345: its very boring though hahaha
[12:54] cpay19aad: Trevor, my friends wish me to tell you they're burning one for you!
[12:54] leighannstorey: hiiii! :o)
[12:54] lindslunatix: Cough come to Cincinnati cough
[12:54] lezlebee: they're gonna grape you in the mouth now. personal info. pffft.
[12:54] mollybonham: Come to Boise PLEASE!!!
[12:54] andreagrace: you can be MY sex robot
[12:54] hollfreebs: trevor I have a question!
[12:54] bakedbeans: somebody get the fuck out of our secret base
[12:54] hollfreebs: why don't you ever say the f word?
[12:55] xlenore: hi trevor :B kisses from Argentina ♥
[12:55] bakedbeans: im tryna get my video chat on. YA HEARRDDD
[12:55] edwardcullen33: Hi
[12:55] furganflop: i'm wondering that too...
[12:55] andreagrace: omggggggggggggggggggggg darrrrrrren
[12:55] andreagrace: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[12:55] beccahennessy: any mugs in this season trevor? ahaha
[12:55] leighannstorey: i think he's in right now...
[12:55] hollfreebs: i've been wondering for a long time l ol
[12:56] hollfreebs: cozy
[12:56] furganflop: :O
[12:56] guest-12638: I wouldnt mind graping him
[12:56] cpay19aad: Let's egg that bridge. with horses.
[12:56] seankirby: Bridge livin is nothing to joke about, homeless battles all the time
[12:56] hollfreebs: Trevor why don't you ever say the fuck word
[12:56] gabriellacaputo: i'm getting my kitten
[12:56] bradsouthworth: when will you team up with the state and create genius babys?
[12:56] gabriellacaputo: give her a shout out trevor!
[12:56] cpay19aad: I agree with BakedBeans
[12:56] andreagrace: baked beans you have a way with words
[12:56] cuddlebug2345: my dad and i use to watch the trevor moore show!!! 
[12:56] edwardcullen33: TREVOR!!
[12:56] lindslunatix: Yeah I wanna know why too
[12:56] hollfreebs: is it some huge mystery you will never divulge?
[12:57] drepbjrk: me!
[12:57] andreagrace: shout out to my eneemies 
[12:57] gabriellacaputo: my kitten
[12:57] andreagrace: patterson yalll
[12:57] andreagrace: treverr why
[12:57] lindslunatix: You should answer Hollfreebs
[12:57] furganflop: shameless advertising: (work in progress)
[12:58] hollfreebs: agreeeed 
[12:58] yungkaussfruss: neil and buzz, moon owners.
[12:58] theaggrocraig: Wow look at this cool guy laying in bed
[12:58] edwardcullen33: i CAN'T HEAR!! :_
[12:58] hollfreebs: shoshan!
[12:58] nikilove: You're all echo-y, Trevor
(Trevor: I like Epilepsy Test and Timmy Poops)
[12:58] theaggrocraig: Opus
[12:58] theaggrocraig: best sketch ever
[12:58] hollfreebs: SHOSHAN![
[12:58] theaggrocraig: best sketch ever
[12:58] matthewwhite: Ocean 2.0 sketch was like Senator Clint Webb
[12:58] bradsouthworth: ill be honest. ive never seen your show. but you have fantastic hair.
[12:58] bee_yes: (Nikilove, that is a badass stein)
[12:58] edwardcullen33: THEIRS A HIPPO IN THE CITY
[12:59] nikilove: HOLY SIDEBURNS
(Trevor: I like Clint Webb)
[12:59] cuddlebug2345: trevor i use to follow you around in church at christ community! you were so shy hahahaha
[12:59] xlenore: trevor,I love u u.u
[12:59] drepbjrk: ..what?
[12:59] frankhowley: Clint Webb is incredibly smart and dead on.
[12:59] shannonblair: Hey, Trevor, find some time to play Words With Friends
[12:59] edwardcullen33: HIPPO IN the city
[12:59] hollfreebs: Trevor are u never allowed to say why you never say the f word? lol
[12:59] cuddlebug2345: trevor i use to follow you around in church at christ community! you were so shy hahahaha
[12:59] nikilove: Aw, it's over
[13:00] hollfreebs: you never do on the show though
[13:00] matthewwhite: visit my channel for each episode/sketch of season 4/5 and more, Trevor aid its cool
[13:00] edwardcullen33: i have seen every skit
[13:00] hollfreebs: i've been wondering for 5 years!
[13:00] matthewwhite:
[13:00] andreagrace: are you greeek
[13:00] andreagrace: do you have hands
[13:00] andreagrace: do you want to wash my hair with alvocado
[13:00] edwardcullen33: Trevor I love yoU!!
[13:00] matthewwhite: wil have the new episode up by tomorrow
[13:00] rickiebradway: The first sketch I ever saw was Helicopter door from season 1
[13:00] matthewwhite: wil have the new episode up by tomorrow
[13:00] rickiebradway: The first sketch I ever saw was Helicopter door from season 1
[13:00] bee_yes: CHAOSSSSSS
[13:00] andreagrace: last night i pooped out a chicken
[13:00] nikilove: THE VOICES.
[13:00] nikilove: haha
[13:00] furganflop: pretty sure helicopter door was from season 3
[13:00] theaggrocraig: Helicopter door was from season 3 
[13:00] theaggrocraig: or 4
[13:00] theaggrocraig: one of them
[13:00] matthewwhite: season 3 i think
[13:01] rickiebradway: Helicopter door was Season 1
[13:01] cpay19aad: Is Jim really gay?
[13:01] mollybonham: Can we say you're gay?
[13:01] rickiebradway: when they were on FUSE
[13:01] jbieds: this 
[13:01] yungkaussfruss: trevor, give me a were on our way ahh to the moon
[13:01] lindslunatix: He looks kind of like a hipster
[13:01] mollybonham: What happened with Wormy? :)
[13:01] andreagrace: but i am a hipster
[13:01] andreagrace: hipster hipo
[13:01] rickiebradway: Are you allowed to say "You're Gay" on TV
[13:01] andreagrace: wormy
[13:02] andrewlewis: Did you find Timmy under a bridge and think he was a troll?
[13:02] theaggrocraig: oh shit i took jim's spot
[13:02] andreagrace: oh s
[13:02] edwardcullen33: i have a question!!
[13:02] cpay19aad: COme back Jim! 
[13:02] cpay19aad: I didnt mean to call yoou gay! :(
[13:02] theaggrocraig: i'll let him back
[13:02] lezlebee: trevor would you go out on a date with me? it would be a super fun time.
[13:02] hollfreebs: maybe he went to make a hot pocket
[13:02] furganflop: he's married :P
[13:02] hollfreebs: no he's not
[13:02] rickiebradway: He is
[13:02] cpay19aad: I asked him if he was.
[13:02] lezlebee: i don't care. it's just a date lol
[13:03] hollfreebs: nope
[13:03] andreagrace: if you answer me i will flash you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[13:03] frankhowley: SAAAAAAAM!
[13:03] edwardcullen33: Can I ask you a question
[13:03] seankirby: Suck it nerd
[13:03] trollface: SAAAAAAAAAM
[13:03] rickiebradway: SAM!
[13:03] nikilove: Hey, Sam!
[13:03] hollfreebs: ew no one wants that andrea
[13:03] hollfreebs: SAM!
[13:03] lezlebee: sam!
[13:03] drepbjrk: hey Sam!!
[13:03] edwardcullen33: can I ask a question to Trevoir
[13:03] cpay19aad: Do you like eggs, Sam I am?
[13:03] gabriellacaputo: I had a dream I made out with sam on a football field
[13:03] andrewlewis: THE BUFF MEMBER OF WKUK!!!
[13:03] furganflop: hey Sam!
[13:03] matthewwhite: hey sam
[13:03] edwardcullen33: can I ask you a question Trevor
[13:03] lindslunatix: Sam looking nice and rugged. damn
[13:03] jbieds: I'm still here. But I can't figure out how to talk
[13:03] drepbjrk: How're you tonight?
[13:03] andreagrace: o.m.g hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
[13:03] trollface: DARREN!
[13:03] nikilove: Darren?!
[13:03] hollfreebs: Darren!
[13:03] edwardcullen33: Trevor can I ask you a quextion
[13:03] nikilove: AAH
[13:03] andreagrace: you are my favorite
[13:03] jorst: oh hi there
[13:03] andreagrace: you are so hot
[13:03] drepbjrk: Hey Darren :]
[13:03] matthewwhite: hey darren
[13:03] trollface: Darren has a rapist mustache.
[13:03] trollface: Darren has a rapist mustache.
[13:03] andreagrace: im high
[13:04] andreagrace: im always high
[13:04] theaggrocraig: that's fucked man
[13:04] bee_yes: I see Darren has grown a hipster stache.
[13:04] rickiebradway: Sam, why is this the fifth and final season?
[13:04] andreagrace: and always lovin you
[13:04] edwardcullen33: SAM
[13:04] yungkaussfruss: sam always looks high
[13:04] jorst: sam is sexay
[13:04] cuddlebug2345: is trevor married??
[13:04] bladepm: Darren is creepin
[13:04] furganflop: yes he is
[13:04] yungkaussfruss: im gonna tie you to the radiator
[13:04] trollface: OPEN WIDE, KIDS
[13:04] cpay19aad: Anyone agree that Sam is the Grapist?
[13:04] edwardcullen33: sam
[13:04] lindslunatix: Fivegy right now, with you guys
[13:05] edwardcullen33: sam
[13:05] nikilove: so much feedback, ahaha
[13:05] edwardcullen33: DARREN
[13:05] hollfreebs: since when is travor married
[13:05] bee_yes: Ah, yes.
[13:05] drepbjrk: What the hell?!
(Trevor: let's go for a run through the hotel)
[13:05] frankhowley: I'm getting off. I'm looking forward to the new show tonight, have fun at your live show!!
[13:05] mollybonham: IT'S THE ALIENS!!!
[13:05] calnotp*r*mccaskill: nice mug, niki!
[13:05] furganflop: Trevor tell them that you're married, they won't believe me >>
[13:05] drepbjrk: okay
[13:05] bee_yes: Oh, well, shit! There I am.
[13:06] nikilove: Thanks, Cal!
[13:06] nikilove: It's a stein, ahaha
[13:06] rickiebradway: You run fast
[13:06] lindslunatix: What if he dropped that shit
[13:06] cuddlebug2345: trevor are you married?? 
[13:06] edwardcullen33: Sam can i ask you something???
[13:06] nikilove: AAAH
[13:06] edwardcullen33: Sam can I ask you somethinkg
[13:06] jorst: oh joy
[13:06] nikilove: That's awesome!
[13:06] drepbjrk: See ya!
[13:06] rickiebradway: Come to NY city and Albany NY
[13:06] seankirby: i did
[13:07] lisandroleguleyo: Timmy in the sketch "the buy of timmy" is so funny
[13:07] nikilove: I feel like I'm in space
[13:07] wendyportledge: yes
[13:07] seankirby: yup
[13:07] shyannmwestby: I'm so confused as to whats going on, I shouldn't push random links
[13:07] angiemarie707: Great show tonight!
[13:07] cpay19aad: I can hear you just fine bromontana!
[13:07] sweaterrugby: i need to get in this chat but all the video spots are taken wah!
[13:07] bee_yes: Okay
[13:07] bee_yes: Good luck, sir!
[13:07] kristkennon: Cant wait to see the new episode
[13:07] itrevormoore: We have to go to the show now
[13:07] angiemarie707: Great show tonight!
[13:07] cpay19aad: I can hear you just fine bromontana!
[13:07] sweaterrugby: i need to get in this chat but all the video spots are taken wah!
[13:07] bee_yes: Okay
[13:07] bee_yes: Good luck, sir!
[13:07] kristkennon: Cant wait to see the new episode
[13:07] edwardcullen33: can I ask you somneting
[13:07] sweaterrugby: but my name is totally great
[13:07] calnotp*r*mccaskill: THE SHINING
[13:07] matthewwhite: hey trevor, you guys having a live show?
[13:07] yungkaussfruss: yeeeeee
[13:07] kristkennon: I'm going to new york next semester, I hope you do a show while i'm there
[13:07] wendyportledge: bye!
[13:07] itrevormoore: So Ill tweet later when we're back on!!
[13:07] calnotp*r*mccaskill: WHERES THE TRICYCLE?
[13:08] bee_yes: Cheers!
[13:08] lisandroleguleyo: and in "racewar" sketch
[13:08] matthewwhite: bye
[13:08] nikilove: Alright, good luck, guys!
[13:08] furganflop: see you Trevor!
[13:08] rickiebradway: See ya Trevor
[13:08] furganflop: :)
[13:08] cpay19aad: BYE TREVOR!!
[13:08] seankirby: Does timmy have like a bed under the bridge or does he just rough it with some hotdogs?
[13:08] sweaterrugby: sweaterrugby and heavypetting
[13:08] drepbjrk: bye bye!!
[13:08] tychobob: Peace out guys
[13:08] itrevormoore: Thanks for watching the show guys! We'll see you in a bit!