Season Season 5
Episode no. 1
Air date 4/15/2011
Network IFC


Episode guideEdit

Picture Title/Description/Cast Trivia
PDVD 013
Baked Beans
Lonely tonight? Call Baked Beans now.
  • Baked Beans: Timmy
  • Announcer: Trevor
  • A T-shirt gun filled with actual baked beans was used in one particular shot, as seen in this video that Timmy posted. The force of the beans hitting him left welts on his stomach.
PDVD 029

Little Hitler
Once upon a time, Adolf Hitler was an ordinary boy helping people in his community... until he was introduced to a certain drug.
  • Clara Hitler: Darren
  • Little Hitler: unknown
  • Announcer: Trevor
  • Boxcar Joe: Trevor
  • Little Eva Braun: unknown
  • Mayor: Sam
  • Pot-smoking boy: unknown
  • Teacher (present): Timmy
  • Principal (present): Zach
  • Students (present): Trevor, Sam, Darren, extras
  • It goes without saying that this is not an accurate representation of Hitler's childhood, but it's worth noting that the real Hitler was quite close to his mother.
PDVD 064
Songs of Olden Times
Time Society Books presents a 4-disc collection of songs from a simpler age.
  • Announcer: Trevor
  • Luciano: Trevor
  • Child bride: unknown
  • Two women in background: unknown
  • This sketch was broadcast a second time as part of the seventh episode of the season in place of the cut sketch Dead Teacher. The latter version misspells the word amends in the sing along subtitles and blurs out 1-800-OLDTIME in the payment graphic.
  • As with Jizzle, the credit card companies' logos are modified in the payment graphic. MasterCard becomes MisterCard, Visa becomes Vias, and American Express is now American Expo.
PDVD 106
War Letter
A dying soldier gets his friend to write a (verbatim) letter home to his wife.
  • Dying soldier: Trevor
  • Soldiers: Darren, Timmy
  • Wife: Zach
PDVD 126
Baked Beans II
Baked Beans is back and still wants your business.
PDVD 144
Finger Ring Friends
A commercial for the latest toy craze.
  • Pink friend: Timmy
  • Yellow friend: Zach
  • Blue friend: Trevor
  • Kids: extras
  • Mom: Zach
  • Mailman: Sam
PDVD 154
Baked Beans III
Baked Beans is back again and she wants you to know your activities with her are confidential as hell.
PDVD 261
The Civil War on Drugs
Part 1
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