Season Season 4
Episode no. 6
Air date 7/16/2010
Network IFC


Episode guideEdit

Picture Title/Description/Cast Trivia
John Cleese Sketch
Trevor and Sam perform a sketch based on a rejection letter written by one of their heroes.
  • Themselves: Trevor, Sam
  • Trevor confirmed in his Reddit AMA that the troupe never actually sent John Cleese a letter. It was just something they came up with.
Planet Earth Choke
There is an alien outbreak during the recording sessions for a nature documentary.
  • Brian (voice): Trevor
  • Mitch (voice): Zach
  • Assistant (voice): Timmy
  • Executives: Trevor, Zach
  • The title of the documentary (Earth Planet) refers to Planet Earth, a nature series by the BBC.
Dad Wired Shut
Brian meets his girlfriend's dad at the worst possible time.
  • Brian: Sam
  • Helen: Darren
  • Mrs. Anderson: Zach
  • Mr. Anderson: Trevor
  • The only sketch shot where Zach has said "I can't do this, I'll barf." Originally he was going to play Darren's part but he didn't want Trevor blowing his nose into his (Zach's) mouth.
A Is For
An ad for Susan Merriweather's gripping series of alphabetical crime novels.
  • Announcer: Timmy
PDVD 070
We Live In Garbage
A homeless family vent their anger.
  • Dad: Zach
  • Mom: Darren
  • Son: Timmy
  • Daughter: unknown
  • Bill: Trevor

50 Cal Bar
At a bar, Zach assembles a M1917 Browning machine gun from WWI and uses it to blow his ex Courtney's head off. It is then revealed what Courtney said before she got her head blown off.
  • Timmy: Timmy
  • Bartender: Darren
  • Zach: Zach
  • Courtney (supposedly): unknown
  • Courtney's friend: unknown
  • The real Courtney: Sam
  • Callback: Invisible Dog 2
  • The M1917 Browning is actually a .30 caliber gun, not a .50 like Zach says in the sketch

After getting a handjob from a magician, Timmy's sex life becomes awkward.
  • Timmy: Timmy
  • Doctor: Trevor
  • Nurse: Darren
  • Bridget: Zach
  • Anchor: Darren
  • Townspeople: Sam, extras
  • Cumfetti baby: Darren?
  • Darren plays a nurse for the third time.
A man tries to get out of jury duty by using racism, but is too afraid to call a black person the N-word.
  • Jury announcer: Baron Vaughn
  • Fake racist: Trevor
  • Jury members: Darren, extras
  • Features a guest appearance by Baron Vaughn, a comedian who has previously appeared in the 2006 sketch The Montclaires.
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