Season Season 4
Episode no. 3
Air date 6/25/2010
Network IFC


Episode guideEdit

Picture Title/Description/Cast Trivia
Spaghetti Dinner Date
A twist on the famous scene from Lady and the Tramp.
  • Man: Sam
  • Woman: Darren
Mission Impossible
A mission briefing includes a bulldog and a handjob.
  • Agent Michael Piper: Sam
  • Deputy director: Trevor
Hamster Death
The Grim Reaper consumes bodies when they die.
  • Father: Zach
  • Son: Timmy
  • Grim Reaper: unknown
  • Grandma in flashback: unknown
  • Father in flashback (Billy): unknown
  • Billy's parents in flashback: Sam, Darren
  • Priest in flashback: Trevor
  • Funeral guests in flashback: extras
Walk of Shame
A teacher corrects his student's oral report containing information found on Wikipedia.
Sam's Muscles
Dario thinks that meeting the parents will go well.
  • Mrs. Anderson: Darren
  • Crystal: Zach
  • Dario: Sam
  • Mr. Anderson: Trevor
Boner Wedding
A con artist makes the mistake of OD'ing on Viagra at the wrong time.
  • Doctor: Trevor
  • Patient: Sam
  • Millionaire: Timmy
  • Groomsmen: Darren, extras
  • Bridesmaids: extras
  • Minister: Zach
Scrubbing Bubbles With Chicken
A disinterested CEO messes with his company's ads.
  • Lady in commercial: Kate Comer
  • Producer: Sam
  • Dylan: Trevor
  • Heidi: Zach
  • Engineer: Darren
  • Steve: Timmy
  • Executives: Timmy, Zach, extras
PDVD 336
Trench Big Mouths
One by one, soldiers ham it up when they get shot, except Timmy, who would rather die with dignity.
  • Soldier 1: Trevor
  • Robertson: Zach
  • Soldier 2: Sam
  • Soldier 3: Timmy
  • Radio voice: Zach
Dad Fight
Jerry's opponent goes down with one punch.
  • Jerry: Sam
  • Eddie: Zach
  • Kids: extras
  • Sam's character is probably the same guy as the coach in Trophy Coach.
Pet Heaven
A man ends up in the wrong heaven.
  • Man: Trevor
  • Parrot voice: Timmy
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