Season Season 4
Episode no. 2
Air date 6/18/2010
Network IFC


Episode guideEdit

Picture Title/Description/Cast Trivia
Hand Pee
Dave hides the fact that he loves touching his own urine and excrement.
  • Dave: Sam
  • Bill: Trevor
PDVD 030
Senator Clint Webb
A generic campaign ad.
  • Clint Webb: Trevor
  • Wife, baby: extras

Changing Channels
Darren apologizes in advance for the next segment, a suspense-builder which turns into a cheap shot at Saturday Night Live.
  • Himself: Darren
  • Woman: Christina Calph
  • Bow assassin: Sam
  • Doctor: Trevor
  • Don Pardo V/O: Trevor
  • Every SNL cast member: Timmy
Alive Dicks
The WKUK are stranded in the frozen north, and have resorted to cannibalism. Only Sam and Timmy would eat a certain left over body part to stay alive.
  • Themselves: WKUK
  • Rescuers: Trevor, Zach
Dr. Kyle
Dr. Lewis is scared of telling a child about his condition, but Dr. Kyle isn't.
  • Dr. Lewis: Zach
  • Dr. Darren: Darren
  • Dr. Kyle: Trevor
  • Father: Sam
  • Mother: Timmy
  • Boy: unknown
You Talkin' to Me
A dad tries to ease the pain of shooting his horse while working on his DeNiro and Eastwood impressions.

Barney the Bear
Barney, the motorcycle-riding bear, escapes the circus to exact revenge on an old foe.
  • Ringmaster: Zach
  • Bill: Darren
  • Barney: Sam
  • Hunter: Trevor
Bike Up the Ass
A road accident results in road rage, which is taken all the way to the hospital, then to court.
  • Doctor: Trevor
  • Patient: Darren
  • Cyclist: Zach
  • Businessman: Sam
  • Cop 1: Greg Johnson
  • Cop 2: unknown
  • Judge: Trevor
  • Lawyer: Timmy
  • Jury members: Darren, extras
A slew of stupid, made-up strip club names, which continues over the credits.
  • Themselves: Trevor, Sam, Timmy, Darren
  • ST Double Ds bouncer: unknown
  • Areola 51 bouncer: unknown
  • Himself: Jim Biederman
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