Season Season 3
Episode no. 9
Air date 3/24/2009
Network IFC


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Picture Title/Description/Cast Trivia
Horses Love
Darryl wants to sexually arouse his horse for insemination purposes. Chester's stegosaurus poster does the trick.
  • Chester: Trevor
  • Darryl: Darren
Loveliest Bride
Following a car accident, blood-stained Candice will stop at nothing -- NOTHING -- to get to the theater for the latest chick flick, The Most Loveliest Bride.
  • Candice: Sam
  • Husband: Trevor
  • Cop: Zach
  • Cop Frankie: Timmy
  • The word "Loveliest" is misspelled on the marquee.
  • The marquee also reads "Coming soon: Invisible Dog 2".

PDVD 2713
Fight Club
Trumeter has to deal with his Fight Club-obsessed boss -- who goes down with one punch.
  • Trummeter: Sam
  • Mr. Timmy: Timmy
  • Bill: Darren
  • Fight Club member: Trevor
  • Fight Club member: Zach
  • Fight Club members: Chris Francia, extras
  • Virtually everything in this sketch is a reference to the 1999 film Fight Club.
Pop Tart
Trevor thinks a girl with testicles (but not a dick) would be hot, but he has trouble convincing his employees.
  • Trevor: Trevor
  • Sam: Sam
  • Zach: Zach
  • Announcer: Zach
  • The original ending had Trevor saying "4 new Pop Tart flavors" instead of "popcorn flavors", and the end title read "The Pop Tart Sketch". It was later dubbed over and renamed "The Popcorn Factory Sketch" for copyright reasons.
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