Season Season 3
Episode no. 5
Air date 2/24/2009
Network IFC


Episode guideEdit

Picture Title/Description/Cast Trivia
Presidential Props
New rules at the presidential debate shake things up for an unprepared candidate.
  • Mary the moderator: Darren
  • Bill Homestead: Timmy
  • Jack Moyer: Trevor
  • Guy Ludlum: Zach
  • Jack Patton: Sam
  • Audience members: extras
  • "You can get a point across a lot better with one good guitar note than you can with 85 paragraphs of a state of the union address." --Frank Zappa
Island Cannibal
Two guys stranded on an island are desperate for food and resort to eating each other.
  • Castaway 1: Darren
  • Castaway 1: Timmy
  • Boaters: Trevor, Sam
  • Waterskiier: Zach
Helicopter Door
During the Vietnam War, two soldiers are in a helicopter; one repeatedly tells the other to close the door.
  • Solider 1: Trevor
  • Soldier 2: Sam
Super Dog
Presidential Props Part 2: The party started at the debate continues at da club with a bangin' song.
  • Jack Patton: Sam
  • Jack Moyer: Trevor
  • Guy Ludlum: Zach
  • Club-goers: extras
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