Season Season 3
Episode no. 20
Air date 6/2/2009
Network IFC


Episode guideEdit

Picture Title/Description/Cast Trivia
Another Astronaut Sketch
The moment before the Challenger took off.
  • Astronaut 1: Trevor
  • Astronaut 2: Sam
  • Sally Ride: Zach
Not Particularly Sure
Outsourcing leaves little for a company to do at headquarters.
  • Boss: Trevor
  • Johnson: Zach
  • Matthews: Sam
  • Timmy: Timmy
  • Wilson: Darren
Maroon President
The president has discovered a new color … or has he?
  • Press secretary: Trevor
  • Journalists: Timmy, Zach, Darren
  • President: Sam
  • Trevor also played the president's press secretary in Bear Problems.
PDVD 2154

Bathroom Camera
At a christening party, Timmy shows off the new bathroom cameras he's installed. They use it to spy on Sam.
  • Themselves: WKUK
  • Party guests: extras, incl. Kristin Williams
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