Season Season 3
Episode no. 14
Air date 4/28/2009
Network IFC


Episode guideEdit

Picture Title/Description/Cast Trivia
PDVD 1061
An executive finds a commercial for Fizzy-Pops Grape Blasts™ questionable.
  • Grapist: Sam
  • Pitch man: Trevor
  • Executives: Darren, Zach, Timmy
  • Kids: Bobby Lundon, Rachel Golinowski
  • Performed live for the first time on Friday June 6, 2011 (at Sketchfest).
A trailer-trash dweller foolishly spends his lottery winnings on lottery tickets.
  • Customer: extra
  • Dave: Sam
  • Dave's wife: Timmy
  • Lottery spokesman: Zach
  • Lottery woman: Timmy
  • Callback: Grapist (see above)
  • Sam's character is called Dave in the first scene, but the check is made out to Sam Brown.
  • Cameo appearance by Josh Fadem
Ronnie, John & George
President Reagan would rather talk about movies than political issues. Assassin John Hinkley also gets distracted talking about movies.
  • Ronald Reagan: Zach
  • Secret Service: Darren
  • John Hinkley: Trevor
  • Benji-bot/George H.W. Bush: Sam
  • Reagan's entourage: extras
  • CIA wiretapper with Bush: Greg Johnson
  • The sketch spoofs the effects used on the late 90's VH1 program "Pop Up Video".
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