Season Season 3
Episode no. 12
Air date 4/14/2009
Network IFC


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PDVD 400
The hidden-camera reality show, You've Been Yellow Mustard-ed!, is both successful and controversial.
  • First victim: Sam
  • Dumper 1: unknown
  • Dumper 2: unknown
  • Woman on bench: Kristin Williams
  • Man on bench: Timmy
  • Barbara Walters King Jr.: Darren
  • Ted Ruxpin, farmer: Sam
  • Milo Cyrus, Mechanic: Zach
  • Chad Orwell: Trevor
  • Dale Jenkins, cross-dresser: Timmy
  • Hot dog vendor: Darren
  • Customer: Zach
  • Orderly: Sam
  • Old man: unknown
  • Distressed citizen: Darren
  • Woman in background: Sam
  • This sketch holds the record for having the most characters in one sketch (not counting The Civil War on Drugs).
  • The "mustard" was actually a warm mixure of mashed potatoes and yellow food dye.
  • The mechanic's name tag reads "Hank".
Kindergarten Cons
Another "fish-out-of-water" movie trailer.
  • Convicts: WKUK
  • Sheriff: Neil Casey
  • Principal: Curtis Gwinn
  • Kids: extras
  • Cameo appearances by Neil Casey and Curtis Gwinn of "Fat Guy Stuck In Internet".
  • Tervor's tatoo supposedly reads, "Only Super Dog can judge me."
Table Monster
Debbie's husband has mastered the art of getting out of a dinner with his annoying wife and her annoying BFF.
  • Debbie: Sam
  • Debbie's husband: Zach
  • Connie: Trevor
  • Frank: Darren
  • The sketch was shot at Acqua Santa, which is about one block west and one block south of Zach's house (as of 2010).
  • A small part of the bathroom scene was cut where Zach says the n-word, followed by a black man coming out of a bathroom stall and giving him a dirty look.
  • Callback: Loveliest Bride.
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