Season Season 2
Episode no. 6
Air date 3/16/2008
Network IFC


Episode guideEdit

Picture Title/Description/Cast Trivia
Forest Whitaker
Trevor mistakes Zach and Timmy for Forest Whitaker.
  • Themselves: Trevor, Zach, Timmy
Manatee Finger Bang
The morose king needs something special to please him. Captain Crunch has the solution.
  • Court jester: Timmy
  • King: Zach
  • Footman: Trevor
  • Captain Crunch: Darren
  • Ariel of the sea: Sam
Office Head Explosion
Trummeter's co-workers mess with his head while he's asleep, and realize they have a special power.
  • Trummeter: Darren
  • Co-workers: Sam, Trevor, Zach
Period Sketch
Teenage Margaret tries to dodge the Fairy of Womanhood, until she hears from Rationality.
  • Teacher: Sam
  • Margaret: Trevor
  • Fairy of Womanhood: Zach
  • Classmate: Timmy
  • Rationality: Darren
  • Classmates: Jeremy DiLuzio, Jamie DiLuzio, extras
  • The character name "Margaret" is possibly a reference to the Judy Blume book "Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret" in which puberty and menstruation is stressed.
Ninja School
No one showed up for the first day -- or did they?
  • Ninja instructor: Trevor
Our Label is Run by Homos
A record label signs a band with an unusual name.
  • Matthew: Sam
  • Jim: Trevor
  • Band: Darren, Timmy, Sam
  • Rick Simmons: Zach
  • Journalists: extras
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