Season Season 2
Episode no. 5
Air date 3/9/2008
Network IFC


Episode guideEdit

Picture Title/Description/Cast Trivia
Reverse Psychology
Sam becomes annoying after learning about reverse psychology.
  • Themselves: WKUK
Kicking Guy
A businessman learns why a guy is being kicked. The history behind the "You Son of a Bitch" dance is revealed through narration.
  • Kicking guy: Darren
  • Victim: Sam
  • Next kicking guy: Trevor
  • 3rd kicking guy: Zach
  • Narrator: Timmy

PDVD 1166
Whale Tail
Billy's teacher doesn't believe him about what he did over the summer.
  • Mrs. Lambert: Zach
  • Steven: Darren
  • Billy: Trevor
  • Sea Land whale trainer: Timmy
  • Mexican whale trainer: Darren
  • Boat captain: Sam
  • Kids: extras
Devil Gun
Billy's dad thinks his son looks amazing with a gun in his hand.
  • Billy: extra
  • Billy's dad: Trevor
Religious Cult
Trevor and Rick ponder about the religious cult they're in.
  • Trevor: Trevor
  • Rick: Sam
  • Cult leader: Zach
  • Cult member: Timmy
Nail Gun
After Dad talks to his sons about his newfound sex life and leaves for the store, Trevor kills Sam with a NAAAIL GUN! and brings him back to life with the word "Jumanji".
  • Dad: Timmy
  • Mom: Darren
  • Son 1: Trevor
  • Son 2: Zach
  • Son 3: Sam
Failed Kid TV Shows
Kids' programs are repeatedly pulled "due to reckless irresponsibility".

Aren't You Lucky
Trevor's song about God is sung in other countries.
  • Singer: Trevor
  • American kids: extras
  • Muslim singer & kids: extras
  • French singer & kids: extras
  • Chinese singer & kids: extras
  • Russian singer & kids: extras
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