Season Season 2
Episode no. 4
Air date 3/2/2008
Network IFC


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Picture Title/Description/Cast Trivia
Guillotine Days
Before Marie Antoinette is beheaded, one of the executioners asks her to help him settle a bet. Rinse and repeat two more times.
  • Executioner 1: Trevor
  • Executioner 2: Darren
  • Marie Antoinette: Timmy
  • D'Artagnan Francois LeRoux III: Zach
  • Breadmaker: Sam
  • Spectators: Extras
Forever Puppies
A puppy-exchange business which prevents cute puppies from turning into annoying dogs.
  • Announcer: Trevor
  • Man: Sam
  • Store cashier: Trevor
  • Customer 1: Darren
  • Customer 1's wife: Chrissie Lein
  • Customer 1's son: Jon Abbondandolo
  • Customer 2: Timmy

Francis Scott Key
In prison, Francis Scott Key wants to write "The Star-Spangled Banner".
  • Francis Scott Key: Sam
  • "British" guard: Trevor
  • The sketch takes place during the American Revolution in 1776, but Francis Scott Key was actually born in 1779.
Mount Everest
Act 1
Freddy McNierny and his sherpa Tenzig reach the top of Mt. Everest. Tenzig rolls a snowball down the hill, takes pictures of Freddy, then persuades Freddy to lie down and take out his penis. Freddy realizes he can't get up, and Tenzig reveals himself to be Rex Bosworth, international diamond thief! He takes a picture of Freddy exposing himself, thus blackmailing Freddy into helping him steal a diamond.
  • Tenzig/Rex Bosworth: Trevor
  • Freddy McNierny: Zach
  • The longest single sketch on the TV show to date, clocking in at almost 12 minutes.
  • You can see a pale green dot in the bottom right hand corner of the Mt. Everest scenes. The camera used to film them must have been dirty.
Mount Everest
Act 2
Freddy spills the beans to his wife and son. They find out that the diamond he needs is in a volcano.
  • Candice McNierny: Darren
  • Timmy McNierny: Timmy
Mount Everest
Act 3
Freddy descends into the volcano, and is about to pick up the diamond when he meets the Devil -- who doesn't stop him from getting the diamond.
  • The Devil: Trevor
  • In one live performance, Act III's ending was slightly altered as The Devil became distracted by Buddha (played by a shirtless Sam wearing giant buckets taped to his shoes) and begin to fight.
  • Sam doesn't appear in the TV version because he was at a wedding when the sketch was written. The other members deliberately left him out as they were a little pissed about him being absent.
Mount Everest
Act 4
Freddy makes it back up to Mt. Everest, where Rex is about to scam another victim. Rex reveals that his possession of the diamond will cause all evil to vanish from the earth, when an eagle suddenly snatches it.
  • Rex's next victim: Darren
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