The Whitest Kids U' Know Wiki
Season Season 2
Episode no. 3
Air date 2/24/2008
Network IFC


Episode guide[]

Picture Title/Description/Cast Trivia
Instant Karma Bigot
For every racial slur, a bigot gets what's coming to him.
  • Bigot: Zach
  • Townspeople: extras
PDVD 248.jpg
At a gentleman's club, Trevor, Zach and Timmy learn what a stripper will do for money.
  • The prosthetic breasts used by Darren in the sketch were high grade, the type often used for women who have undergone mastectomies. This was mentioned in an interview in 2008 on According to the live chat on the original air date, one of the members confirmed that Darren got to keep them.
  • Trevor was happy with how close Darren looked to a real stripper because he wanted the sketch to mess with people's heads. It also made the Kids themselves feel a little uncomfortable during the shoot.
Joining the Army
Two best friends want to join the army.
  • Recruiter: Darren
  • Eagle Fort: Trevor
  • Crowbar: Zach

Jack and Oswald
In Dallas, during a visit from President Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson throws Lee Harvey Oswald off course.
  • Lee Harvey Oswald: Trevor
  • Lyndon Johnson: Sam
  • President Kennedy: Zach
  • Jackie Kennedy: Timmy
  • Driver: Darren
  • The roles in this sketch are similar to John Wilkes Booth - Trevor plays the assassin, Zach the president, Timmy the First Lady and Darren the President's security. Sam's role changes from a waiter (who hardly appears in the sketch) to vice president Lyndon Johnson.
  • The duet in this sketch came to Trevor in a dream, as explained on the DVD commentary.
Elephant Balls
Little Kevin shows his parents a drawing of what is supposed to be an elephant and wants to place it on the fridge for the party.
  • Kevin: Timmy
  • Kevin's dad: Trevor
  • Kevin's mom: Zach
George Lucas
A teenager pitches an idea for Star Wars VII to George Lucas, who dies of excitement, leaving the franchise in the teen's hands.
  • QuiddichKid793: Trevor
  • George Lucas: Sam
  • Princess Leia: Darren
  • The movie's name is Star Wars VII: The Secret of the New Death Star, Boba Fett Goes to the Sun, and R2-D2 Fights a Lava Snake.
  • The real Star Wars VII (The Force Awakens) was released on December 14, 2015.
The America Song
A country singer is "totally gay for America" and Uncle Sam.
  • Singer: Trevor
  • Barflies, New York banker-type: extras
  • Uncle Sam: Sam
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