Season Season 2
Episode no. 10
Air date 4/13/2008
Network IFC


Episode guideEdit

Picture Title/Description/Cast Trivia
Backstage moment: the troupe prepares.
  • This episode was shot from two separate live performances.
Blind Guys
For blind stand-up comedians, telling jokes is never routine.
  • Dennis: Darren
  • Paul: Trevor
Backstage moment: Sam's mom stops by.
Gordon and Candice get caught in a whirlpool … and an argument.
  • Gordon: Trevor
  • Candice: Zach
  • Baby: Timmy
Backstage moment: Producer Marla Ratner makes sure no one will get hurt in the next sketch.

Line Leader
At school, newly appointed line leader Ryan prepares his battalion for an epic fight with the fifth-graders.
  • Mrs. Logan: Zach
  • Ryan: Sam
  • Caleb: Darren
  • Derek: Trevor
  • Timmy: Timmy
  • The audience members change during the Line Leader sketch, which gives away the fact that the footage was taken from two live shows, not one. A call went out sometime around January 2008 for an early evening show and a later evening show on the night of February 7th. After the later show, an autograph session/meet and greet took place and promotional calendars for the new season were given out. Both shows took place at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center in New York City.
  • In addition, as Darren's character is being called forward and kneels, there is a quick cutaway because at that point his eyeglasses fell off. You can see in the beginning of the episode there seems to be a protective band around it. This was pointed out and explained briefly in the DVD commentary.

Backstage moment: Timmy mugs the camera.
Dolphin Song
A man tries to integrate his pet dolphin into his act on an open mic night.
  • Guitarist: Zach
  • Dolphin: Trevor
  • Heckler: Darren
Backstage moment: Darren and Sam laugh at Timmy as he eats a banana.
Sonic Gets Mugged
Blackout: The famous video game character gets mugged.
  • Himself: Zach
  • Sonic: Trevor
  • Mugger: Darren
Zach Dating Karen
Zach breaks the fourth wall and asks the audience to settle arguments between him and his girlfriend.
  • Karen: Sam
  • Zach: Zach
Backstage moment: Timmy recaps the day and makes fun of Sam.
The Dinosaur Rap
They picked a fan favorite for their grand finale.
  • Themselves: WKUK
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