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Original Airdate & General InformationEdit

On February 10, 2008, the show made the switch to IFC. Airing Sundays at 11PM EST, the then touted "uncut & uncensored" format of the network gave them much more creative freedom. In an interview , some of the cast members referred to this season as "Season Homophobia" in that a good amount of the material stressed this issue.

Prior to the show's premiere, on New Year's Eve of 2007 a marathon of Season 1 aired uncensored. In between shows, a "sneak peek" featuring "Getting High With Dinosaurs/Dinosaur Rap" was played. At midnight that night, a short entitled "Limo To Nowhere" was aired. It was an introduction to each cast member, who cited their comedic influences.

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Recurring ThemesEdit

  • Invisible Dog - a movie that does not exist in real life in which the plot is self explanatory. It's referenced in "Sam's Nut II", "George Lucas" (underneath the headline in the spinning newspaper), and "Tar Toast" 1 and 2. References to the Invisible Dog also crop up in Season 3.