Season Season 1
Episode no. 8
Air date 5/8/2007
Network fuse


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Picture Title/Description/Cast Trivia
A writer realizes he's been typing on a pie instead of a keyboard.
  • Writer: Sam
Acting Class
On the last day of high school, seniors Darren and Timmy have to do a "cause and effect" exercise that counts for 50% of their grade. Timmy creeps Darren out.
  • Teacher: Zach
  • Timmy: Timmy
  • Darren: Darren
  • Other students: extras
PDVD 045
Demon Ouija Board
Demon Balthasar is summoned from Hell to control the ouija board at a girls' slumber party.
  • Balthasar: Trevor
  • Demon: Sam
  • Slumber party girls: Timmy, Zach, Darren
  • By the time this sketch comes on in the DVD, the commentary has "gone to shit".
  • Despite what Trevor tells you, he can't really make balls of truth-telling energy appear at his fingertips.
Flower Monster
After picking up a card with a seductive message, a man arms himself with a baseball bat as he follows a trail of rose petals upstairs, thinking there's a flower monster in the bedroom.
  • Man: Trevor
  • Complete remake of an older version that featured claymation instead of CG animation.
Rape Role Play
Forgetful Sandra and her husband prepare to enact a role-playing fantasy involving rape.
  • Sandra: Sam
  • Husband: Zach
  • Cops: Darren, Trevor
  • Sandra's mom: Zach (voice)
  • The clock is set to 4:20.
  • Zach's character is supposed to be the same person as the teacher in Acting Class. You can also see him breathing rather heavily on the couch after he's shot dead.
  • Sam's character is named Samantha Cregger-Brown. She likes cats and collects comics.
  • Trevor doesn't like the fact that you can hear the woman on the phone. The editing was done while they were on tour so they had no control over it.
  • The cops' names are Iceman and Johnny. They're obviously from different departments.

Timmy Dance

Timmy Dance

Timmy Dance
Timmy dances in his underwear.
  • Themselves: Zach, Timmy
  • The black thing on the front of Timmy's 'underwear' is the label.
Sam in The Bag

Sam in The Bag

Sam in the Bag
Two sitcom characters try to cover their tracks after consuming pot. The history behind the sketch is revealed in a long documentary segment.
  • Sam/Himself: Sam
  • Trevor/Himself: Trevor
  • Mom/Himself: Zach
  • Dad/Himself: Darren
  • Originally a live and partially taped sketch. It was remade for the television, with filming done in an actual studio.
  • The mockumentary actually fooled some people into believing that the events described actually happened. (They didn't.) Trevor's parents are alive and healthy. Someone actually got fooled and wrote it on Trevor's Wikipedia page.
  • Trevor actually had to crawl around the set (underneath the camera's line of sight) as the rest of the sketch was going on.
  • The bed is actually a stack of apple crates with a quilt on top of it. Zach thought it was an ordinary bed and jumped on it, injuring his knees.
  • In the original mockumentary, Sam is shirtless. The troupe decided to keep that the same in the reshot version.
  • You can see a green bong sitting on the shelf to the far right in wide shots of the room.

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