Season Season 1
Episode no. 6
Air date 4/24/2007
Network fuse


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In a B&W sequence, a man finds himself in heaven with a beautiful fairy, a car, and a puppy in a hatbox. "Ask your doctor about suicide."

I Want to Kill the President
Trevor flirts with danger in a PSA about something that's very illegal to say.
  • Himself: Trevor
  • Trevor actually called the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) to make sure he could do this sketch.
  • This theme is somewhat revisited in Trevor's NSA video.
Bogey on My Six
Two pilots have an awkward discussion about their friendship while in mid-air.
  • Air Dragon: Trevor
  • Cloud Pony: Sam
PDVD 091
Slow Jerkin
Darren's increasingly obscene hand gestures gross out his colleagues at work.
  • Darren: Darren
  • Colleagues: Trevor, Sam
Race War
Dave alerts Bill about a race war.
  • Dave: Trevor
  • Bill: Sam
  • Sam's character is a mid-90's rapper and his shirt is blurred out.
  • This sketch was improvised as there wasn't a script for it. The whole thing was shot and edited in just 4-5 hours which is why it was so crappily edited.
  • Darren can be heard laughing behind the camera (especially at the very end of the sketch).
Bigfoot vs. Gravedigger
Two monster truck drivers encounter each other at a house party, and destroy the living room.
  • Bob/Bigfoot: Sam
  • Gravedigger: Trevor
  • Sharla: Zach
  • Barbara: Timmy
  • Party guests: Darren, extras
  • Trevor fell onto a circular table after jumping the bookcase, and afterwards he was worried that he might have broken something.
  • The entire sketch had to be filmed in one take.
  • The gravestone ending is similar to the end of the Season 2 sketch Take My Face Off. Also, the name on the gravestone is Bruce "Bigfoot" Collins, but he's addressed as Bob at the beginning of the sketch
Sub Sandwich
On a submarine, sailors guffaw at the type of sandwich that one of them happens to have.
  • Sailor 1: Zach
  • Sailor 2: Sam
  • Sailor 3: Trevor
  • Sailor 4: Darren
  • Janitor: Timmy
  • One of the troupe's favorite sketches as they had an elaborate submarine set built for a pretty stupid joke.
I Don't Know, Bob
Two hunters talk their way through the aftermath of accidentally shooting their friend.
  • Hunter: Trevor
  • Bob: Darren
  • Friend: Zach
  • Was originally proposed to be the last episode of the season, but the network decided against it because of this particular skit being too dark to end on.
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