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Season Season 1
Episode no. 4
Air date 4/3/2007
Network fuse


Episode guide[]

Picture Title/Description/Cast Trivia
Scarin' Babies!
Trevor sneaks into a baby's room and warns it of it's future college tuition and global warming.
  • Himself: Trevor
  • The Fuse version is a reshoot of an older clip that was featured in his public access TV show. The statistics he mentions were, understandably, updated for the new version.
PDVD 005.jpg
Man-child David sees Saturday as a day to run amok and shoot his bow and arrow, pissing off his wife in the process.
  • David: Trevor
  • Wife: Renee Fulton
  • This is Trevor's favorite sketch. The others like it because there's a 'not wanting to grow up' kind of quality about it.
  • Renee Fulton plays David's wife. According to Zach she's an amazing actor. Darren went to the University of North Texas with her.
  • The blood on Trevor's leg is actually ketchup.
  • The meatloaf they're eating near the end of the sketch are leftovers and they smelled terrible.
  • In the original version of the sketch, the song playing is "Baba O'Reilly" by The Who. It was replaced with a generic audio track for broadcast, probably to avoid paying costly royalties.

Did You Use to Date
Timmy is out to assault everyone who dated his girlfriend in high school. Trevor and Timmy attempt to boost WKUK DVD sales by bringing in a woman who takes off her top.
  • Timmy: Timmy
  • Bill Fernald: Trevor
  • Megan: extra
  • You can see sweat spots on Timmy's suit. Fat guy in a suit + hot studio lighting + running around trying to punch a wily guy = giant sweat spots.
  • The sketch ends like this because the troupe really didn't know how to end it. In live performances, Timmy's mind is blown, he short-circuits, and has to be carried off the stage.
  • The girl also appears in the Season 2 sketch Falling Ladies. You're welcome, people watching the uncensored version.
  • Zach likes to think that Timmy's character considers being driven home once by Kimberley dating.
  • Timmy's character has probably never worked up the courage to fingerblast Kimberley.
  • This is the first time Timmy has seen breasts.
European History 1
A re-enactment of the interaction between colonists and Indians in 1620 makes the Indians look like jerks.
  • Indian 1: Darren
  • Indian 2: Sam
  • European 1: Zach
  • European 2: Timmy
  • This sketch was shot on the stage of a real school somewhere in New York. The stars on the curtains are there to motivate kids. "You can be anything. Shoot for these! ... Just kidding! Student looooans!"
  • A line of thought from this sketch reappears in the Season 2 sketch Period Sketch. ("Do you have a problem with our forefathers' treatment of the savages?")
At a restaurant, Zach tells his girlfriend that he has a brain tumor and things get way too emotional.
  • Zach took inspiration for this sketch from an episode of Six Feet Under, where Nate Fisher confesses to his brother David that he has a brain tumor and cries. The episode he's referring to is the second episode of the second season, titled Out, Out Brief Candle. Zach thought it was funny.
  • Steve Marcarelli can be seen in the background wearing an orange shirt.
  • Zach would ravage Darren's character. On the other hand, Jim thinks she's naggy and Trevor thinks she's close to a unibrow and doesn't like the fact that she's tied a ribbon around her stomach.
White Castle
Zach tells Trevor about the time he ate at White Castle.
  • Themselves: Zach, Trevor
  • Shot on Martin Luther King Day 2003 (January 20).
European History 2
A re-enactment of the interaction between pilgrims and Africans in 1769 makes the Africans look like jerks.
  • African 1: Darren
  • African 2: Sam
  • Pilgrim 1: Zach
  • Pilgrim 2: Timmy
  • The Africans' necklaces are dog biscuits on string.
  • Zach's favorite line is "it's okay, we can all cram in."
  • Darren always does the same run: he runs left, and then cuts right.
Opposite Day Lawyer
In a courtroom, a defense attorney informs the jury that Opposite Day has just begun, and gets into a battle of wits with the prosecutor and judge.
  • Mr. Lawyerstein: Trevor
  • George, the Prosecutor: Zach
  • Kenny, the Judge: Darren
  • Defendant: Sam
  • Jury members: Timmy, extras
  • According to Zach, the redheaded lady wearing the blue shirt (in the front row of the jury) had some reservations about going topless. Before shooting started, Zach had asked the people in the jury if they were all okay the women taking their tops off. No one answered, but a little while later the redheaded lady tugged on his shirt and said something along the lines of "actually, I don't think I'm prepared to take my top off." She's probably a teacher at a Christian school and perhaps was concerned about people seeing her topless on a deep cable channel.
  • The extras used in this sketch (jury members) are also in the sketch Rock and Roll Indiana Jones.
  • 420! Uhh! 420! Uhh!
Funeral Request
Zach makes a funeral request to Trevor.
  • Themselves: Zach, Trevor
  • Filmed during the troupe's SVA days. The sketch was not reshot for the show - the original video is used.
European History 3
An enactment of the interaction between Europeans and Martians in 3024 predicts that the Martians will look like jerks.
  • Martian 1: Darren
  • Martian 2: Sam
  • European 1: Zach
  • European 2: Timmy

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