Season Season 1
Episode no. 3
Air date 3/27/2007
Network fuse


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Picture Title/Description/Cast Trivia
Zach suffers embarrassment at the office.
  • Zach: Zach
  • Co-workers: extras
  • A 'pee machine' was created by one of Darren's roommates for sketches of this nature. It's basically a simple pump system that Zach wears on his back. The pee machine is used again in You're Peeing on My Leg in episode 5.
PDVD 085
Cubicle Guy
In the workplace, the boss bothers Darren with annoying questions. They draw what they did last night.
  • Darren: Darren
  • Boss: Sam
  • When performed live originally, Sam's angry demeanor was dialed down immensely while drawing on the board. Since Sam had never screamed like that in live performances of this sketch the troupe agrees that this version is much funnier.
  • In the live version, Timmy would be holding the board and shaking from laughter.
  • "I'm painting my art!" is Zach's favorite line.
  • The stick figures were pencilled onto the whiteboard so that Sam could trace over it without making it look too different through multiple takes.
  • Shot on a notably bad day as the troupe had shot 'too many' sketches before this one.
Pimp Pun Disaster
At the hospital, a nurse tells a pimp about the status of his whore. He makes many "whore" puns.
  • Nurse: Darren
  • Pimp: Trevor
  • This is why you should never ever slap a pimp.
Trevor attempts to make his own "Super Size Me" documentary of himself consuming only whiskey.
  • The camera lens in the opening scene is ridiculously dirty.
  • Most of what was being really drunk as 'whiskey' was iced tea. Trevor drank about 7 glasses of whiskey and made Zach upset because he was getting drunk.
  • Originally The Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again" was featured throughout the sketch, and in one scene Trevor is seen singing Elton John's "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road". The scene was edited out for TV and The Who's song replaced with generic music due to copyright issues.
  • In the scene where Trevor shows off his bruise, there is writing all over the wall. The house where it was filmed was where some members of the troupe lived, and they would write their sketch ideas on the wall. Some may be familiar as either live pieces or sketches that later made it to television (or both).
  • The person on the other end of the phone is Trevor's sister Bethany.
  • Day 4 was filmed at Trevor's workplace.

Time Travel Farmer
Two kids decide to have fun with a time machine and a 19th-Century farmer.
  • Kids: Darren, Trevor
  • Farmer: Sam
  • According to a recent livechat, Darren got to keep the Time Travel Machine prop.
  • Darren and Trevor wanted Sam to freak out but he didn't.
  • The plane, rather disappointingly, takes off behind them.
Astronaut Mess
Barry shows up at the space shuttle late, and bothers the other astronauts by spilling foodstuffs on them.
  • Barry: Trevor
  • Astronaut 2: Darren
  • Astronaut 3: Timmy
  • Otherwise known as "Space Potatoes" in some fan circles.
  • At one live performance of this sketch at Pianos, a table was used so Trevor could lay on it, creating the positioning you see in the televised version. The table (which wasn't too well made) collapsed on Darren's arm and almost broke it.
  • The whole sketch was filmed in one take with two cameras (one for Trevor and one for Timmy). The troupe wanted to do it with just one camera, but the network people thought it was funnier with two.
Trevor Talks to Kids
Trevor, the special guest in a second grade class, talks to the kids about conspiracy theories concerning President Bush.
  • Himself: Trevor
  • Kids, teacher: extras
  • The children were not present when Trevor went into the more explicit aspects of the conspiracy theories. The reaction shots were filmed in advance and the camera was locked down. (An example of "TV magic".)
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