Season Season 1
Episode no. 2
Air date 3/20/2007
Network fuse


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Picture Title/Description/Cast Trivia
Rock and Roll Indiana Jones
Blackout: Indiana Jones protests against the auctioning of Peter Frampton's guitar.
  • Indy: Trevor
  • Auctioneer: Zach
  • Bidders: Timmy, extras
PDVD 204
Let's Wake Up the Neighbors
WKUK star in a reggaeton video about disturbing the peace.
  • Themselves: WKUK
  • The song appears as the seventh track on the album.
  • During the shoot, Timmy had a little run-in with a kid who lived in the area.
  • The disgruntled old man neighbor makes a return cameo in Mustard from Season 3.
Movie Pitching Guy
A mail room worker pitches some ideas for movies to the executives, who quickly become psyched.
  • Scott: Trevor
  • Executives: Zach, Sam, Darren
  • Used as an opener (along with iPod Shuffle) for live shows because of its high energy. It really got the crowd into the show.
  • Zach for some reason takes his shoe off and manages to knock the glass of water over with it. The wardrobe people gave him socks that matched his shirt.
Abdell Drums
Billy's parents are shocked at what he's decided to buy with his allowance.
  • Billy: Timmy
  • Billy's mom: Zach
  • Billy's dad: Sam
  • Abdell: Abdell Ouedraogo
  • This sketch is about white fear.
  • The guy in this sketch - Abdell (or Abdel) Ouedraogo - used to be a bouncer at Pianos, the comedy club where the troupe used to put on regular live shows. He now owns his own club called Shrine, located in Harlem.
  • Takes place in one of the many red rooms in this season.
Polite War
The British army try to fight a polite war with the American army but can't get them to follow the rules.
  • Commander Livingston: Zach
  • Soliders: Sam, Trevor, Darren, Timmy
  • Zach thinks this sketch never worked on stage. It's not the same without the costumes since it's just a few guys standing around on a stage.
  • The live version would end with Darren miming getting into a battle mech and walking off the stage in it.
  • Jim Biederman showed this sketch to a British friend, who got offended.
A lawyer isn't happy his client is making his job harder.
  • Burglar: Timmy
  • Lawyer: Darren
  • Judge: Sam
  • This sketch is Timmy's mom's favorite.
Whip Boy
After a mass breakout from Empire City's asylum, annoying superhero Whip Boy answers to the call of action.
  • Whip Boy: Trevor
  • Detective: Timmy
  • The idea for this sketch came when the troupe was writing sketches on a roof. Trevor picked up an extension cord that was lying around and started playing with it. Timmy wasn't on the roof at the time, so when he read the script he didn't understand why it was funny.
  • The extension cord seen in the sketch is the same one they found on the roof, and it's been used in all their live performances because it has a "good bend". During one particular live show he almost hit a girl in the face with it.
  • Trevor actually hit Timmy with the extension cord while filming the scene in the elevator, making Timmy bleed under his fake moustache.
  • Trevor kept the Whip Boy costume (and likes to play video games in it). Timmy kept his suit minus the fedora.
Brothers in Arms
A trailer for a war movie in which five brothers get in a brawl.
  • Brothers: Sam, Trevor, Zach
  • On YouTube, a user commented 'FAKE' on this video. This has become something of an inside joke amongst fans. No, the Whitest Kids did not go to Vietnam.
  • Zach is wearing two helmets.
  • Trevor's hair is way too long for the army.
  • Timmy thinks the spit going back into Zach's mouth is gross, and that girls who like that are gross as well.
PDVD 260

In kindergarten class, the teacher plays a guessing game about the death of someone's mother. Scotty finds out it was his mom, and celebrates around town. Trevor demonstrates the special effect used towards the end of the sketch.
  • Teacher: Darren
  • Timothy: Sam
  • Joey: Timmy
  • Scotty: Trevor
  • Phillip: Zach
  • Businessman: Sam
  • Cop: Zach
  • Scotty's homeboy: Anthony Morgan
  • The Fuse version's ending was a complete reshoot of an older sketch which had nothing to do with the first half of the aired sketch. It only began with the premise of Scotty being an orphan and running around the street wearing a shirt that said "SHIT" while "Blitzkrieg Bop" by The Ramones played in the background.
  • The group of children in the Fuse version are also seen in Trevor Talks to Kids. They're a 'good batch'.
  • Sam kept spelling 'basket' wrong. Trevor thinks he looks like a big retarded Sprite can.
  • Rack focus!
  • Before Scotty knows his parents are dead, he has a blank hat. Afterwards (when he's running through the streets) he's written BOOBS on it. Also, in the original Scotty, his shirt reads SHIT. The Fuse Scotty wears a shirt that says POOP BALLS.
  • Trevor has drank 3 of the chocolate syrup and malt liquor mixtures in his life: one while shooting the original Scotty video, and two for the Fuse reshoot.
  • The guy near the end of the sketch is Anthony Mair, who attended the SVA, was part of the original troupe and is friends with Zach (they both studied Computer Art). He took a day off work to film.
  • The bluescreening method described by Trevor at the end of the sketch is one of the worst ways to do it. The scene was shot in a real street.
  • Trevor's mug says 'We the People', not 'America' as he claims on the commentary.

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