Season Season 1
Episode no. 1
Air date 3/20/2007
Network fuse


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Picture Title/Description/Cast Trivia
iPod Shuffle
Anne mistakes Paul's iPod Shuffle for a pregnancy test.
  • Paul: Trevor
  • Anne: Sarah Walker
  • Paul is Trevor's middle name.
  • Apple sent an email to Trevor saying that the sketch had been sent around their staff.
  • This sketch was shot before the troupe landed a deal for the show. It was reshot after they signed with Fuse, but it wasn't as funny and got scrapped.
Hitler Rap
In a music video, "Triumph of the Ill," Adolf Hitler raps about what he would do if he was a rapper.
  • Adolph Hitler: Trevor
  • Hermann Göring: Sam
  • Club goers: Timmy, extras
  • This was filmed as a school project. Zach had gone away for the weekend and came back to find that Trevor had finished it.
  • Trevor's little sister Bethany sings the backup vocals.
  • A few former members of the WKUK feature in this video.
  • The broadcast version cut Hermann Göring's part because it was unintelligible, even though Trevor was the one singing it.
  • The large swastika behind Hitler in some shots used to hang in Trevor and Zach's dorm room.
  • The swastika on Hitler's armband is upside down from time to time.
  • Anne Frank is played by Trevor's ex-girlfriend, and Eva Braun is played by a girl Trevor used to go to church with back in Virginia.
  • According to an interview with Zach, the video achieved massive popularity in Germany before the troupe had any kind of following in America. A German guy actually wanted to go live with them in America as an intern of sorts, and there were many message boards claiming that the Whitest Kids were both white power and anti-white.
Timmy Poops His Pants
At a boardroom meeting, Timmy poops his pants. An argument ensues.
  • Cast: WKUK as businessmen
  • First sketch of the season to feature all five members of the troupe.
  • Shot around 9 AM New Years' Day, which meant everyone was hungover.
  • If you look carefully through the glass behind Sam's head you'll be able to see a sign that says 'ImaginAsian TV'.
  • The poop is actually a 3 Musketeers bar that had been rolled in a bag and coated in chocolate syrup.
Alcoholics Anonymous
Blackout: A drunkard misunderstands the purpose of an AA meeting.
  • Speaker: Darren
  • Member: Timmy
  • Drunkard: Sam
  • Jiggles!
  • The old man seen in the first shot complained that he was always being cast into the role of an alcoholic. Maybe he's a character actor.
Abe Lincoln

Abe Lincoln

Abe Lincoln
During a bizarre performance of Hamlet, obnoxious heckler Abe Lincoln gets hammered in the ass.
  • Actors: Timmy, Sam
  • Lincoln: Zach
  • John Wilkes Booth: Trevor
  • Mrs. Booth: Darren
  • Theater patrons: extras
  • There's an umbrella in the lower-right hand of the shot when the stage is shown. No one knows how it got there.
  • Shot in a replica of the Ford's Theater. It was designed with a glass sunroof so the building could ventilate naturally with hot air circling out and cooler air coming in through the sides. During the 70's someone had covered up the glass ceiling which meant that it got unbearably hot in the summer. Zach reckoned it was 115 degrees Fahrenheit in there (46 degrees Celsius), and coupled with their stuffy period costumes, made the whole shoot miserable.
  • The director of photography had to walk away from the camera because he was laughing too hard.
  • The guy sitting next to Darren is Jordan Cooper, a musician/artist who is friends with the troupe and has gone to most of their live shows.
  • With a few obvious exceptions, this sketch is very similar to a 1983 Saturday Night Live sketch.
  • The play featured in this sketch references three of Shakespeare's plays: Hamlet, Othello and Romeo and Juliet.
Pizza Bagels
Mama John's Pizza Bagels enrage a woman's husband: "PIZZA'S NOT FOR BREAKFAST!"
  • Husband: Sam
  • Wife: Andrea Rosen
  • This sketch was reshot for the TV show. The original version can be seen here, with a Stofer's pizza box instead of the more generic, Whitest Kids-branded box featured in the TV show.
  • The girl in the new version is Andrea Rosen. She can be seen with Trevor in a Variety Shac Male Whorehouse clip here. Trevor plays a male prostitute who specializes in peeing on people.
  • Zach kept the pizza bagels box, Trevor kept Andrea's robe, Timmy kept the juice and Sam kept Andrea's undies (or so they say).
  • There was a big battle over when to end the music.
Sexy Fawn
In the forest, a fawn flirts with hunters, until the ranger gets involved.
  • Fawn: Darren
  • Hunters: Trevor, Sam, Zach
  • Ranger: Timmy
  • Timmy's line "first of all, you guys need to move your truck" was taken from a ranger who told the troupe off while they were filming The New Thing.
  • The line "that deer shaved its vagina, that's so hot to me" is one of the top five Season 1 quotes.
The New Thing

The New Thing

The New Thing
A slap in the face, a kick in the balls and shirt wedgies are "the new thing" among close friends.
  • Kyle: Timmy
  • Bill: Trevor
  • Other friends: Darren, Zach
  • The aired version was filmed on the morning of the 4th of July when it was pouring rain. The people in the background can be seen walking around with umbrellas.
  • Sam's part was cut. He throws the bottle at Timmy and according to the rest of the troupe, it took him a few tries to get it right.
  • In the original version (featuring members of the troupe when it was still part of the SVA), Trevor incorrectly states the contraction 'can't' is a conjunction (words like 'for', 'and', 'or', 'but'). This is corrected in the aired version.
  • During the Super Bowl on February 4 2007, Budweiser aired a commercial that looked 'suspiciously similar' to The New Thing. The Whitest Kids' agent had previously sent a DVD with the sketch plus a few others on it to Budweiser at their request, as the company was about to launch BudTV, an online social entertainment network which eventually shut down in 2009. You can read more here. (In the meantime, the Kids recommend you drink Coors.)
PDVD 075
Get a New Daddy
A singer tells children in song how to get a new dad.
  • Singer: Trevor
  • Children, parents: extras
  • The song is the fifth track on the CD.
  • The 10/11 year-old boy who plays the 'main character' is named Otto. According to the troupe he was quoting The Silence of the Lambs on set and whispering disturbing things (like Vaseline and Jack Daniels) to the woman who plays the teacher.
  • The kids who are shown watching Trevor sing had no clue what was going on and were simply told to jump up and down by Jim Biederman.
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