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Original Airdate & General InformationEdit

The show debuted on the Fuse network on March 20, 2007. It aired weekly on Tuesday at 10 PM EST. In one interview , they refer to this season as "Season White Fear", in that a fair amount of the subject matter often delved into racism, race relations, and the like.

Most sketches featured in this season were simply filmed versions of their live sketches. However, the troupe felt that while some were successfully translated onto screen, others didn't do so well.

Episode ListEdit

Recurring Characters and ThemesEdit

  • "I'm home from the church store!" was a line used in two separate sketches, both by mom/housewife characters.
  • Trevor played a militant gun enthusiast named Jerry Bronham in two sketches, although in one he just refers to himself as "Jerry". He is however dressed and speaking in the same manner as the "Point/Counterpoint" sketch.
  • Zach plays Abraham Lincoln in two sketches having to do with the historic figure's assassination. This trope was later a constant, as he would go on throughout the seasons playing other presidents who have either been assassinated (JFK) or survived an attempt (Reagan). Trevor normally plays the assassin (or would-be assassin) opposite Zach.


  • The song "Get A New Daddy" sparked some debate over whether or not the lyrics would be influential to youngsters. There was a brief news piece that popped up sometime between 2009-2010 about a kid getting the idea to accuse someone of abuse from the sketch.