Help Me

Help Me

Help Me is a song on Trevor Moore's solo album Drunk Texts to Myself. In the song, a child pop star (named Aaron Amber in the video) lets the listener know that despite his money and fame, he's living like a prisoner.

The song was made into a video after the album's release in 2013.


  • This song (and video) is a cheap shot at Justin Bieber and his chart-topping single "Baby".
  • Sam makes a cameo as one of the hunters.

Misheard lyricsEdit

  • Junkets in Tokyo - "Junkets" is misheard as "drunk kids"
  • They sprayed me with a hose in a pit for three days - "in a pit" is misheard as "and a pig"
  • They'll sacrifice me to the god Baphomet - Now you know how to spell his name.