Trevor-moore drunktexts

Drunk Texts to Myself is a solo album by Trevor Moore, released in 2013 on Comedy Central Records. The album is available in both CD format and MP3 format on iTunes and Amazon.

In the album, Trevor covers a wide variety of musical genres, including country, pop, dubstep, etc. In addition, the occasional WKUK co-star pops up.


1. Founding Fathers Rap IntroEdit

A teacher asks her students what they like the most about the founding fathers.

2. Founding Fathers RapEdit

Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln: all weed growers.

3. Tom Hanks is an AssholeEdit

Things you didn't know about the famous actor.

4. Maybe It's BecauseEdit

A bear's love song.

5. Vatican Radio introEdit

A radio DJ introduces the next track.

6. The Pope Rap (Modern Day Profit)Edit

He's the motherfuckin' Pope, bitch.

7. Drunk Texts to MyselfEdit

Reggie Watts backs up a list of ideas Trevor's come up with while inebriated.

  • Sam makes a cameo as one of the guys in the bar at the beginning.

8. God Hates the TipsEdit

A song about a specific part of circumcision (click on link if you dare!).

9. Help MeEdit

Child pop star or prisoner? You decide.

10. What About Mouthwash?Edit

When it's too late to buy alcohol, there's always household items.

11. My Mom's a BitchEdit

A brooding teenager's ode to his mom.

  • Timmy makes a cameo as the singer's mom. The singer's name is Caleb.

12. Time for GuillotinesEdit

Celebrities come together to sing about a simple solution for those affected by the fat cats in congress.