Darren Trumeter Jr. is an American actor and comedian best known for being part of the New York-based sketch comedy troupe The Whitest Kids U' Know. He is the oldest member of the troupe.

Early LifeEdit

Born November 9, 1979 in Fort Bragg, North Carolina to a military family, he was raised in several different places in and outside of the United States, including Germany. His father is also named Darren.


Darren met Zach Cregger in 2003 on the set of an independent film. He was invited to watch a few Whitest Kids shows with the original SVA 14 member-strong troupe. After it separated from the SVA, Darren kept hanging out with the now-drastically smaller group and helping them write sketches. He notes in an interview that because he was the 'junior' of the troupe, he was dressing up as a woman for sketches more than the other members (and still is).


  • Is known for frequently playing female characters, Weird The Stripper and the deer in Sexy Fawn being the most notorious.